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Tis impoflible to reckon up the false miracles, Popery is which the papism hath produced to establish its su- the only perstitions and its power. 'Tis at this day the only that boasts religion in the World that pretends to work of working miracles.

25. The Christian Apostacy must be promoted by persons given to lies, lovers of fables. 'Tis the true.

I Tim. 4. fignification of the word which St. Pauluses Pseudologoi. There never was a religion in the World, i hat hath produced so many fables as the papism. I have proved it in my jujt prejudices.

26. The Teachers of Antichristianism must have. a great appearance of Auiterity , they must despise and discredit marriage, and coinmand abstinence from meats. The Teachers of the papism make it necessary for them to remain unmarried, and think they merit greatly by abstinence from meats.

27. Antichristianism was to appearin the world, when the head of the Roman Emperors was beaten down. The papism in the time that the Roman Empire was deitroyed by the Goths and the Vandals, began to be sensible in its idolatry and its tyranny.

28. This Empire must have its course in the later times. It is unquestionable that we are in the later 1 Tim. , times; therefore the Empire of the papism at this day subấsting is the Empire of Antichrift.

29. The Antichristian Empire must subdue three Kings of the ten. The Empire of thepapism, besides Dam. 70. that it hath fubdued more than a third part of the temporal power of the Weffern Kings, it hath actually subjected to it self in fiefand temporal homage many Kingdoms. Among others, that of the Lombards, of which he poffefseth one part, the City of Rome and its jurisdiction, and the Kingdom of N4ples, for which evenat this day he makes homage be

every year.

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30. The

Rev. 13,

26v, 18.

Rer. It. 30. The Antichristian Empire must put to death the Witnesses of the Truth of God. The

papism uses all imaginable attempts to extinguish thole Societies, that give testimony to the truth, and that oppose Superstition and Idolatry.

31. The Antichristian Empire must interdit fire and water, i.e. all commerce with those that will not pay homage to it, and carry its mark and its name. The Papifm excommunicates, damus, preføribes and puts under interdi&t all those that will not submit themselves to its Laws, and that will not bear the names of Roman Catholiques.

32. Spiritual Babylon must be a Mercbant, and there must be great traffique in all precious things, even in fouls. Therefore they that live of its Traf: fique, shall weep bitterly upon her ruins. Of all the Religions in the World there was never any , where Avarice, fimony, and the sale of spritual things reigned to that degree, as they have done in the papism. If any one can tell of any one , they would much oblige us to shew it to us.

33. This Babylon must make all the Nations of the Earth drunk, to make them her slaves. The Papifm hath poured out on the people a spirit of dulsefs , a drunkenness , a charm, which hath bewitch'd them to run after her.

34. The colour of Antichrist shall be purple and fearbet; his magnificence must be extraordinary, he . must be adorned with gold, precious ftones and pearls. The Court of Rome hath purple for its colour,its chief Priess in the days cfcereinonies is covered with gold and pearls, its Cardinals are as Kings.

35. The reign of Antichrif muft endure 1260. years,

which thallbe proved afterwards. The Empire of the papism hath endured very near so long already.


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Ecv, 18.

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How Antichrist came to be mistaken , being fo

well Characterised in the Prophecies. A compari-
rison of J. Christ and Antichrist in the acci-

dental circumstances of their coming.

the Empire of the papism fo expresy mark'd with the Characters of Antichristianism, cne can't sufficiently wonder that men have fo

generally mistaken him. "Tis a scandal on the faithful, and a prejudicable opinion that seems favourable to the papists. Therefore we must say something of the reasons, that have made Antichrist be mista. ken when he did come.

