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hefe words signify, & Spirit of life from God, not Part 2, from any man, nor by the ministry of any man, but from God, entred into them, and their zeal was enlivened again. But things shall not stay there, God is preparing other wonders. There is a third Rea formation,

which shall be set on foot by way of Authority, by the Royal power, and this is expressed in the words that follow.

And the Witnesses heard agréat voyce from bea- ven, saying unto them, Come up hither; and they al

cended upto beaver in a cloud, and their enemies beheld them. In the style of the Prophets, heaven, what hea: and lifted up to heaven, is the Throne , and to be wiem, and exalted to dignity, greatness and power, even in to heaven the language of heathen Prophets : for Apomafar the Prom in his Apostelifmata infomniorum , faith, if a King phecies. dreams that he fits upon the clouds, and is carried where ever he pleaseth, this fignifies that his enemies shall serve him. But if he fancieth, that he is car. ried up to heaven, where the stars are , that he shall be lift up above all Kings. The Prophets of God do also make use of these representations to signify the same thing: Ilaiah describes the exaltation of the King of Babylon, by an ascending up into heaven. I will ascendinio heaven, I will exalt my Throne above the stars. And Jesus Christ faith of Capernauin, that she had been lift up unto heaven, but should be brought down unto bell. 'Tis therefore evident, that God does herë fignify, that some time after these three years and a half of death, the Reformation shall be lifted up to a great glory, but not every where ; 'tis only in that place, which is called the street of the great City, and is after called the tenth part of the City: for the total destruction of the Antichristian Kingdom must not happen untill fome years afterward.


this presages

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There will shortly be

Part 2. And after; These words signify, that when th:

Reformation shall be establisht again in France, bi a Reforma- way of Divine immediate operation, by which thi hormonico, by zeal of the Apoftates; and of others who know the the Royal truth, but with-hoid it in unrighteousness, shal Authority, be quickned again ; some space of time shall pals

, probably some years, before France shall wholls throw off the yoke of popery: That Kingdom (hal hot be entirely Reformed by way of


, immedately after our Reformation shall be again set on fooľ bị way of inspiration, and recovering of zeal. For, and after, lignifies an interval o time; but whether it shall be thort, or long, is not expressed: notwithstanding, I see nolikelihood, that it shall be very long, nor do I believe so. Then heard a great voyce from heaven. Yet once again, Heaven is the Throne, 'tis the Soveraign dignity, which in a State is exactly the same : that Heaven is to the Earth , in light, in lustre, in good or bad influences; in scituation, and in elevation. From Heaven, i.e. from Authority, and the Prince who reigns; they heard a voyce, they received an order ; not a sinall clandestin silent voyce, but a great voyce

, 1.e. a publick command, a solemn Edict; and this voyce said to them, Come sip hither. Then the Trath fhall get up into the Throne; and as God hath con. trary to all probability, given a popish Prince to England; fo God will give a Proiefiant Prince to France,in spight ofalloppositions of the Papifts. And they ascended up to heaven in a clond, die. Their elevation, and thať of the Reformed Religion, shall be made publickly; as the elevation of Elijah , and of Jesus Christ, who were lift up above the clouds. And their enemies beheld them. Popery shall not as yet be destroy'd in France, when this shall happea. The Prieftsthe Clergy, and Monks shall be



fpectators of this great work : But the end of poa Part 2 pery in France shall come quickly after. For, the fame hour there was a great Earthquake ; mark, the same hour; he faith not, and after, as he had said, to express a space of time between the resurrection of the witnesses, and their afcending up even to the Throne. But he faith, the fame hour , to signisy, that afsoon as the Reformation establisht by a solemn Edi&t of the Prince, as by a great voyce from heaven, the total destruction of popery, shall happen, as we are about to

And the same hour there was a great Earthquakes I will not spend time upon the signification of this representation, an Earthquake : For 'tis known by all who are versed in the Prophets, that in the Pro-See Ifa. 14 phetick style, an Earthquake signifies a great com- 19, 20. motion of Nations, that must change the face of the Jér

, 4. 24.

and 49, 2011 World: because Earthquakes do overturn Cities; Mountains, and wholly change the face ofa Countrey, make Valleys where there were Mountains; and Hills where there were Valleys, and Lakes which were dry Land before, and deserts of Countries which were inhabited; so that 'tis certain, that according to this Prophesy, in a very few years the face of the Antichristian Kingdom shall be changed, but not every where. It shall be only in the tenih part of the City, which shall fall by this Earthquake.

