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Tis true, among those Birds there were some Partz... whose fight was happy enough. The fourth and fifth Centuries produced some Eminent Do£tors in comparison of the preceding. The first Doctors of the Christian Church after the Apostles were but poor Divines, they could flye buț a lịttle way. There is more Divinity in one piece of St. Austin, then in all the three first Centuries, Origen excepted, who was the Eagle of his Age. But those Birdie who made some happy flights, were yet guilty of great faults, and often lost themselves by endeavouring to go too far..

The other fort of Creatures are Fishes. Creatures The Fish that make their abode in the waters, that swim and day areana defcend into the Deep ; Creatures among whom tichrift and there are some of a monstrous bigness; Creatures lowers. that live upon filtb and mud , and are the lively image of the second lor of People co be seen in the fifth Period, which is that of Antichrist rising and growing to perfection. We there see the greač Leviathan of the Abyss. : Antichrist himself the Monster of the great waters, who devours all the other Eisb, and subjects them to his Government; There we see all the followers of Antichrist,Fįshes of the second order. All these Creatures, . e. all these men, 1. Have their abode in the waters, which denotes a Collection of much Peoples they have the multitude on their fide; they reckon it their honour,they glory in it. 2. They descend intò dark Abyffes; far whereas the Doctors of the fourth and fifth Century would be too knowing, those of the followingages fell into a most ftupidlgnorance;

They descend into thedarknessoffuperftition: and as for the most part Fiskes adhere to the rocks or to the mud; so those false Doctors addict themselves

to Creatures, and rise not towards Heaven, where

Part 2. is the Creator. In those times fprung up the ado

ration of Reliques, the invocation of Saints , the
worship of Images; and even the sublime wits, who
are the Birds of the fifth Period, who flie so high
by their lofty speculations, as did Gregory of *-
zianzen, and Ambrose of Milan , do sometimes
fall from their elevation into the mire of a carnal
and superstitious worship, as Eagles after a flight
into the highestregions of the Air, fall down, as it
were in a moment, to fix upon Carrion.
· Lastly, Fishes puddle and roll themselves in the
mud and slime: a good Emblem of that dreadful
corruption into which the last ages of this fifth,
Period, were plunged, viz. the nineth and tenth:
we have already ipoken of that corruption, and
you need but look back to what hath been said, to
perceive how justly we may compare the men of
those Times to Fishes that live in mire and dirt.

Some will doubtless make an objection here on this account, that God is said tobe the Author of these Birds and Fishes. Which there is no reason for in the thing represented by the Type, because God is not to be lookt upon as the Author of the HereGies, Idolatries, and corruption of the Papacy. I might reply, thar no Typical relations ought to hinder, but that God may be said the Author of , and give his blessing to those Creatures which were good, in respect of their natural being; he did not bless the Chãos 'cis true, but it was because that in its natural being it was neither fair nor good, no more than in its typical relation. But if any will that the mystery be carried farther, it may be obser: ved, that God faith, Let the waters bring forth every moving Creature, &c. 'Tis the waters that immediately produce’em. To the same effect as he said before , Let the Earth bring forth Plans. For this


end, that God would our works should be reckon’d Part 2. as our own, that we might receive the rewards ? of'em. So the waters , i.e. the multitude of degenerate mankind, are said to produce those corruptions, and false Doctrines that they might suffer the punishments annexed to’em, and that it might not be imputed unto God. But it will be said, that God blested thefe works, He saw that it was good. Once more I may ask , why should not God approve those Creatures, which in theirown natures were good; and which were typically to represent such Events as the Providence of God would appoint for his own glory? For doubtless the false Teachers, who corrupted the Christian Religion in the fifth Century, must come within the decree of God,as such things whereby he would glorify himself.

