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to say, Rome. Now how will the ten Kings, that must not come till the end of the World, according to them, be able to make desolate and burn Rome Pagan, which hath no longer been in

being for above 1300. years? The ten Kings afsoi ciated with Antichrist only three years and a balf ..

before the end of the World will be able to make desolate no other Rome , than what will then be in being. Now Pagan Rome will be no more; it will be Rome Christian, whose Empire

he supposes must subfist to the end of the World, jo and to the reign of Antichrift. Men must have

loft their understanding, and be given up to a reprobate senfe, so to contradict both themselves and the Truth with so much dishonesty.

Lally, it is clear by the following Chapter, which is the 18th, that ihe great City which reigneth over the kings of the earth, cannot be Rome Pagan, but Rome Antichristian. In the 18th Chap. he calls her Babylon, whom just before he called the great city. ; and even the popish Interpreters agree also, that that Babylon is Rome. Now he defcribes the fall of that Babylon, i. e. of Rome, in such a manner as cannot agree to any

other but Rome Antichristian. First, He faith, that all Naz V. 3. tions have drank of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. We have already seen, that this fignifies that Idolatry, to which Babylon hath drawn the Nations by her Charms and Enchantments, which doth not agree to Rome Pagan. Secondly, 1.4 He faith, come ont of Babylon my people', that ye be not partakers of her fins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. 'Tis plain, this cannot be underftood of any thing but of an Idolatreus Church, whence God would draw forth his Elect. God never commanded his faithful Servants to go out


of Rome Pagan, they always remained in it. Thirdly, and lastly, the manner in which the ruin of this Babylon is described, can by no means agree to Rome Pagan. The Holy Spirit represents it as a Çity burnt, and entirely reduced to alhes; the Merchants whereof, and they that gained by her, behold her desolation and her burning afar off

. And to conclude , he fignifies , that it must be such a fall, from which the shall never rise again And a mighty Angel took up a stone like a great

Mill-ftone . and cast it into the sea , saying, G. 18.9.25

Thus with violence shall that great City Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all. Now this is not yet happened to Rome, the hath been taken , and retaken , and pillaged several times; but yet she subfifts still ; so that this can't be understood, but of the last ruin, that must happen to Rome Antichristian.

And thus you have the proofs that shew, that that Rome, which all the popish Interpreters as well as we, do find in the 177h and 18 th Chap. of the Revelation, cannot be Rome Pagan: proofs which I call a demonstration ; for I maintain, there is no man, that can resist the force of them.

And the modern popish Interpreters have felt the the modern force of them. At this day they do confess, that Papifts, it is not Rome Pagan, But see what they say, must be the viz. thật that Rome that now is, towards the end feat of An- of the World, shall be corrupted, become idola

trous, debauched; that she shall shake off the yoke Viega. Cor- of Jesus Christ, and carry her disorders as far as. Lapide. Rome Pagan. But yet however, that it must not

be the seat of Antichrist; who must be accompanied with his ten Kings, have his habitation at Jerusalem, and come to Rome when it is turn'd Idolatrous and Pagan , to destroy and ruin it; as



The confeffion of

thar Rome

. Ribera.

he will also do See the words of Viega on the eighteenth of the Revelation. One may plainly gather from the infinite number of precious merchana difes, and of all sorts that are here noted, that Rome in the last times after her Apostacy, shall attain to foveraign power,


riches, and that her Empire shall extend it self throughout the World upon the ten Kings so often named. For that these mighty

, riches do not belong to Rome Pagan ; it is clear by these words, Comé forth of Babylon, my people. For this shews, that'ris not ancient Rome that is here spoken of, in which there were no faitbfull ones; but that Rome that shall flourish in the last times. Then therefore the City of Rome shall greatly flourish, and its Empire shall be very large. She shall live in pleasures , and have great abundance of all things. And at the same time, she shall be enslaved to Idolatry, be full of Superstitions, sacrifice to Demons and false Deitiesi And by reason of the vast quantity of the blood of the Saints, that shall be shed by her under the Emperours of Rome, by a terrible but a very righteous judgement of God, she shall at last be made defolate, and burnt by ten Kings. See what the force and evidence of the truth hath drawn from the mouth of the worshippers of Rome.

What prodigious whimsies are these? To what extremity muit these men have been reduced? The Scripture speaks of but one Antichristian Empire ; The Church never imagin’d there was more than one, and lo here are men that makea couple. The first shall be in Rome corrupted; for according to them, Rome in the last days must have a great Empire , must subdue Kingdoms, and draw them together with her self into a revolt from Jesus Christ. Lo therefore, there'sone Antichristian Empire at Rome : what need have we of another Antichrist fitting at Jerusalem? Moreover, this Chimera is founded on this principle, that the Bealt in the 13th Chapt. which according to them represents Antichrift ; is not the same with the Beast in the 17th Chap. with the

great City that ruleth over the Kings of the Earth, and with Babylon spoken of in the 145 and the 18th Chapt. Now we have confuted this ridiculous imagination

and have demonstrated that Babylon , the great City ; the Beast of the i3th and the 18th Chapter are the same thing.

This Chimara is fo ill to be defended, that the more modern Papists have abandon’d it, and at last have been forced to acknowledge, that Rome must be the seat of Antichrift ; that the great City spoken of in the 11thi Chapter, where Jesus Chrift was crucified, is not ferusalem, bụt spi, ritual. Babylon, spoken of afterwards : and Bernard de Montreuil that hach write since the rest, though he retains that ancient dream, that An. tichrift must come out of Jerusalem; yet he confeffes however, that the Babylonish Empire and the Antichristian are not two Empires, that must succeed one another, and the one destroy the other, according to the supposition of those we were just now, speaking of. He confesseth that Rome shall be the chief City of Antichrist's party, that Antichrist must defend it, and that ihbe ten Kings of the Beast are the subjects of its grandeure, and that of Antichrist, the head of the League , the Monarch of the time. He calls Antichrift the Prince of the Apocalyptical Babylon. And he confesseth, that this Babylon is Rome; therefore he acknowledgeth, that Rome must be Antichristian , and the capital City of Antichrist. Babylan, faith he,

On the


is the Mistress, the Queen, the Empress of the kingdom of Antichrist. Not daring to call Rome Babylon, he defines it however by Western Babylon

24. Chapt who being perverted , instead of obeying the Laws of the piety of the first age, shall in her pride canse her self to be called the great and the independant, and shall become much worse under the reign of Antichrift than ever Eastern Babylon was. After these confessions, there remains no other help for the popish Doctors, to hinder their Rome from being acknowledged to be Rome Antichristian, but the Chimera of the three years and a half's duration of Antichrists kingdom.

It is true, say they, that Rome must be poffersed by Antichrist, that he must establish Idolatry there that Rome must become worse than Rome Pagan was in the time of St. John, and than Eastern Babylon in the time of the Prophets; but this muft last but three years and a balf. When therefore we have destroyed this ridiculous dream of threenatural years and a half, we shall have demonstrated, that Rome at this day is the true Scat of Antichrift, and then I shall make them this Argument.

Babylon in the Revelation is the feat of the Antichrifiian Empire, the fame thing with the prostitute Woman , with the Beast with seven beads and ten borns. All this is Rome become Antichristian, and the seat of Antichrist. Which is plain, either by what hath been invincibly proved, or what the Papifts themselves have confessed. Now this Antichristian Roman Empire must endure, not 1260. natural days, but 1260. prophetical days, .i. e. 1260. years.

Therefore it is evident, that the Antichristian Empire, which must be at Rome, cannot be that chimerical Empire of Antichrist of three years and

a half,

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