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with two horns like those of a Lamb, signifies the Religion. And these two Beasts together signify the Roman Empire raised up under the name of the Church, and under the outside of Religion. In the 17th Chap. the second Beast, which fignifies the Religion, doth not appear; but in the place thereof appears a Woman riding upon the Beast to signify the Religion. And this for the greater clearness, becaule the seventeenth Chap. is an explication of the visions of the thirteenth. For the greater clearness, I say; for the corrupted Church is much more clearly signified by aWoman, than by a Beast. In all the Scripture, the Church is always represented to us as a Spouse, and a Woman ; and the corrupt and idolatrous Church, as a debauch'd Woman, and an Adulteress. This is too well known to need any proof. Rehold therefore this corrupted Woman , this adulterous Spouse of J. Christ. And the H. Spirit could not have described her in a more lively manner, and more proper for us to know her.

This being supposed, that the Beast in the thirteenth Chap. of the Revelations, is the same with that in the seventeenth, the later cannot be Rome Pagan, because by the consent even of all the

popish Interpreters, the two Beasts in the thirteenth Chap. represent the Empire of Antichrist. On this confession, and upon wħat we have just now próyed, we

, we argue thus: The Woman in the seventeenth Chapter, by the consent of the popish Interpreters is Rome. And by the consent of the fame Interpreters, the Beast in the thirteenth Chap. is Antichrist.

Now according to what we have just now proyed, the Beast of the seventeenth Chapter, and the thirteenth are one and the same Beast.




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Whence it is clear, that Rome must be the seat of Antichrift , and that Rome in the seventeenth Chapt, is not Rome Pagan.

That Rome in the seventeenth Chapter is not Rome in Rome Pagan , appears not only by the compari- Chap. is fon, which we juit before made of the two Beasts, nor Rome but also if we consider the Beast of the 17th Chap. all alone, and without reference to that in the 13th Chapter I. Firj of all, there is a prostitute, adulte- God never

and debauch'd Woman sitting upon this pagalbos Beast. Every one knows, that in the Holy Scri- cieties ptures Adultery figuratively signifies Idolatry. and Adul. Now we shall never find any one single instance, teresses. where the Holy Spirit, calls the Pagan Societies, Women and Spoules, Whores and Adulteresses. This name is given only to a corrupted Church, And the reason is plain, because the Pagan Societies having never plighted their faith to God, have not broken it, and never were bis Spouse: they are not therefore unfaithful and adulterous in his account. So that this adulterous Woman cannot here be Rome Pagan, but that Rome that hath plighted her faith to Jesus Christ, and broken it

that Rome that styles her self the Spouse of Jefus , and yet doth prostitute her self to others.

Secondly, This Women is represented to us, as having in her hand a Cup of abominations of her whoredoms , of which she makes all the World to drink, i.e. she endeavours to draw all the Nations of the Earth to her Idolatry. Now Rome Pagan never troubled her head to change the Religion of those people the had conquer'd , nor to force them to worship the fame Gods as the did. On the contrary, everyone knows, the


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carried strange Gods in Triumph, and built Temples for them within her own walls.

Thirdly, These words, the Beast which thou Sawest, was, and is not

and is not, and must ascend out of the bottomless pit, or the deep , can by no means agree to Rome Pagan. For this plainly signifies, that the Empire spoken of must perish, and be swallowed up, and afterwards be re-established. Now Rome Pagan and its Empire have been swallowed up, but as Rome Pagan it is not raised up again. Besides, we may observe by the by, that we do not deny, but that Rome Pagan is represented by this Beast for the Beast represents the Roman Empire in its whole duration, and in both its periods , the Pagan period and the Antichriftian period. The Beast which thou sawest, was, and is not; there is the Pagan Period : and must afcend out of the bottomless pit, or the deep; there is the Antichristian period.