In the sixth day God made two works; 1. In- Mysteries feets, creeping things, and four-footed Beasts. 2. The

day. Man and the Woman. This sixth day answers to the sixth Period of the Church, from the tenth Century to the Period of the Reign of Antichrist. These four-footed Beasts, Insects, and Creeping things cannot be thought to fignify any thing that is good; under Creeping things are comprehended. Serpents, venemous and the most accursed Creatures: among Infe&ts, are Caterpillers, and a thoufand other hurtfull Creatures : among four-footed Beasts are Wolves, Lions, Tygers , Leopards, and Bears, all crueland bloody Creatures, which live upon prey. This is the true Character of the Men, who lived in the fixth Period of the Church, which is the second of the Antichristian Empire. There we meet with Men like Bloodsuckers, Caterpillers, Worms, devouring Insects, that ravage, and çonsume, and destroy, and gratify their Covetouf


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Part 2. ness by a cursed Simony. There we meet with

Dotors like Serpents and Bafilicks, who poison by their very breath, and spread the venom of their false Doctrines, with piercing, sharpened tongues; I mean the Schoolmen, who with subtile Arguments, whetted and set in order, as so many darts and spears , diffuse Heresy, Impurity, Poison and Idolatry:

Moreover, we' there meet with wild Beasts, bloody and cruel Men, who delight in blood and Naughter, and glut themselves therewith, as fo many Lions and Tygers. We may there seemultitudes ingaged in an Holy war against Infidels; who went to the Holy Land to conquer it, but carried with them the Lions Tooth; for they rent and devoured everything which came in their way: Especially may we there take notice of those cruel Persecutors of the Church, killing, burning, and committing ouțrage and massacres in all places This should be carefully obferved , that we meet with Birds and Fishes in the fifth day; answering to the firft Period of Antichrift, or the fifth of the Church; and some of those Creatures live upon the spoil , but do not prey upon Man.

We do not see that Birds and Fishes goout of their own Element , to fall upon men,

upon men, and destroy them. So in the fifth Period there were, 'tis true , some Hereticks, and a great corruption; but there was not much persecution , little blood spilt at that time upon the account of Religion. That fort of rage began not to be much imployed; but since the elevenih Century, in the fixth Period.

In the same day God created the Man and the tion of the Woman, who are the Images of Christ, and of the Man and Church his Spouse. The Parrallel between the Woman. first and second Adam, and between the Woman


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and the Church, hath been made so often, and is so Part z:
easy to make, that I need not dwell upon it, and
therefore fhall only take notice , that the Type
doth exactly correspond with

the Mystery. At the
end of the sixth day God finishthis work, he then
gave the last stroke to it, by the Creation of the
Man and the Woman, an Emblem of Christ and his
Church, and of their Union. In the fixth Period
(near the end whereof we now are,) God will
compleat his Church by the ruin of Antichrist;
and bring the Kingdom of Christ upon Earth to its
perfection. This should be well remembred, that
the Church in the Type of the Creation appears
under four Emblems. 1. As the Earth buried,
and covered under waters! 2. As a dry Lands
above the waters, and bearing fruit. 3. As a Moon
inlightened by the Sun. 4. And lastly, as the Wo-
man. And our Lord Jesus appears there under three
Emblems; 1. As the Light of the first day, without
or before the Sun. 2. As the Sun.


Under the Emblem of the Man. The Church in her first ftate, before the Law, was as the Earth under wa. ter, she was obscure, and as it were buried among the Nations. In her second ftate, under the Law, The was as a discovered Land, distinguisht, and known ,,and bearing fruit ; but yet Ihe was but Earth, i.e. not very considerable. In her third ftate, under the Gospel , the appears as a Moon; a rival of the Sun, imitating his Light; and therein the is more glorious than the Earth. This is the Apoftolical Church fo glorious, and full of knowledge. In the fourib itate , fhre appears as the woman, taken out of the side of Adam, closely united with him, being one Body and one Flesh. Tis in the last Period that the shall be more united to Chrift than before. In the fourth Period the

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