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(i.e. under the shelter, and under the defence ofa Part 2. e cutting off by a Curse, or an Anathema) but the orders, laws, and false Oracles of the Popedom, and the

Antichristian head ? 'Tis known that there is è Curse and a Armageddon at the end of every

Canon. 'Tis known that the Canon Law faith, We Decret. declare to be anathema, and accur sed for ever before causa 2. God, and a prevaricator againft the Catholick.Faith, qucft.1 every King, Bishop, or other Magistrate , who shall violate and suffer to be violated in any kind, the Cenfures of the Popes of Rome. Behold, the seale of all the papal Laws. Lastly, 'tis known, that through one of the forest judgements of God that ever was felt, the subjects of the Popedom suffer'd themselves to be seized with such a fear of these Armageddons, or Excommunications with a Curse, that this very thing was a rampart, and an inviolable asylum tô protect all the attempts, and all the crimes of the Clergy. The whole strength of the Ecclesiasticks conlisted in Armageddon ; but this supply never faild them whatever they did, whatever they undertook, men endured every thing, out of fear of the Anathema and the Curse. Toavoid these imaginary thunderbolts, Subjects revolted and broke their Oath of Allegiance , Kings abandoned their Crowns, as fohn King of England did, who that he might obtain of Innocent III. the taking off of an Excommunication or Interdict laid upon En. gland, surrendred himself and all his Subjects to be the Popes flaves. All publick service of God was made to cease in a great Kingdom, Churches were Thut up, the fick died without Sacraments, the dead remained unburied ; Excommunicated persons, through a ridiculous fillyness of the people, became odious to all that were not. It matter'd not. whether the Excommunications were unjust or


Part 2. no, 'twas enough that they were denounced. By

means of this the Clergy defended their plunder: and robberies : as Father Paulhath excellently remarkt in his Treatise of Benefices. The people (faith he ) were so afraid of Censures, that nothing did ter. rify them more. 'Twas even amazing to see that Captains and Souldiers, who plunder'd anyman,

without the least concern at the

sin committed against God; as desperate and profligate wretched as they werè, yet with

great respect spared whatever belonged to the Church, only from the dread which they had of its Cena sures. And on this gound many ordinary people,gave their goods to the Church, that so they might shelter themselves from the rapine of the Souldier. Thus the Laws and Ordinances, and goods, and crimes; and enterprises of the Church, were all under shelter and in a place of safety, in Armageddon. I do not think, that there can arise any doubt in any ones mind, concerning what we havenow said. But to give the fuller confirmation to these truths, let us goover all the expressions used in this Prophecy.

And I saw three unclean spirits like froggs come oui there three of the mouth of the Dragon', and out of the mourb of the Beast, and out of the mouth of the false Prophet

: (piries do The Dragon is the Devil, the Beast is the Empire

of the Popedom, and the false Propher is the Pope; these are the three springs of falte Oracles. The Devil is he, who inspires them; all those decrees, and those Canons, which overthrow the true Relia gion of Jesus Christ can come from none but him. They likewise come out of the mouth of the Beasts for 'tis the Church of Rome that makes them : hence they are called the Canons of the Church, the Laws of the Church and its decisions. And lastly, they come from the false Prophet ; for the Pope is the mouth of the Church, he is infallible when he speaks

From whence


x Cathedra; all his decisions are seased with the Part 2. jord Armageddon, and of the grand Excommuniation.

These spirits or Oracles are three in number, not why three of the number seven, for this number is sacred, and unclean

spirits. proper to signify the sacred perfection of the Dirine Oracles, which thing the Holy Ghost intinates not only by seven spirits, but alsoby seven thunders. Nevertheless, seeing the Oracles of the False Prophet, of Antichrist, are perfect in their kind, i.e. they are at the height ofimpurity,there must have been a number denoting perfection afi signed to them; now no other could be found, but that of three. Besides, these unclean spirits are of the number three, because of the three springs , or sources, the Dragon, the Beast, and the false Prophet, as if every one must have one of his own. And further, ’ris a wonderful providence of God, that the body of the Canon Law, which is the heap of the papal Laws, is divided into three parts, which appear'd in the World at three different times. The Decree, of Gratian is the first part, and it was Threeparts compiled in the twelfth Century. After this, came

non Law, - the second part, under the title of the Decretals of that answer

Gregory IX. Thethird part is made up of the Bulls ihre eife of

Popes, called Clementines, publisht at the Coun- clean spi!

cil of Lions, by Clement V. of others called Extravagants, others called common, and common extravagants. These are the three parts of the Canon Law, which are in truth three unclean spirits; for there is nothing so monstrous, and so contrary unto the spirit of Christianity.