And the tenth part of the City fell. This isa passage Gignifics where Interpreters have been shortfighted , not ex- the Roman cepting our 7oseph Mede, who often hath so quick fian Em. á sight. To understand this, we must first know, pire, and what the City is. Joseph Mede is mistaken, toge-alonc. ther with all the reit, when he understands this to mean precisely the City of Rome. 'Tis a truth, which must be held as certain, (being one of the keys of the



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Past 2. Revelation) that the City, the great City, fignifies

in this book not Rome alone, but Rome in conjun&tion with its Empire. The name of this great City is Babylon. Now. 'tis clear, that Babylon is the whole Babylonian Kingdom. Come out of Babylon my people. 'Tis not from the City of Rome that the Holy Ghost invites his Elect to come out; 'tis from the Church of Rome , from the Babylonian Empire. This paffage alone, together with

that in this eleventh Chapter, v. 8. And their dead bodies shall lye in the street of the great City, which fpirie tually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified, are enough to prove that the Babylonian City, is not Róme alone. Our Lord was not crucified in Rome, and if we should here take crucifying in a figurative sense, for the crucifying of the Religion of Jesus Christ; this hath been facti

. ficed at Rome no more than in other places of the Latin Church. In the 14th Chapter, the Holy Ghost describes the fall of this City of Babylon ; Babylon is fallen, is fallen , that great City ; and in the same vision, he fore-tells the ruin of the Antichristian Empire, under the Metaphors of an har. veft, and a vintagè; which proves that this Cityis nothing else but the intirë Kingdom of Babylon. In the 1866 Chapter the Prophet makes a long description of the desolations of this City, under the Metaphors, of a City of Merchandise, which had a great traffick , and was filld with pleasures and delightfull things. Now 'tis certain, that the shamefull simony, the wicked pleasures of the Papaty,, have not reigned less in the Provinces of the Babylonian Kingdom, than in the Capital City;

from whence'tis again evident, that the City signifies the whole Antichristian State. Lastly, the constant opposition, between the Holy City, and the great firy, proves


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that the City includes the whole Antichristian Part 2, Church, even as the Holy City signifies the whole Cbriftian Church. De Launay hath confessed this in the eleventh Chapter of the Revelation, and in the 16th : but no exception is to be made; every where the City, and the great City: Babylon, signifies the intire Kingdom of the Papacy. And the reason of this is evident, old Rome made her whole Empire to be one only City, by means of that right of citizenship, which she bestowed on all who were of some considerable quality 3 though they dwelt in the Provinces, : The citizens of Rome dwelt in all Countries; now where the citizens of a City dwell there is the City: :this made Rutilius say Dumque offers viftis, proprij consortia juris

Urbem fecisti, quod prius Orbis erat. Thus it

goes exactly in the Church of Rome, which hath re-establish the Roman Empire.All those who are members of this Church, are citizens of her capital City. Persons of all Nations are admitted into The

Church of her Senate,or Colledge of Cardinals. The Tribunal, Rome, is which is called the Rota , is constituted of Coun- but one

City: cellors, taken out of all the Provinces, which pay subjection to Rome. Every Forreigner may come to be a Cardinal, and every Cardinal may come to be Pope. Therefore, there are properly no Fora reigners in that State, no Papift is a Forreigner to the Church of Rome, and that which they call the holy See,

That which hath deceived Interpreters ,; is the 17th Chapter, where the City is called the Woman, swhich fitterb on seven. Mountains ; and that great City, which reigneth over the Kings of the Earth. This, say they, is the City of Rome, and the Papists themselves do grant it, and without doubt 'tis Rome, and we have above proved it; but'tis Rome


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