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'ftition, idolatry, tyranny and impurity. He hath Part 2, found that the inward Court was much less than the önt ward one; there was the same proportion between these two Courts, as there is between one, and three and a half. So that the outward Court contained the extent of the inward one three times and a half. And he concludes, that her extend ed quantity being the image of the extent of time; the duration of the corrupted Church signified-by the outward Court, was to be three times and a balf, and the duration of the pure Church was to be but one time. Now 'tis plain by the Prophecies, that the duration of the corrupted Church must be three Prophetical years and a half, which are 1260 natural years : therefore the duration of the purè Church must be one Prophetical year, that is to tay, 360 years. I confcss, this appears to me as if it were inspired

He adds, that one may begin these 360 years, Church laeither i. from the birth of Jesus Chrift, according fting 360 to the Christian account; or, 2. from the time of years, there his Passion, which makes the beginning of the four terms Christian Church. Or, 3. from the time of the de- whence to struction of Jerusalem, because then the Law was these 3 ta perfectly abrogated, and the

new covenant perfect-years.
ly establisht. Or, 4. Lastly, from the time in which
St. Joha prophecied.

The first calculation begins with the first year of
Jesus Christ. An. Chrifti.
The second, in the year of our Lord.

33 The third, in the year of our Lord.

70 The fourth, about the year.

04 If we reckon the 300 years, which inust contain in them the purity of the Church, from the first year

of Jesus Christ, the laft year falls on the 60 gear of the fourth Age. And thisagrees admirably




Part 2. with the event. For indeed , 'tis precisely in

This time, that we see the footsteps of the superRition of Reliques, and the invocation of Saints, appearing in the Authors of the fourth Age.

If we reckon from the 33th year of Jesus Christ, which is that of his death, the 3Coth year will fall upon the end of the fourth Age. In which time St. Austin, and St. ferom wrote, by whose writingsit appears ,

that the superstition of the worihip of the creatures had already made great progress.

If we begin the 360 years from the destruction of Jerusalem, which happend in the 70th year of our Saviour, thc years of purity will end in the year 430, a time in which it is also certain that the corruption was greatly encreased.

Lastly, if we take the last account, and reckon from the year 94, in which Saint John composed his Prophecy, the 360 years will end about the year 454; and 'tis about that time that Theodoret wrote, in whose words we have seen, that the false worthip of the Saints, and the Doctrine of secondary intere

cessors were so well formed. Which of

If we place the birth of Antichristianism in the the four 360 year of our Lord, when men began to render points we

a religious worship to Réliques, this Antichristian shule. Empire being to last 1260 years, 'tis clear, that

they should have ended in the year 1620, i. e. 65 years ago.

If we began it according to the second computation, in the year 393, or 394, it should have ended in the year 1653, or 1654

If we began it according to the third calculation, at the year 130, it should end in the year 1690, about four or five years hence. Lastly, if following the last computation, webe.


gin it about the 4'50 or 454th year, it must end in the Part 2, year 1710, or one of the following years to 1714.

'Tis clear by the event, that we must not begin the 1260 years, neither from the year 360, nor that of 393. For the Antichristian Empire, did not fall in the years 1620, and 1653, as it should have done according to these calculations. In those times, in the year 360, and the year 393, superstition was yet

but in its birth; the worship of the creatures was not yet eftablisht in the publick service. Great cautions also were used not to confound the service of God with the service of the creatures, which was just ready to receive its birth. Moreover, the pride of the Bishops of Rome was moderate, and their tyranny did not yet extend it self very far. Men reckon the years of the life of a man from the time of his birth? not from that of his conception. Idolatry and tyranny were as yet bur like a fatus's, that were forming and perfecting, but were not yet perfected.

But the principal reason, why God would not The prin: have us count the birth of Antichristianism from fon why the years 360, and 393, is, because there was a God will fourth Character of the birth of that Antichristian the 1250 Empire, that had not yet happen'd; that is, the years of ten Kings, that were to take their power together Antichrift with the Beast. These ten Kings are ten Kingdoms, in generatina into which the Roman Empire was to be fubdi- Age. vided. . And the ten borns which thou sawest, are

Rev. 17,12, ten Kings, which have received no Kingdom as yet, but receive power as Kings one hour with the Beast. These words are admirable ; tome they appear express, and I am aftonisht, that it hath not been ob. jerved, that they precisely mark the time, wherein we must begin to reckon the reign of the Beast.

Dd 2


Part 2. Especially, if we conGider them with the words

of St. Paul, he who now letteth, or posseseth, will let, or possess , untill he be taken out of the way; then shall that wicked one be revealed. That is to fay, till the time that the head of the Roman Em. perors be destroyed. These two passages signify exprefly , from what time we must compute the 1260 years. 'Tis from the time, that the Goths, Vandals, &c. after having a long time harrassed, and rent the Roman Empire, at last divided it into ten pieces.

Moreover, the fallification of the tranllation of the Port-Royal, that render it thus, the ten Kings shall take power for a little time with the Beast, would not destroy the evidence of the Oracle, though we should suffer the ill translation of these Gentlemen to pass. For if we must translate it for a little time, by that little time we must understand, the three years and a half of Antichrift's duration. And seeing we have invincibly proved, that these three years and a half consist of 1260 Prophetical days, i. e. 1260. years , 'tis clear, we mult understand that liitle time in a prophetical and compendious fense, for three years and a half.

That which is effential here, and which the rashness of men hath not been able to take away, is, that the ten Kings were to receive their power together with the Beast, that is to say, at the same time. Whether it be for a short, or a long one; 'tis still certain, that this Oracle plainly teaches usy that we must seek for the birth of the Antichristian Empire in the time when we find ten Kingdoms arise from the dismembred Roman Empire. We must therefore see, when that was thus dilmembred. The greatest part of men make the Roman Ema


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pire to subsist till the year 475 , under certain Part 2,
petty Kings, that retained the name of Roman
Emperors ; because they did yet possess the City.
of Rome from Valentinian the third to Augustulus.
But the truth of it is, that the Roman Empire
was parcelled out, and rent in pieces, and en-
tirely deitroyed immediately after the death of this
Valentinian, who was killed by Maximus. Genferic
King of the Vandals comes from Africk, being
called in by the Empress Eudoxia to revenge

death of her husband. He takes Rome , carries
away all the riches, precious things, and rarities
of it. They spent fifteen whole days in spoiling it
of its treasures Genferic' transported them into
Africa together with the Empress, her daugh-
ters, and the principal men of Rome. Just in the
fame manner as Nebuchadnezzar carried away the
vessels of the Temple, and led the flower of the
people into captivity. 'Tis affuredly from this
very time, that we must compute the entire ruin
of the Empire of the City of Rome, though it had
still a shadow of a Kingdom, under the images
of Emperours , that lasted about twenty years .
feremy reckons 70 years for the captivity of Baby-
lon. Yet it is certain ; that from the last ruin of
Jerusalem till the return, there were not sixty years,
But the Prophet counts upon ferufalem as destroy.
ed, and its Kingdom as entirely ruined from Jehoja-
kim's time, under whom in truth was the first
transportation of the people : And since whose
time, the Kingdom of Judah under Zedekiah, was
but a shadow of that of his Predecessors, because
he was the Chaldeans vafal. On this account,
I say, God reckons it for nothing. By the like
reason, we must reckon for nothing those petty
Kings of Rome, who having as it were nothing


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