The papal

Laws have Lastly, these papal Laws are set forth by the num= three unber of three unclean spirits , because there are in clear pride effect three spirits of impurity, that do reign in covetour

ness , un. them; Pride, Covetousnes and Unchastity.

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chastity. Pride,


Part 2.

Pride: for first; nothing is more proud then th: design of the Popes in general, to give Laws to th: World, to make Emperors, to give a body of Law. which all shall use; to call themselves infallible, ti pretend to pronounce Oracles , to thunder ou Bulls upon the heads of Kings, and of allmen.

Covetousness: for in the papal Laws, every thing tends to profit;the Rules of the Roman Chancery and Penetenciary , do make up a part of the Roman Laws, and in them every thing is fold, not the most abominable crimes excepted. If we would examine the Laws of the Popedom , they are all for gain, and tend to the exercise of a most abominable simony. They that will, may consult the firit partof our preind. against popery , without reckoning up many other books, where the fame matter is treated.

Unchastity hath its share : for in these Laws such filthiness is to be found, as cause horror; the rules of the Penitenciary do enough prove this : This same

is found in the Decree of Grarian , in Buchard the First part, famous Canonist, and in such like Authors. I have Apolog. given some specimen’s in my Prejugd. and in my

Apology for Theodore Beza.
Vvhy the

"Tis for this reason, that the Oracles ofthe false Oracles of Prophet are compared to Froggs; the Oracles of

Godare Eagles, that flye in pure air ; but the Ora10 Froggs. cles of popery and false Religion, are creatures that

love the dirt, that descend into pits and live there.
They make a great noyse in times of darkness, as
Froggs do in the night, but will immediately be fi-

as soon as the Sun of grace is risen, that is, when
it shall dissipate all the shadows of false Reli-

These are the spirits of Devils, working miracles.
For these papal decisions, these orders of the Anti-


for the

popery are

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christian Kingdom, that they may establish the ado. Part 2, ration of idols, the invocation of Creatures, the idolatry of bread, are supported by signs, and a thou. sand lying miracles. But 'twill be objected, these decisions do not work miracles; whereas the Text here faith, that these three unclean spirits work miracles : A very flight difficulty ! For seeing the Holy Ghost represents these Laws of the Popedom, as spirits, i. c. as persons, and as intelligent existing substances; there must beactions ascribed to them; Actiones sunt suppositorum, say the Schools. Thus Saint John ought necessarily to speak of miracles, wrought in favour of the papal Laws and Papists's as of miracles that are wrought by them. They go forth unto the Kings of the Earth and of the whole World, to garber them to the bartel of that great day of God Almighty. The Bulls of Popes are as so many thundering messengers, who are sent to Princes, and who threaten, order , and command them to make Croisades , to destroy pretended hereticksi and to employ temporal weapons , to execute the orders of the spiritual Authority: and also command them to enjoyn the observation in all places of idolatrous worship, wicked Canions, and the proud government which the Popedem hath establisht by its decrees. All this unitestogether, and gathers the Kings of the Earth, makes one body, one army of persons Toyn’d in a bond of a most real conspiracy, who fight against God, and seek to robþím of his honour

and glory. Interpreters have entertain’d The day of a falfenotion, in imagining that by the day of battel batechos is to be understood, the very time in which Anti-dura:ion of christ must be destroy d. For 'tis the whole time of the Antithe Antichristian Idolatry and Tyranny , though Kingdom. especially of the last period of Antichrift, i, e. of Antichrist declining or approaching to his fall.




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