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Part 2. the instrument of so many victories, and which must Verloss. make such a slaughter, is the sharp sword, that

comes out of the mouth of him who sitteth upon the white horse. And the remnant was pain with the (word of biṁ that sat upon the horse --- and all the fowls were filled with iheir flesbe. Now all know, that this sharp sword, that comes out of the mouth of Jesus Christ, is the Word of God; a spiritual sword, which must act only fpiritual flaughters; and which does not destroy the lives of men but their mariners and Idolatries. So that I fear, left those are mistaken, who hope to render to Babylon that which we have received from her; and in the cup which she bath filled, to fill to her donble, 1. e. to give her blood for blood torment for torment

. This is not the spirit of the trve Church.

I have now done with this subject, and I think there remains but one thing to do, that I may give a clear Idea of our prophecies, and that is, to Epitomize and rank, according to the order of time, the yarious events which relate to the ruin of Antichrifts Kingdom, which the Holy Ghostdisplaced and confounded', to the end that the prophecies might not be clearer than God did intend they should be. As for the seven plagues of the seven viols, they are perfectly ranked according to their

order, and according to their times. A compen- 1. The first plague of the first viol,begins about dious Me thodizing the year of our Lord 900. it lasts almost 1 50. years, of the city and ends under the Papedom of Leo IX. about the must bring year fogo.

Antichrijg's Kingdom

2. The second and third plagues, which are the to its cuin. Croisades, begin at the end of the eleventh age, and

end at the going out of the thirteentb, in the year 1270. or 1292. For till then some of the Lazins kept possession in Palestint ; so that they take


up the space of about two hundred years. Part 2.

3. The fourth plague begins before the Cross fades; but if we please , we may place its begin, ning where the foregoing ends. This fourth plagne is the increase of the Papal joke, and this Period beginning at the year 1270, Ihall continue untillthe year 1378, when the consequent of the fifth plague begins , namely, the weakning of the Papal reign by the schism. Therefore this Period will contain 108 years.

4. The fifth plague is the removing of the Popes to dwell at Avignon, and the grand Schism of the Weft. It begins in the year 1305 and lasts untill the year 1440. This Period being a little jointed within the former, shall last 130,

or 135.years. 5. The fixth plague , which is the passage of the Turks into Europe, and thedesolations which they made in the Popes Dominion, and in the Latin Churchzbeginning towards the end of the fourteenth Age,about the year 1370. and lasting untill the siege of Vienna under Charles the fifth in 1529,this Period will be iso years.

6. The seventh plague beginning about the year 1520, and lasting untill the end of our Age, and the beginning of the next, must last about 190 years. This last Period is longer then the rest, because God intended to fübdivide it into three other Periods.

9. Thefirfi Period of this laffviols is the barveft; which lasted 30, or 40 years, from the year 1520, - untill 1560, when all the Countreys , which were to be Reformed, had embraced the Reformation.

8. The second period of this seventh viol, is that season and state of rest and victory, which the Papacy regain’d, and this period lasts from 1560, Ór 1570; for fance that time Popery hath received



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Part2. no considerable check , but rather hath much

prevailed ; it hath made war against the faints, and hath overcome them. :

9. Towards the conclusion of this second period of the seventh viol, a sore persecution must happen. The Witnesses clothed in Sackcloth, i.e. the faithful, who are under the Cross, shall be oppressed, and remain dead in thestreet of the great City for three years and a half. That is, the profeffion of the Truth Thall be wholly suppressed: but the Truth it self shall not be burged, nor layd in the grave , nor forgotten.

10. At the end of the three years and a half, shall begin the third period of the seventh viol, which the Holy Ghost calls the vintage. This is the total ruin of Antichrifts Kingdom, and this period shall last 20, or 25 years 'tis probable thất it will begin about the year 1690, ora little while after.

11. The first thing, which shall be done in the third period of the seventh vial', is the Fall of the tenth part of the City, i.e. of the Kingdom of France, which shall break with the Kourt of Rome, and wholly change the face of Religion in that Kingdom. This is the first action of the vintage.

12. The Beast and the false Prophet , the Pope and his Agents, Thallrally all their forces: but God Thallmuster all his together, and give the last blow to Popery: then the Beast and the false Prophet shall be thrown into the lake , and plunged into the bote tomless pit: Babylon shall wholly fall; and it shall be said, she is fallen, , she is fallen.

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Part 2


The Reason why in this work we speak of. Some

things so positively. The linking together of our Principles , suffers us not to doubt, that we now are at the end of the reign of the papacy. 1

N the firA Édition of this work, I did bere finish

what I had to say about those events past and fu. ture, which concern the ruin of Antichrists King. dom. Second Editions have this advantage, that they may be futed to the pallates of the Readers, of whom a tryal hath been made. And (were it pollible forme to do it) I would gladly use this piece of prudence , with respect to a Remarque, which yery many have made ; namely, that in this discourse we speak over positively, and with too much confi, dence , concerning things which at the most ought to be propounded only as conjectures. Perhaps some time or other men shall know the principal reafon, which made me speak in so confident a manner, and with such tokens of assurance. In the mean while I desire theirättention to severalthings which I have to say.

The fir) is, That I do not speakjo confidently, as Thiete are cis believed, concerning the most part of those things fome which are yet to come: for example, I lay not down that are the exact time of the resurrection of the witnesses. I propolunda do not say, that it shall be exactly in such a year ; for drong con. I have declared, and doftill declare, that I know je&tures. not from whát time God fhall please to begin,




Partz. the reckoning of the three years and a half ; Not

but that I strongly hope, that God intendsto begin
it at the time of the Revocation of the Ediet of
Nantes : but this doth not rise to a fullassurance.
That which concerns the rising again ofour Refore
mation by way of inspirations, the approaching
Reformation of France by way of Authority, the
fall of the tenth part of the City ; i. e. of France,
which shall forsake the papal Kingdom; this I say
seems to me to be more than a conjecture , I
confess it ; and if things should fall out other-
wise, I should be very much mistaken. But
however , if the fall of popery should begin in some
other place , I would ingenuously confess that
I was deceived, which is not impossible. That
which I said, That the Countries, Kingdoms, and
States, which are not under the papacy, ought not
to be accounted the streets of the great City, and
that they must not feel any persecution , seems to
me more than probable, and I believe it. But not-
withstanding, I declare; that I do not make it an Ar-
ticle of faith; and if it should fall out, that God
should send his desolating scourge upon all the Re-
formed Churches in Europe, without excepting the
places where our Religioñ at this day bearssway; !
grant that men will haveright to accuse me, that I
have guess'd wrong, but not that I made rash con-
clusions. And truly, when I consider the horrible
looseness, which every where prevails, I confefs, that
I cannot but fear left God should throw all into
the same furnace.

Behold therefore, what I assert, namely, that this propound is the lalt persecurion, which Antichrist must raise

against the church, and that we are near the end of the twelve hundred and fixty years (which is the Period of his Empire,) and that in the beginning of



What is

ed as certain.

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