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ftians, no less than 3 years as I suppose, willbene. Part 2.

cessary; and that was figured by the zo days, which TMacchabæus employed in purifying the Temple of : Jerusalem. After the purgation of the Temple, he 6. spent 45 days to prepare the vesselsfor the dedica

tion, I suppose, that in like manner, when the re

union shall be effected, no less than 45 days, that ob is to say, 45 years, will be requisite to run overall

the Earth, and convert the Nations that are stranbgers to the Covenant, to prepare them for the last

dedication. Add 45 to 1740, that will fallon the 3 year 1785, in which shall come the glorious reign of tie 7. Christ on the Earth, of which we ihall speak afterle wards. And 'tis in these 45 years, that the Jews

shall be converted, and shall finish the conversion of
the Infidel Nations, their obtinacy shall hold out
to the end, and shall not be overcome but by an ex-
traordinary event, and morcextraordinary than the
fall of Babel shall be.

There is no ground to believe, that the Kingdom The Em-
of Jesus Christíhall comein the time that God shall pire of An.
employ in the destruction of the Antichristian Em- be destroy-
pire. For that Empire shallfall with noise, wars,
troubles, effusion of blood. Now the Spirit of God comes.
is not in the wind that breaks the rocks; 'tis in the
thin and gentle one. When Jesus Christ shall come,
there mult be a profound peace on the Earth. Nei..
ther shall he come in the time wherein men shall
endeavour the conversion of the Infidel Nations; for
that shall be a time of contesting and difputings;
those things must cease when Jesus Christ shall

ed before


· The number of 2300 evenings and mornings, A type of which make 1150 days, tome seems to signify pre-which imacisely the days in which the daily sacrifice was in- ges were terrupted ; an interruption that began not, till ced.


Part 2. some months after the Sanctuary had began to be

prophaned by impure facrifices, added to the daily facrifice that yet was continued. And even the Idol of Jupiter Olympius seems not to have been brought into the Temple, till two months after the.cessation of the daily Jacrifice. So that the introduction of the Idol, was not till fix or seven months after the prophanation of the Temple. This seems to me to have a typical relation to that which happened in the Christian Church, by the introduction of the adoration of images. They were brought into the Churches in the fifth Age; but we do not find, that Images were adored and served before the fixch Age , from the year 560 to the year 600. Now one may say, that then the abomination, the Idol of fupiter Olympius was introduced into the T.emple, and placed on the Altar; one may say, that then the daily facrifice entirely ceased; whereas the Divine service had been only polluted by ahe invocation of Saints, it was entirely spoiled by the adoration of Images. Compute this cessation of the daily

sacrifice, that is to say, of the service of God, from the year 560,or thereabouts, add thereunto. 1'150 years of interruption by the adoration of Images, this will fall on the year 1710 or thereabouts, the time wherein Images shall be entirely abolisht. with

Popery. Although

See- what I had to say, to confirm my notions Aianism be-about the time, in which I do believe that the 1260 kifth Age

, years of the Antichristian Empire must begin and

end. Without doubt, fome Protestants, together of thattime with all the Papists, will judge that I ascend.very

high, and that in placing the birth of this Empire in damned. the Popedom of Leo the first, I haye made Antichrifts:

of many good Bishops of Rome, to Gregory the great, inclusively; and all the Christians fince that time,'


Antic bri

all the

were not

the subjects of the Antichristian Empire. But they Part 2. that make this obje&ion, do not consider, that Ana tichriftianism is properly nothing but the corruption of Christianity; that all corruptions go gradually, and that the first degrees ofa corruption are not mortal. There was Antichrißianism mingled with the Christianity of the Christians of the fourth, fifth, and fixth Age; but it doth not follow, that this Ana tichristianism did from the beginning ruin the salva, tion of those that did partake of it. When the

Antichristian corruption was come to its full, and became mortal, then God by his mercy and the means that are known to him, shewed grace to the Elect that were in Babylon, so that they did not participate of her mortal idolatries. The good Bishops of Rome in the fifth and fixth age, were no more Antichriff, than the Chriftians then were An. tichristian; and if God did tolerate the first beginnings of Antichristianism in the faithfull people; he may also as well have born it in the Bishops. Before Boniface the third, Successor of Gregory the Great, no Pope called himself Bishop of Bishops, or Universal Bishops and so till that time the Bishops of Rome were not Antichrists perfected, they were only Antichrists begun.

'Tis known, this papal Tyranny had its degrees Degrees of since Leo the first, that fate in that See in the year the con450, to Gregory the Great, the Bishops of Rome en- i he papal deavoured to arrogate to themselves a superiority Tyrannya over the Universal Church; but yet however with. ont desiring to be called Oecumenical Bishops. After Gregory the first,to Gregory the seventh the Popes called themselves Universal Bishops, but without styling themselves Soveraigns, and Masters of King's and Kingdoms. This Gregory was the firf', that endeavoured to depose Emperors and Kings. This

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The Accomplifbment Chap. 6, Part2, is Antichrist perfečted. Those also that did not

know him when he was yet in his firfl periods, did know him when he arrived to this. We have many testimonies of the German Bishops.ofthat time, who profess that this Gregory the seventh and his succes fors were Antichrift.


CHA P. v I.
The circumstances of the fall of Antichrist re-

establisht in their order. An explication of
the fifteenth Chapter. Principles for the right
understanding the sixteenth Chapter

. Divers interpretations given of it, and their visible faults. A

Fter having seen the time in which the fall and happen, 'tis time to see the circumstances of that fall; and I am very well satisfied, that therein we Thall find what will confirm that which we have affirmed, touching the approaching end of Antichristianism. I pretend to improve my conjecture to a kind of demonstration, by the full agreement there is between my hypotheses and the Prophecies. The circumstances of the fall of the Antichristian Empire are to be found in the 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19th Chapters. 'Tis certainly that part of the Revelation that hath been least understood; I mean, asto what respects the circumstances of the ruin of the Antichristian Empire. For as forthe Characters of that Empire, which are also contain'd in those Chapters, they have been well enough apprehended. But as to the fall of that Empire, the

time and progress of that fall, God would not let Part 2. men hitherto be so happy in their conjectures. I hope, that in what I Mall now say, something shall beiner with, that shall much more bear upon it the Characters of truth.

The H. Spirit's so often repeating the prophecy Divers of the fall of Babylon, and the ruin of its Empire, is ftances of not only to give us a perfect certainty of the event, the fall of 'tis principally to mark out unto us that fall by di- which the vers circumstances. But it hath not pleased God A Spirit to give us all these circumstances in one vision, that pleated

to fothe Prophecy Inight not be too plain. For it is put inition:

one vision. not at all the intention of God, to inform us clearly of things to come, with respect to their circumstances. But only as to the

substance of the thing. The fall of the Antichristian Empire, is the substance, that which is necessary to support the hopes of the Church. Hence it is, that there is no obscurity in the prophecy, with respect to this; no more then there was in the Prophecies concerning the Messiah, with respect to the substance ofit, and the certainty of his coming; but there was much as to the circumstances of that coming. Therefore, God hath because God was willing, that the circumstances the circumof the fall of the Kingdom of Antichrist should be ftances in obfcure; he hath for this reason divided them into that they several visions. And for the same reason (that is, might be that he might put a venerable veyle upon that, which he was not willing that we should know before the time.) He hath not placed the circumstances exactly, according to the order of their coming to pass. The vision which marches fore-most, contains things which ought not to come to pass till afterward : and the vilions which follow, contain things which ought to come to pass before. Therefore that we may place these adorable obfcuri


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