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therefore probable , that every thing will bend Part 2. under the yoke of their Will when they shall resolve The authoto break with Rome: and it seems as if the Pro-Kings of vidence of God was preparing the way unto this France shall thing, by the Clergies Declaration, confirmed by over the that of the King , viz. that Kings depend on none in living Re

ligion. any thing which concerns Temporals; and that 'tis never lawful to deny obedience to them

upon a pretext of Religion. For if this be once fixed; whenever it shall please the Kings of France to forsake the Communion of Rome, (by this Principle of the present Bishops) it cannot be allowed, that the People should rebell against them. I look on that which is happened in England, as another preparation unto this Event: A King of a Religion contrary to that of the State reigns peaceably; the reason is that Providence will accustome the subjects to pay subjection to Princes who are enemies of the Ruling Religion.

· And the remnant were affrighted., and gave
glory to the God of heaven. This is the total con-
version and reformation of the tenth part of the City,
j.e. of the Kingdom of France, that shallquickly
follow, after the King's of France shall have broken
with the Bishop of Rome.

.14. The second Wo is past, and behold she third
Wo cometh quickly ; namely, the second of the three
Woes', 'which had been denounced after the found
of the fourth Trumpet. And I heard an Angel Chap

. 8, flying through the midst of Heaven , crying with a loud voyce. W., wo, wo to the inhabitants of the earth, by reason of the other voyces of the Trumpet, which are yet to found. The first of these three woes was the Grashoppers, who came up out of the bottomless pit with their Head Apollyon, and denoted in Hebrew Abaddon. These Grashoppers are plain hypocas


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Part 2. ly the Saracens, Arabians with their Head Maho

met. The second. Wo, is the domination of the Turks, who passed from the other fide of Euphrates at the sound of the sixth Trumpet. And the third Wo is the fall of the Antichristan Empire,

These three great events deserve to be distinguifht from all others; for they have changed, or Thall change the whole face of the world.

And the seventh Angel founded, &c. this which follows, concerns the Kingdom orreign of lefus. Christ and the Church, and confequently, must be réserved to another place,

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Qbfervations upon the 17, 18, 19, Chapters of

the Revelation , concerning the fall of Antichrist's Kingdom. A brief Methodizing of the events, which the Holy Ghost.had displaced in the visions.

He seventeenth Chapter contains something Kingdom. ,

V.16. And the ten horns which thou fawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn ber with fire..

V.17. For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil bis will, and to agree and give their Kingdom unto the beast untill the words of God shall be fulfilled.

There's nothing in this passage, that hath not been opened, or is obscure. "'Tis clear, that these Kings, whothrough ignorance, orweakness, fuf


ser'd their power to be usurped by the Empire of Part 2. the papacy, shall take it again; they shall eat her flesh, 3.c. shall enrich themselves with her benefices & re* venues; and burn her with fire, i.e. shall abolish the

the memory of this Romish Empire, so that nothing but alhes shall remain of it.

The 18th Chapter is a long description of the ruin of the Antáchristian and Babylonian Empire. I have no need to enter into this Chap. because I find

nothing in it of that which I principally seek, which i is, those certain chara&ters which can inform us of

the time of this fall; namely, whether it be nigh at hand, or afar off. There is nothing there concerning it, except that which is general. As to this Chapter, I will say only. Firl, Wemuftremember the remarque, which hath been often made by us, that Babylon here does not signify ítrictly the City of Rome, as most have imagined. 'Tis the whole Babylonian Empire, as appears from these words; Come out of Babylon my people. "I do not think, that any great number of Gods people, hath come out of the City of Rome; hitherto we have not seen it. My second remáfqueis, we must not (as is usually done) over much press the mystical sense of divers merchandises, which are reckon'd up, and were fold in that City, I do not believe, that there is any we must other mystery in this thing than that this Babylonian much cecht Empire being set forth under the Emblem of a great myfteries City, it was necessary to represent it as a City of ticular great commerce; for that is inseperable from great mies have Cities. Not but that these merchandises, and the Babylon. many inftruments of Luxury and pleasures, which are said to have been in this City, do not very firly signify, and according to the design of the Holy Ghost, both the Simony and debaucheries of this Gorrupted Church in the general. But I believe not


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The burg.

Part 2. that 'tis necessary to enquire particularly what is

meant (for example) by the Glk , the precious stones, the fine linnen, &c.

My Third Observation upon this 18th Chapter. ing of Bar is, we must not interpret literally the Metaphors of not be ua- burning, fre, blood, and flaughter, which the Holy derfood Ghoft sets before us. Certainly, these are not the literally,

Methods which God makes use of to establish his Kingdom. I think indeed, as I have already said, that God will suffer Rome to be sackt, as he fuffer'd Jerusalem to be: I further believe, that this great change in Religion , will not be made without blood shed, as it hapned in the last age. But seeing the City, in this chapter, and generally in the Revelation , takes in the whole Babylonian Empire, we must not imagine that all this great circuit of Countries shall be laid deTolate.

The 19 Chapter. is the last in which mention is made of the deitruction of Antichrifts Kingdom The ten first Verses of this Chapter must not be dil joyned from the fore-going Chapter , for they are only the continuation of it; The solemn rejoy, çings of the Elett, after the ruin of Babylon , and the consummation of the Christian Church, here below upon Earth.

The eleven last Verses of the Chapter, contain a wonderful vision, wherein Jesus Christ appears sitting upon a white Horse,having the titles offaith full, of true, of the word of God, of King of Kings, of Lord of Lords. He gathers his armies together, to fight against the Beast, andagainst the false Prophet. An Angel stands in the Sun, and calls to all the fowls of Heaven, to come and eat the flesh of those men that must be slain in that great battel, which was to be fought. On the other Gide,the Beall


ind the false Prophet gather their forces; the battél Part 2 s fought; the Beast and Kings are overcome; he is taken with his false Prophet; both are cast into the lake offire and brimitone, together with all those who had worshipt the Image of the Beaft. All this is magnificent and the Figures are lofty. But there is nothing new in this; and in my judgement, 'tis nothing but a recapitulation of the fore-going vbJions, concerning the ruin of Antichrists reign, The vision of the eleventh Chapter is an Epitome of the visions that follow, and this is properly an Epitome of the visions which went before, therefore I do not judge it necessary to insist upon it, Especially, seeing nothing is found of that which

we seek for; namely, the signs and marks by which E, it may

be known, when and at what time the reign of Antichrist must end. 'Tis in the 11, 14, and above all in the 16th. Chapter, that we find the Chara&ters of this end, and of the time in which it must come to pass. Therefore it was necessary only , that we should insist upon those Chapters.

I will only make the observation upon this The flagigla. : Chapter, which I made upon the fore-going. That murthers

we must not understand literally the expressions of Chapteeth wår and destroying, that are used here: for exam- mufl not ple, that Iesus Chrift must tread the of the food dices wrath of God, that he must give to be eaten by the rally. fowls, the flesh of Kings, of Captains, of mighty men, of Horses, of free, and bond, &c. These are Metaa phors borrowed from war, and must be understood sutably to the nature of this spiritual war, which Jesus Christ must make against Idolatry, S4perftition, Herefies, and Tyranny: his quarrel is with there, and not with men. Besides the reasons alledged, we have here a convincing one , that


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