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is the emblem of the Antichristian Church,
which is not founded on the twelve Apostles,
which hath not twelve Articles of Faith, but
many more. In a word, as the Number 666.
hath no relation to that of twelve, so the Anti-
christian Church hath no relation to the Christian
and Apostolical Church.

An Englis Divine , one Potter, hath carried Potter's
this notion further than others have done, in an ihe num-
express treatise , which he hath made about the ber 666.
mystery of the Number 666. He pretends, thật
as the Number of 144. is not mystically designed
to signify the Church and the Empire of 1.Chrift,
but for the sake of the Number 12, which is
its square root, and on which it is built ; in like
manner also the Number 666. is not mystical,
but by reason of the Square root, on which it is
raised; so he would have it, that we should extract
the root of the Number 666. and believes , 'tis
in this root that we must seek after the Mystery
of the Empire of the Beast. Arithmeticians call the

vvhat the çquare root of a Number given , that number, square by which in multiplying it by it self, the number root is. given is produced, whether there be any remainders or no. For instance, 10 is the fquare root of an 100, because ten multiplied by it self times to makea 100 without any remains. The Square root of 55. is seven, because multiplying 7 by it self, 7 times 7 make 49, and a remainder of 6 makes 55. According to this, the square 25. Is the root of the number 666 is 25for 25 multiplied Square root by itself makes 625. with a remainder of 4 1. which makes 666.

This being supposed , that 25 is the square root and the foundation of the Number 666, he pregends,, that as 114 founded upon 12 represents the



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ber 25

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whole Charch, founded upon the holy Hierarchy of the 12 Apostles; in like manner 666 represents the whole Antichristian Empire of the Papifm, founded upon the Antichristian Hierarchy. And to make appear how exact the opposition to the Christian Hierarchy is he shews that as the Number 12. bears fway in the whole composition of Jerusalem, which is the Church and the holy City, 12 Foundations, 12 Gates, 12 Angells, 12 thousand Furlongs , 12 sorts of Fruits ; in like

manner the number 25 bears sway in all the Poo The num- pijl Hierarchy. I. In the number of the Cardibears [way

nals, who according totheir first institution, were in the l'a 25 , wheras the Apostles were but 12. II. In

regard to the number of Churches into which Rome Christian was at first divided, which were 25. wheras the heavenly ferusalem hath but 12 Gates: The Churches in which they did baptize, answering to the Gates of the City ,

because Baptism is the entrance into the Church. III. In the number of the Parishes or Tribes , which in Rome were 25, wheras the Jerusalem that comes down from above, hath but 12 Tribes appears by the 21 of the Revelation. IV. In the number of the Foundations of Rome, which are 25 Cardinalls, originally and anciently composing the facred Colledg, that is called the foundation of the Church wheras the Holy City hath but 12 foundations which are the 12 Apostles. V. In the number of Angels, i.e. Pastors, who are in number 25 Pastors, Cardi. nals, Pastors of Paftors ; whëras the Jerusalem in the Revelation knows but 12 Angels , 12 principall Paftors, which are the 12 Apostles. VI. In the number of the Gates of Rome, which were 23. wheras Jerusalem hath but 12. VII.


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In the extent of the City of Rome , 25 thousand furlongs ; wheras the Jerusalem of St. foln hath but 12 thousand furlongs. VIII. In the number of the fruits of the Tree of Life, wbich are the Articles of faith, because the just shall live by faith. The fruits in the Ierusalem of St. John are but 12. The Articles of the Cbriftian faith are but 12 also : but the Articles of the Popish faith are 25 in number. He finds moreover, ber of?s is

The numthat the number 25 bears sway in all the depen- found in

the dependances of the Empire of the Papism; that in the dencies of greatest part of the Estates of the Papifm they the Papisma reckon 25 Provinces or principal dignities. That upon the great Altar of St. Peter at Rome there is a golden Cross of 25 hands breedth. Before the Church there are five Gates, and one of them is not open'd but every 25 years. In St. Mary Major there are 25 Altars. The great Altár of the Church of St. Peters, is 25 foot square one every side. Besides all this, the Popiflo Ab tar are marked with 25 Marks, in honour of the 5 wounds of I. Christ 5 times redoubled. The fame number is confecrated in the Mass for the same reason, because of the 5. wounds of our saviour. He makes divers observations of this nature on the Number 25 bearing fway in all the Papism, even in the Council of Trent which beganby 25 Bishops, had 25 Sessions, was subscribed by 25 Arch-Bishops, and made 25 Articles of faith. And above all, he observes, that the Number 25 with its square root 5, were confide- 25 a cursed red by the Heathen as numbers of an ill omen. of an ill See, faith he, the reason why the Number 666 represents the whole Antichriftian Empire , 'tis because it hath for its square root the number 25, which is the prevailing number in the Papal Hierarchy.



Why God


Wherers the number 144. that signifies the Church, hath for its Square root the number 12, which is the sacred number of the Patriarcbs and Apostles. As for the remainder of 41, which is added to the number 625 , arising from 25. multiplied by it self, he gives many ingenious rea

fons for it, and which do deserve to be consulted adds some on the place. Iofeph Mede, who is a great Mamainder of ster in these sorts of things, givesa very authen10. make up tique approbation of this discovery. And it can

not be denied, but that it is very ingenious. But I confess, I find it a little profound. However, I would not deny , that it is the intention of the Holy Spirit. And it may be this is the meaning of the Prophecy, Here is wisdom, let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast : For understanding may signify the wisdom of this World, i. e. Arithmetique, which makes a part of humane sciences, to signify, that to penetrate into this mystery of the number 666. we must use the rules of Arithmetique , and seek for the Square root of this number 666.

Besides, though one should admit all the observations of Potter as solid, this would not destroy the common hypothesis, which is, that the number 666. alludes to the names of Lateinos and Romiyth, in which this number is so precisely found. For the product of 25. multiplied by it self, makes but 625. Why did the Holy Spirit add a remainder of 4!? why did he not leave the round account of 625, the product of the square root 25? or why, resolving to add a remainder, did he not add 20 to make it 645, or 30 to make it 655; but adds precisely a remainder of 41 to make it 666 ? I am perswaded, it was to make up

the sum contained in the names Lateinos and Romiyth.


So that it is still true, that the number 666. refers immediately to the name of the Antichristian Empire. But I will not deny, but that besides this, there are other mysteries in it; and those of Potter are very well contrived, and very proba. ble. To strengthen them, these two considera- Two confitions may be added ; First, That the number derations 1 2. lignitying very naturally the whole Gospel mi- then the nistry, because of the twelve Apostles, who are opinion of the first Ministers of the Gospel the number 144. must also naturally signify the body of the whole Church ; because as the number 144. is produced by the multiplication of 12, in like manner the body of the Church is formed by the multiplication, which is produced by the Gospel ministry, of which the twelve Apostles are the founders. On the other hand, as the number 666 is produced by the multiplication of 25.,

so the Empire of the Papism and of the Beast is produded by the multiplication, caused by his false ministry and by his false Pastors , who originally were 25.

Second, The other consideration is , that the Holy Spirit signifies the Gospel ministry by 12 and the body of the Gospel Church by 144. And on the contrary, the body of the Empire of the Papism by 666. to teach us the proportion that is between the false Church and the true. 144 is but the fifth part of 666. The true Church in the - time of the oppression and reign of Antichrist, is almost nothing in comparilon of the falfe Church


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