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The Explication of the seventeenth Chapter of the

Revelation , where the Empire of the Papifm

is plainly described. I

N pursuing the picture of Antichrist, according

to the Prophecies to is found in the Papism , we enter on the 17th Chap. of the Revelation, which contains an ex. plication of the 13th Chapter. 'Tis the fame thing under less obscure ænigma's. In the 13.h Chapter we have seen two Beasts. Here only one of them is seen ; but by way of amends for that , here is a woman leen, sitting on the beast. So that here are two persons.

So be carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness; and I saw a woman sit upon; a scarletcoloured beast, full of names of blafphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. See here the first Beast of the 13th Chapter , 1. c. the Roman Empire. The Beast is of a scarlet colour. It was the colour of the Roman Empire. Its Emperours , its Senators, and its Grandees were clothed with purple; all the World knows that. In the following Chapter it shall be proved, that these two Beasts, this here, and that of the thirteenth Chapter , are one and the fame Beast. On this Beaft lits a woman : See here a thing that speaks, and that loudly. A woman: who doth not see, that this signifies a Church? Did any ever see in the Prophets an Empire, as an Empire represented under the image of a woman ? 'Is not this the Emblem, which the Holy Spirit useth every



vhere ; to represent either the true Church, the ipouse of Jesus Chrift; or the false Church, that, s become unfaithful to her Spouse. A woman itting on a Beast. This is visibly a Church engraffed, and sitting upon an Empire. 'Tis the Roman Church engraffed on the Roman Empire. But we shall touch again on this reflection in the following Chapter.

And ihe woman was arrayed in purple, and is scarlet colour, and decked with gold, and precious fones , and pearls. 'Tis not the Beast only that

is of a scarlet colour, the woman alfo is clothed :: with purple. The Church, which is engraffed

on the Empire, hath taken the colour of the Em. piré. The Pope, the Cardinals, the Ministers of the Court of Rome, are distinguisht by the im

perial purple and scarlet. The gold , the pearls, : and the stones, encrease the magnificence. No

thing is more proud than the pomp of the Roman Court. She holds a golden cup in her hand, full of abominations. Poculum Äurenm Plenumi

Abominationum. 'Tis a wonderful accident, that
I the four initial letters of these four words P. A.

P.A. make the name of Papa in the Bible of the
Latins and of the Roman Church. Let him be-
lieve it that will, that this was purely by chances
but I can't believe it. This woman is a Profti
tute, an adulterous Woman , a Church unfaithful
to Jesus Christ her Spouse. She is represented
to us, making the Kings of the Earth drunk with
the Winé of her Fornications. These are her Abo-
minations, her Superstitions, her false Worship,
her Idols, and her false Religion, wherewith
the makes people and Kings drunk by her unhappy
perswasions. The figure is borrowed from those
debauched Women, that give delicious liquors

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to their Gallants to enflame them. The cup of
gold , into which all these abominations are pour-
ed out, is the pretended infallibility. This Do-
erine contains all the superstitions and the errours
of the Roman Church, as a Cup. It retains and
unites them together. Without this, all would
run out, as wine out of a vessel. : 'Tis a Cup of
gold : for this pretended priviledge of infallibility,
would be the most precious thing in all the
World to him that should have it. This Cup of
gold, signifies also that pompous out-side of cere-
monies, and those foglittering externals, which
contain disguised abominations and idolatries.
The People drink the poison by favour of the Cup.
They receive the idolatry by favour of the pomp,
and the fair out-side.

Upon her fore-head was a name written MY-
STERI Babylon the great ,

the Mother of Har:
lots and abominations of the Earth. 'Tis the de-
scription of the Roman Church. She bears writ.
ten on her fore-head MYSTERY; for it is
the mystery of iniquity, as we have seen before. All
there is Mylery, all there appears like Religion,
'tis the proper name of Religions : but the truth
is, 'tis a mystery of iniquity, a Religion full of a-
bominations. Tis a very remarkable thing, that
the Popes did sometimes bear this name MY-
STERY written in the fore-part of their Mi-
ter. A Venetian Author assures us of it, and lo-
seph Scaliger faith, that he had seen them fo
marked. ”Tis the great Babylon. We have seen
why she is so called; Babylon was once the Foun-
tain of all Idolatries.

And I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the Saints? 'Tis no longer the Beast that sheds the blood of Martyrs ; 'tis the Woman. 'Tis

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no longer the ancient Roman Empire ; 'tis the false Church ? 'tis the Roman Church that uses the paws of the Beast , the Arms of the Empire, and of Kings, to perfecute the Church. As in the second Beast of the 13th Chapter, the image of the Beast, the Roman Church, though she is but an image of an Empire, gives order for the killing of the Saints.

The Beast that thou saweft, was and is not. 'Tis & the Angel that speaks , explaining the vision to Saint John. The Empire, which thou hast seen represented by the beast , is the Roman Pagan Empire, that tends toward its end, and of which two thirds are already past. He must ascendont of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition. That Empire mult very speedily be brought to nothing; But after it shall have been destroyed , it thall arise again out of Hell, under another form, under the name and the form of a Church, 'Tis the head that was wounded to death, and which was to revive. But this second Empire , that must raise up the first again, and spring from its afhes, Ihall finally perish; whereas the Empire that shall be given to the Saints, shall never perish.

And, they that dwell on the Earth, &c. shall wonder, when they behold the Beast , that was, and is not

and yet is. And the Inhabitants of the Roman Empire shall comprehend nothing of this mystery. They Thall see , that the Romain Empire shall be abolisht, Rome shall cease to be the Mistress of the World by the fall of the Emperours ; and all on a sudden they shall again sec Rome mounted up again to the same dignity. The Beast was. The Roman Empire hath been. He is not; the Empire hath ceased. And yet is: and yet they shall see this Empire return, without



9. 10,

knowing how. This prodigy will make them dizzy

and enchaunt them. 1.9.

Here is the mind, which hash wisdom. The feven heads are feven monntains , on which the woman sittesh. We have seen seven Heads on the Beast on which the Woman fate. These seven Heads signify two things. If. Those seven Mountains on which the Roman Church is raised, by reason of the seven Mountains of Rome, which is its Metropolis. 'Tis a Character that makes her remarkable ; for she hath always been called Septicollis.

These feven heads are also seven Kings , five are fallen , and one is, and the other is not yet come. These seven Heads signify also the seven Kings, that is to say, the seven forts of Soveraign Governments, under which this Empire hath palled, and must pass along. First Kings. 2d. Consuls. 3d. Decemvires. . 4th. Tribunes of the people. sth. Perpetual Diétators. These five are fallen, these five Governments were passed in St. John's time. The one is , viz. the sixth , that is the Government of the Emperours ; and the other is not jer come; that is to say, the seventh Head, which is that of the Popes, is not yet come. And when he cometh , he must continue a short space. I formerly believed, that these words might be

applied to the Pope and to the Papism; but I believe it no longer ; and to understand them, we must read the following verse:

And the Beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth inte perdition. 'Tis it may be designedly,

that is to say , to render the Prophecy more obscure, that the H. Spirit hath inverted, the words. We must therfore resume the last words of the foregoing


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