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Rev. 17.

The disho

of the Porto Roral a


Pait2. But before that, I must use them yet once more

to confound the dishonesty of the Translators of the Port-Royal, who say of the ten Kings, that

they shall take power for one hour, or for a little desty of the time with the beast, inftead of translating it in the overflation fame hour, or at the same time with the beast. They

found thistransation, or rather, this notorious fal. borarding of fification very proper to take away from the Rea Antichrifts formed this Text, that proves so clearly, that the

birth of Antichrist must be reckon'd from the division of the Roman Empire among teñ Kings, and into 'ren Kingdoms. But afterwards we fhall see, that though we should let their translation pass, our pioof would not in the leaft bě weakned by it. But as they will not agree, that 1260 years may be called a little time ; fee here, they are en. gaged to prove that all that we have said to prove, that the 1260 days of Antichrifts reign are so many gears,isillusion, a Chimæraga dream, and a sophism. For if our proofs do subsift, how will they maintain their version, that she Kings shall take power for a little tiine with the beast? Seeing all Inierpreters


agree, and 'tis clear of it felf without their consent ; that the power of the ten Kings must laft as long as that of the beast. And allo these ten Kings must reach beyond ihe beast ; for after they have clothed him with their power, they must strip him of it, eat his flesh, and burn it with fite. If therefore the duration and continuance of the beast be 1260 years, as we have demonftrated it; 'tis necessary, that the reign of the ten Kings be 1260 years, and consequently this reign will not be for one hour, and for a little time.

Tis here that these Gentlemen the Interpreters will have great need of the Arabique, Rabbinical learning, and Hebrew of Father Simon the Gram



marian, that not long since hath set up for an In- Part 2,
terpreter of the Revelation. His new lights do
well deserve a particular Chapter by themselves.
But for the present, we must follow on our way,
and shew, that if the 1260 days be 1260 years, then
all that the Papifts Say of Antichrist is false, and
all that we fay of him is true. If it be falfe, It being
that this Empire must laft but 1260 natural days; that the
it is true, that it must last 1260 years; for I have 1260 days
proved, there is no middle way to be taken. And years, the
if it be true that Antichrist must reign 1260 years, Antichrifiis
he can no longer be only one single man, nor a re- a Chimera,
volted few, not a falfé Mefiah, nor a man of the
Tribe of Dan, nor a Tyrant that must re-estahlish
the Mosaical worship, and rebuild ferufalem to
cause the leus to reign there. For it would be
absurd, to suppose that one man should live 1266
years, that the reign of the Law of Moses should
return for 12 Ages, and that Iudaism for so long a
time should oppress the Chriftian Religion, If the
Empire of Antichrift mult last 1260 years, it
muit necessarily be already come. For 'tis to go if his duta.
against the general opinion of all men, to suppose 1:6 years,
that before the reign of Jesus Christ comes we must Antichrif
get 'expect a tyrannical Monarchy of 1200 years.
If the Antichristian Empire be come, it must be
either Mahometanism, or the Papism.
Antichriftianism can't be found

among the Arri-
ans; for they have been extinct a long time, and
their reign did not come to near 12.60 years. We
can't find him among the Albigenfes, who never
jeign’d, who appear'd but for a little time, and
who were always oppressed. He can't be found
neither among the Lutherans , nor Calvinifts;
for none of the Characters of Antichristianism do
and the Papists would not ac-


is come,

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Part 2. knowledge that our reign shouldbe for 1200 years:

There's nothing remains but Mahometanism; Mahome- on which one can caft

ones eyes,

to seek out Àn. sanifum bath tichriftianism

'tis indeed an Antichristian Chara&ers Se&t, because 'tis an enemy to Jesus Christ, and of Antichath already subsisted above a 1000 years. But Chriftianism

we can't find therein the Characters of Antichristianism, so as ʼtis described in the Prophets. First, Antichristianism must be an Apostacy, and a revolt of men, that formerly were obedient to the faith. The Saracens, Arabians, and Turks, the founders and prefervers of this Sect, never were Christians, and are not Apoftates. Mahomet and the Arabians were Heathens. Secondly, Antichristianism muft be an Idolatry, for it is called a Whoredom; and muft teach the Doctrine of Damons, and mediatory spirits. Now the Mahometans are not idolaters; on the contrary, they abhor the adoration of Ima. ges; and 'tis this that greatly scandalizeth them against the Christian Religion. Thirdly,In the name of Antichrist, we must find the number 666. In the name of Mahomet , and Mahometan, Arabians and Saracens, in any language, this number is not found: Fourthly, Anchristianism was to have its seat in the great City, which in St. Iohns time ruled over the Kings of the Earth. That is Rome, as all Interpreters unanimously acknowledge. Mahomet and his Partizans never did poffefs the Caty of Romeg and do not possessit. Fifthly, The Empire of Antichrist must be the Roman Empire continued ; the Empire of the Arabians is so far from being the continuation of the Roman Empire, that it hath been the destruction of it in the East, Sixthly, Antichrist must sit in the Temple of God, i.e. in the Church. Mahomet and his Successors are out of the Church and do not belong to Cbrisiendom. Seventhly , Ten

Kings must voluntarily give their power to Anti. Part 2. christ. But the Arabians and Saracens have conquer'd all Kingdoms by meer violence; none did voluntarily submit to them. Eighthly, Antichristmust be the seventh head of the Beast in the Revelation, i.e. Of the Roman Empire ; Mahomet hath nothing in common with the Roman Empire. Ninethby, The Empire of Antichriftmost be properly nothing else, but the image of an Empire, which yet however must be worshipt, and obedience be given to it; The Empire of the Mahometans is not an image, but rather the moft defpotical and arbitrary Empire, that ever was in the World. Tenthly, The Antichristian Empire must have under it ten borns, i.e. ten Kings. Ten horns, every one having his crown, and his Royal power. So far is the Empire of the Mahometans, from suffering any vasal Kings to fubfift, that it hath destroyed all the great Lords. In India, in Perfia, in Turky, every one of these Mahometan' Empires hath but one only Lord. Eleventhly, The Empire of Antichrisi must be but one , it must not be divided; For the Kings that are to submit to him, shall acknowledge him for their only head. But the Empire of Mahomet is divided into many. Empires. The Empire of the Tartars , the Empire of the Turks, the Empire of the Persians, the Empire of the Mogulls; and these four Empires are not only different, but always opposite

, and almost always enemjes. Twelftbly, Antichrist must have two horns, i. e. two powers like to the Lamb. "Tis notorious, the Mahometans have nothing in common with Jesus Christ, with his Religion, and with his power. Thirteenth, Antichrist must excommunicate, persecute take away. liberty of commerce from all those that will not take on them his name and his


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Part 2. mark in their fore-heads, i.e. that will not fol

low his Religion. The Mahomerans suffer all forts of Religions, Heathens and Christians. Fourteenth, The Antichristian Empire must be a head, i.e. á Kingdom hurt with a deadly wound, and revive again. This can by no means agree to Mahometanism, which is a Religion wholly new, and which hath formed Empires wholly new. It was necessary to make these observations against those,that greatly desiring to take Antichrist from Rome, would fain place him among the Mahometans.

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1, " X

Some Principles to discover, when the Anti-

chriftian Empire began, and when it must end,
Three Characters of that Empire , Idolatry,
Pride, and corruption. That these three chair
racters began to appear in the fourth Age,and did

infinitely encrease in the fifth. Hi

Itherto we have discoursed on what is paft,

now we proceed to treat of what is future, dr at least of those things that are believed so to be. For we shall see that many things, that are looked upon as future, are already past.

'Tis the tuin of Antichrist and his Empire, that we are now about to speak of. And the firft que stion that is asked thereupon is this, When shall that Empire be destroyed. A great question, and which hath hitherto been looked apon, as a thing that none could penetrate into." Tis certainly, very difficult to be penetrated into , bút yet however I do not think, 'tis impoffible to find out the


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