Fourthly, It is said of this Beast, And the In. habitants of ihe earth , whose names are not written in the book of Life, shall wonder , seeing the beast which was, and is not, and yet is. This fignifies , that men shall give him bomáge, and that this homage shall be given to him only by the enemies of Jesus Christ, and the Reprobates. It is not thereforc Rome Pagan ; for the true ChriAians obeyed, and gave a voluntary homage to the Roman Empire in its Pagan period; just as the other subjects of the Empire. But since it was raised up again, and is no longer what it once was, they have no longer obeyed it.

Fifthly, That which is said of the ten Kings, can by no means agree to Romè. in its Pagan Period. The ten Horns which thon Sawest', are ten Kings, which have not yet beguntareigh, but shall receive


V. 12.

power as Kings one hour with the Beast. Let them inform us a little, where are, and who are the ten Kings, that shall reign the same time with Rome Pagan; who in Saint Johns time had not begun to reign, and who yet were to begin their Feign at the same time with the Roman Emperours. Is it not plain, that these are ten Kings, that must receive their birth from the ruin of the Roman Pagan Empire , and compose an Antichristian Roman Empire, under the rule of the prostitute and adulterous Woman, i. e. the revolted Church and Spouse of Jesus Chrift.

Sixthly, How can these words agree to Rome v. 13n, Pagan, these, j.e. these ten Kings have one mind, and shall give their power and strength to the beasi. Did those Kings, whose Kingdoms were conquer'd by the Roman Pagan Empire, voluntarily give their power to the Beast - Did not Rome Pagan by meer violence ravish away thofe great Ettates, of which the formed her Empire ? Can it be faid, that the Kings that were conquer'd and subdued , had one mind? Did they reign together with Roine Pagan? were they not deftroyed , and their Kingdoms reduced into Roman Provinces? This therefore can in no wife agree to the Pagan Period of Rome; but doth very well to the Antichristian and Papal one. For it is true, that the ten Kings compose this Ecclefiaftical Empire, and submit themselves unto it. It is true, that they have one mind, and that they have given their power unto the Beast. For it was not by Forcë of Arms, that Rome hath acquired this second Empire; but by perswasion, by illusion, by the false religion, by the communion of idolatry, and by the Chimera

of an Empire of Jesus Christ on the Earth,

How the

christian Rome after

16. De Rom.

cap. 13. scat. 2.

V. 17.

This is the only thing to be met with which the popish Interpreters have to oppose , to prove that Antichrist must not fit at Rome and that Rome in this Chap. is Rome Pagan : say they, the

ten Kings shall hate the Whore, and make her decon Kings solate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn troy Anti- her with fire. 'Tis the Argument of Bellarmin,

which all the rest have adopted. St.Iohn , saith they have he, predicts, that the. ten Kings, that shall divide C. 17. v.8,

the Roman Empire, and under the reign of whom

Antichrist shall come, shall hate the whore clothed Pontif. 13:

in purple , i. e. Rome , and shall make her defo-
late, and burn her with fire. How then, shall she
be the Seat of Antichrist, if in that very time she
must be overthrown and burnt ? A mighty riddle,
hard to be solved ! We need but read on, Saint
Iohn immediately adds, For God shall
their hearts to fulfill his Will, and to agree, and
give their. Kingdom to the beaft, untill the Word of
God shall be fulfilled. Who doth not see, that
these are two diftinct times? In one of them the
ten Kings shall give their power to the Beasi,
by the cheat of a false piery ; and in the other,
being better instructed and recover'd foolish
fondness, they shallspoil that Empire, which they
shall have formed by their complaisance ? Men
must be hardly prelt upon, that have recourse
to such vain evasions as these.

But observe their foolish self-contradiction, Lelf.con. Here Bellarmin and his adherents fay, that the of the Pa. ten Kings, which shall divide the Roman Empire, pifts.

shall come in Antichrifts time : and that these are the same that shall make the Whore defolate, i. e, that shall destroy the City of Rome. viz. Rome that is here fpoken of, and which Bellarmin himself defines by the Whore clothed in purple; that is

put it into

The foolish

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