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suls, Decemvirs, Tribunes of the people, perpe, Part.2 tual Dictators, and Emperors hath lasted about 1250 years ; it must be as long under the Popes. But at least, the head of Antichrist should last at Rome fome ages, to have its duration proportionable to that of the other heads. It signifies nothing to us what period is assigned to it, provided it be not that of threc natural years and a balf.

For we have proved that if it can't be taken for three natural years and a half, it must necessarily be taken for prophetical years.

Thirdly, in the same Chapter, the fame Anti- Third Aig. christian Empire appears again under the form of in three a second beast, that hath but one head and two nalf Antihorns. Yet once more, see a great mystery, for Chrifiican't a matter that is to endure but three years and ą over the

of half, in a period of 2000 years. Of the first bealt le earth; the Prophet saith, that it was given to him to make neither by war with the Saints, and to overcome them; and, nor by se also to bim was giver power over every Tribe, Tongue ducing and Nation. And of the second, thai he should deceive them that dwell on the Ęarth, by reason of those miracles', which he had power to do, &c. and that all, both small and great, free and bond should receive his mark in their hand, and in their fore; heads. Afterwards 'tis faid of this Antichristian Empire, under the emblem of a woman sitting on a beast with seven heads and ten horns, that all the Kings of the Earth have committed whoredon with ber, that she made drunk all the inhabitants of the Earth with the wine of her whoredoms, and ihat all the Nations drank of the wine of her whoredom. This signifies two things ; one, that this

Antichristian Empire must fubdue all Nations; the second, that it must seduce them by its figns




Part. 2. and falfe miracles. Now can any one imagines

, that three years and a half fuffice, firft to conquer an Empire and overcome all Nations ; secondly, to seduce and pervert them, and bring them to deny the Christian Religion. If Antichrist were to use that method that is used in France, and were to use no other but that, it may be in three years and & half, he could make many Kingdoms abjure Chriftianity, as in fix months he hath made the refor. mation be abjured by more than a million of perfors. But 'tis plain, the Antichrift of the Papifts is not to use this way. So that one may fay, the Clergy of France have outstript their Antichrift, and that there never' was a more hellish fort of perfecution. It is clear, I say, that Antichrift is. to carry away men by seducing them; for other wise, why should he work signs and miracles? and though he were to pervert the Chriftians with Dragoons, at least certainly he ought to have conquer'd them by arins before hand, and have overa turn'd every other Empire. Can he conquer all the World in three years where are the examples of fo fwift a conquest ? Alexander the Great is represented in the vision of the four Beasts, as a Leopard, by reason of the speediness of his conquests. Yet he spent more than three years and a. half, and had conquer'd but one part of Asia when he died. Are three years and a half sufficient to reaffemble the Jews from all the Countries of the World, to makethem masters of the whole Vnia verse, to re-establish the mosaical worship, and rebuild the Temple of Solomon ? Only the building of the Temple the first time, took up seven years. They labour'd more than 40 years about that of Heród; and this of Antichrist , which will apparently be more magnificent , shal}be finishtina


few months. If there were therefore nothing else Part. 2, but what were to be done by the violence of Antichrist , according to the very supposition of the popish Doctors, it would be impossible to be done in 30 years.

How much more impossible is it, that he should attain his end in so short a time, in what he is to do by the means of seducing ? His falfe Prophec must seduce all the inhabitants of the Earth, i.e. all the Subjects of the Roman Empire, according to the style of the Writers in those times, who defined the Roman Empire by the habitable earth. There must be much more time to seduce the Nations than to conquer them. If Antichrist was to establish his Religion by violence only, it might be said that in building up his Empire he would build up ķis Religion ; but it is clearer than the day, that he mult perswade and seduce. 'Tis for this purpose that he worketh Signs. There's no, need of miracles to establish a Religion by arms. The Prophecy faith expresly, that he shall make drunk the Nations of the Earth with the wine of bis whoredoms. Which fignifies great obstinacy, drunkeness of mind, perswalion. Now behold a strange thing, in less than three years and a half, a seducer utterly destroys the whole Christian Religion, and by the means of perswasion seduces all the Chrifians, and perswađes them to become Fourth Arfews.

Fourihly, We have in the 14th Chap. an abridge- fall of the ment of the History of the ruin of spiritual Ba- Antichrifibylon. She is fallen , she is fallen, Babylon that com. Finalme great City. We have proved before, that Baby- up more Lon and the Antichristian Empire are the same thing. cording to Now the Prophet in this Chapt. concerning the the 14th end of the Antichristian Empire, makestwo periods the Revel.



. V. 16.

V. 19.

Part. 2. of his last ruin ; the first is called the harvest. Then 0.14.8. be that fate on the Cloud thrust in his fickle on the

Earıb, and the Earth was reaped. The second is called the vintage. And the other Angeh thrust in his fickle into the Earth, and gathered the Vine of the Earth, and cast it into the great wine-press of the wrath of God. It is plain, at least, that these two periods must be distant one from the other, as much as ordinarily the harvest is from the vintage. Now 'tis well known, that the prophecies represent in a little, what the events thew in the great; and consequently as the harvest is many days distant from the vintage, it will be necessary that the two parts of the fall of the AntichriMian Empire, should be many years diftant one from the other. Now if meerly the fall of the Babylonish Empire takes up many years, the flourishing and the strengtle of this Empire must take up much more time. An Empire so strong, can't be ruin'd in the twinckling of an eye , and in one months time. Moreover, there must be an interval of rest between the harvestand the vintage. All this necessarily supposeth more than three years balf.

The 15th and 10th Chapt, contain the vision of the foven vials of the wrath of God, that must be poured out on the Earth. It is evident that all these seven viols respect the Antichristian Empire. The first plague is an ulcer, that seizes on the men that had the mark of the beast. The goth viol is caft on the seat of the beast ; at the seventh, the great City, which is the same beast, is divided into three parts. And before the viols were given to the seven Angels, they that had obtained viftomy over the beast, over his image, over his mark, and over his name, are represented as rejoycing in


C. 16. 2.
V. JO.

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the presence of the seven Angels, that had recei- Fart. 2. ved the seven plagues.

Fifthly, All this makes it appear, that these The fiftb feven viols are seven periods , included in the du- the Seven ration of Antichrists Empire , under which God viols of the

lyth Chapmust pour out his terrible judgements on that Empire. These seven periods must divide his du- periods of ration into seven parts, very near equal, even though the Antione should suppose that the seven periods con Empire ; & tain this whole duration , every viol and every every one period would have but six months to laft, accor

periods ding to the supposition of the Romish Doktors. contains The truth is, that these seven viols are included in the half of the duration of Antichrifts Empire, or a little more; For 'tis the History of the fall of that Empire. If it lasts but three years and in half, it is necessary, that at the least it should be two years a growing, so there will remain no more than eighteen months for these seven viols, and to every period we mult assign a little more than two months. This is very plainly absurd. There is no example of the like matter in all the Prophecies. The seven seals, the seven trumpers of the Revelation contain many ages ; 'tis ridicu: lous to suppose that the seven viols contain buć some months. We shall see afterward, that every viol extends it self to more than a 100 years.

Sixthly, The 17th Chapt. represents to us the The fixth Empire and the Religion of Antichrift, under the whole is emblem of a woman sitting on a beast with seven foretold in heads and ten. horns. 'Tis

faid, this woman must Chap. canmake her self drunk with the blood of the pals in That first of all, the ten Kings must give their power three years to the beast; that afterwards, they muffight again and a balla the Lamb in fayour of the beast; and that at last, v. 13.

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