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pire it self.

7. 41. the feet and toes, part of potters clay, and part of

iron, the Kingdom shall be divided, viz. into teñi
other Kingdoms, as the feet into ten toes. For
the ten toes of the fatue , and the ten horns of the
Beaft, are the same thing; which all Interpreters
have acknowledged. Among these ten Kings
must he come, that must subdue three, i.e. Anti-
christ. As therefore the ten Toes make a part of
the Statue, and the ten horns a part of the Beast,
'tis plain that the ten Kings, that must arise from
the division of the Roman Empire', and the reign
of Antichrist that must establish himself, by the
ruin of three of those Kings, are the continua-
tion of the Roman Empire, and the Roman Em

Now immediately after, and without any thing happening between , comes the reign of Festes Chrift, and of the Holy people, signified by the

little stone cut without hands out of the moun1.4.44. tain. And in the days of these Kings shall the God

of Heaven set up a Kingdom, which shall not be left to other people, but it sball break in pieces and consume all these Kingdoms, and it shall ftand for

The same thing is evident by the Revelations of Saint John. - The first Bealt in the 13th of the Revelation, is certainly the same with the fourth Beast in the 7th Chapter of Daniel : 'tis the Roa man Empire. We have seen before, that 'tis ar greed, that the second Beast in the fame Chapt. which had but two horns , is the same with the fore-going Beast that bad ten. Now the foregoing Beast is the Roman Empire ; the second Beast is the Empire of Antichrist. Whence it is plain that the reign pf Antichrist must be the continuation of the Roman Empire.


Saint Toln, after having described the Roman Empire, continued under Antichrist , in the 13 Chap. carries on this continuation in the 14th Chap. to the total ruin of that Empire, to the judgement that God causes to fall on the Kingdom of Antichrist, to the harvest and to the vintage, i. e, to the total destruction of the Devils Kingdom. The following Chapters carry on the marter also to the reign of Jesus Christ , the der fcription of which begins in the 20th Chap. of the book. There is nothing comes between; whereby it is clear, there is no interval of time, nor any Monarchy between the Roman Empire, and the Monarchy of 7. Chrijt ; and so that the Antichristian Empire, that must immediatly procede the reign of Jesus Christ, is the continuation of the Roman Empire..

The same thing is evident from the 17th Chap. which is an explication of the visions of the 13th. The 13th Chap. speaks of two Beasts, the one had seven 'heads and ten horns, the other hath but one head and two borns. The 17th Chapt. speaks no more of the second Beast. It speaks only of a woman riding on a Beast of seven heads and ten horns. ?Tis because the second Beast at the bottom was no more than a continuation of the first; 4. e, it was no more than the continuation of the Roman Empire. Therefore the Holy Spirit in explaining the adventures of the first Beast, pretends to explain those of the second also. For otherwise, if the two Beasts had been different, 'tis plain the H. Spirit would not have been wanting to have spoken of the one as well as of the other in the 17th Chap.where he explains the visions of the Beasis. Now this Beast with seven keads and ten borns; i.e. the Roman Empire must


reach to the end of the persecutions, and to the reign of 7. Christ. This appears plainly in the 1866. and the following Chapters, where the ruin of Antichrist is represented and describedat large.

If these proofs did not suffice to prove, that the Empire of Antichrist must be a continuation of the Roman Empire, one might bring others from the comparison of the two Beasts of the 13th. Ch. For 'tis clear, that 'tis one and the same Empire represented' by two Beasts. And the thing is so plain, that the Popish Authors themselves do acknowledg it. We have heard Bellarmin confess it, and fay, that Antichrist must be a King possessing the Roman Empire , but

without the name of the Roman Emperour. He that did

If this be so, what must we understand by poffefsinor those words of St. Paul, only he that now letteth, St. Paul, or possesseth, will let or possess till he be taken out of be temo.O the way, and then shallthat wicked one be revealed ved out of It doth not import, till the Roman Empire be

abolisht, as the Ancients did believe , and as Antichrift the Agents of Antichrist at this day would. fain the fixth perswade us. We must remember", that in the

Beall in the Revelation, with seven Heads and ten with ten Horns, the seven Heads are seven forms of GoHorns and vernments, under which the Roman Empire hath

past. 1. Kings. 2. Consuls. 3. Decemvires. 4. The Tribunes of the People. 5. Perpetual Dictators. 6. Emperours. 7. and lastly, Popes. Every one of these Heads and these Governments hath had its time, one hath passed away and another hath come in its place. In the time of St. Paul the Head of the Emperours was in poffeffion. And 'tis of that we muit understand those words of his Prophecy, enly be wbicle now with-holdeth, or posseffeth, i.e.


the way


head of the Beast


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the Head of the Emperors , shall cease at Rome, and then the Antichristian Kingdom shall be revealed , and quickly form the seventh Head, which shall be that of the Popes , calling themselves the Vicars of J. Christ, but being indeed the true Antichrifts,

And thus you have what I thought necessary to be added for the explication of that Prophecy of St. Paul contained in the 2d. Ep. to the Theffabonians.

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An explication of the visions of the thirteenth

Chapter of the Revelation, and of the two

Beasts that appear tberin,

E come now to the description of the An

tichristian Empire , according as we find it in the Revelation , à book particularly designed to describe it to us. Tis found above all in the 13th. Chapter Two Beasts are seen in this Chapter. We shall immediately examin both the one and the other, following the Text word for word.

V. 1. And I saw a Beast rise out of the sea, having feven Heads and ten Horns, and upon his Horns ten crowns


his Heads the name of Blafpbemy.

2. And, the beast, which I saw , was like unto, a Leopard, and bis feet were as the feet of a Bear, and his mouth as the month of a Lion; and the Dragon gave him his power , and his feat, and great authority. There is no need that I should observe here,


A beast



that in the style of the Prophets a Beast

, signifios Signifies a worldly an Empire. All the world knows it, and conEmpire, fesses it. It must only be noted that a Bealt enemy of

signifies an Empire that is worldly , terrestrial, and an enemy to God. The Kingdom of God and of Jesus Christ, that must be given to the Saints after the fourth Monarchy, is never represented under the image of a Beast. The Beast that appears here, is the fourth Monarchy, which we have seen described in the text of the seventh Chapter of Daniel. The Prophet had said, that it was diverse from all the other Beasts. And Saint John in the explication of it faith , that it was composed of the shape of a Lion Leopard, and a Bear ; wheras the fore-going Beasts had but one simple shape. The First was as 'a' Lion with the wings of an Eagle. The second was as a Bear, and the third as a Leopard. But this fourth Monarchy hath all the strength, and all the advantages of the three others together. 'Tis couragious and strong as a Lion. It had the swiftness of a Leopard in its conquests. It hath the firmness of a Bear, whose large feet make a firm basis for its whole body.

The Holy Spirit lays before the Prophets eyes by these this Roman Monarchý whole and entire , altho narchy about a third part of it was already past, beappear's -cause this Monarchy was to be the subject, on Bevclati- which all the great events were to turn. And to

know an object well, it must not be thewn by pieces, but all entire. So that 'tis reasonable The Prophet should see this Beast, or this Monarchy, in its whole extent. He riseth out of the Sea. This is not what was said in the eleventh Chapter, he riseth out of the bottomless pit. The bottomless pit and the sea are not the same thing,




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