The first and the fundamental reason is, the pro. God will found will of God, who will not have prophecies be lehet beve understood, to the end they may have their accom- phecies plishment with the more ease. If the fews had un-food, that derstood the prophecies touching the Meffiah, if they bey may had apprehended that he must have been a man of plished, griefs, accustomed to weakness, that he must have been led as a Ļamb to the slaughter and offer uphis foulas an oblation for sin; and that he was not to be a temporal King , at least in his first coming , they would have been on theirguard. Moreover seeing 7. Christ working of miracles, teaching so holy a Doctrine , leading so holy a life, they would not have mistaken him, though he had not been a King. They would not have crucified him, and the Prophecies would not have been fulfilled. This example of 7. Christ, mistaken by that whole Nation for which he came, will be very.useful to us,


S 4

J. Chrift


by the

itructs us


by the


that the Prophecies

Firse , It will teach us, that we ought not to be

fcandalized in any manner at this because the whole s. in- Church during so many ages did mistake Antichrist, how Anti- nor grant that as a favourable opinion for the pa

pism. For the thing is not more Itrange than what miltaken happened to the Jews. All the whole Nation except a small number knew, not . Christ

. All the whole Church excepta few persons, did not know that the papism was Antichristianism.

Secondly, This example teaches us, that as it was necessary for the accomplishment of the Prophecies touching 7. Christ, that he should not be known; in like manner it was necessary that the Prophecies touching Antichrift, should not be understood by

the Church, to the end they might be accomplisht. To the end If the Church had understood that Rome was to be

the seat of Antichrist, that the Bishop of Rome was touching to be the head of the Antichristian Empire, that the might be invocation of Saints was to be a Christian Apostacy,

that the worship of Reliques and the adoration of necef- Images was to be

an abomination, by which the San fary that ctuary should be defiled, the Doctors of the Courch should not would never have suffer’d the establishment of tybe under: ränny at Rome,and idolatry in the Temples.

Thirdly; This event common to Jesus Christ and rison of the Antichrift, not to be known by those in the midst of

of whom they came, gives occasion to make a refleming of aion on the profound and mysterious dispensation Antichrift. of providence, that would make this conformity be

tween two fubjects, in other respects so different and opposite. But as opposite as they are, they agree in the manner of their coming, and in the accidents. of thatcoming; which we will presently see by the comparison that we will forthwith make.

Åntichrift is a false Christ ; he is a false Image of him. Now'tis of the essence of false Images, to havę



plisht, it

A compa

accidents of the co.

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2. something that imitates the things for which they A parallel

would pass. First , Jesus Christ is the Holy of Ho- between lies ; Antichrist calls

himself his Holiness, and most Christ is, 1 holy Lord. Secondly, Jesus Christ is the true Bride- and what

groom ofthe Church; Antichrist assumes the name pretends
of the second Bridegroom. Thirdly, fesus Christ is to be,or is.
the Vicar and Lieytenant of the Father fent
on the Earth to act in his name.

Our Antichrift also calls himself the Vicar of Jesus Christ. * Fonrihly, Jesus Christ is he who opens, and no man

shuts; 'tis he that distributes the indulgence of his
Father, and gives remission of sins. Antichrist arro-
gates the same rights to himself. Fifthly, 1. Cbrist
was promised by the Prophets : fo Antichrist hath
been fore-told. Oly, Iesus Christ was described by
such lively strokes,

that it was almost impossible
not to know him; for is there any thing moreex.
pressthan the 53th Ch. of Efai, &the 9th of Daniel?
Yet he was not ķnown. Antichrist , though so
exactly described as we have seen, was not acknow-
ledged by them that nourisht him in their bosom.
zly, Thecoming of 1. Chrift was mark'd by a cir-
cumstance so notable, that one could not but know
it. 'Tis the destruction of the lewish nation. Shilob
was ro come, when the Law-giver, and the Scepter Gen. 49.
were departed from Iudah. The coming of Anti-
christ was mark’d by the ruin of the temporal Ro-
man Empire; a circumstance so remarkable, that
all the World saw it. Bly, 1. Christ was expected
at the time when he came.

The Iews perceived, that the time of the fuifilling the Oracles did draw nigh, they reckond up the 70 weeks, and apprehended that the end of them could not be far off. The Christians expected Antichrist at the time when he was revealed. We learn it from S. Ierom, who seeing the Empirerun to ruin by the invasion of


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