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Punishments. 'Tis true, that which is spoken of Part 2.
the H. City, of the new Ierufalem coming down from V. 3,43
Heaven, prepared as a Bride adorned for her Hus-
band ; of the Tabernacle of God with men, of his
dwelling with them, and they with him, and that
God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and
that there shall be no more death, or forrow, or cry-
ing, or pain : All this, I say, might very well be ap-
plied to the Church as victorious upon Earth;
but this description is determin'd, by what pre-
cedes and by what follows, to Eternal Glory; by
that which precedes, which is the description of the
last day of Judgement, and by that which follows,
which is the description of everlasting Punish-
ments; but the fearful and unbelieving,

&c. shall
have their part in the lake wbich burns with fire and
brimstone, which is the second death.

The ninth Verse begins a new Visión ; and a The gth 6.
more perticular description of the blessed Reign of new Villon.
Chrift upon Earth. In the same manner, as the H.
Spirit, after he had in the 13th Chapter given an
çnigmatical and general description of the Antio
christian Empire, under the image of the two
Beasts, gives a more ample account of it in the
17th Chapt. So having in the 20th Chapt. descri-
bed the reign of Christ, though in few words, he
set forth that reign moreat length afterwards, that
state of the delivered Church, under the image of a
great City, called Ierusalem, as after having let out
the Antichristian Church under the image of a
Beast, and of an Empire, he represents it un
der the Emblem of a gréat City , called Bag

V.9. And there came unto me one of the seven
Angels, which had the seven Viols, full of the seven
baft plagues ; and talked with me, saying, come

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Part 2. hither; I will show thee the Bride, the Lambs wife.

'Tis in all likelyhood the last of those seven An gels, who had poured out the Viols, and the came

who show'd unto the Prophet the great City, the Cha, 17.1. mother of Fornications. Then came one of the

seven Angels unto me, which had the seven Viols, and talked with me, saying; Come bither, I will show thee the Judgement of the great Whore , that fitteth on many Waters. As it was this seventh and last Angel, who had the Viols, by whom the ruin of Antichrist was effected; it doth most properly belong to him to show Babylon faln, and Ierusalem rebuilt.

V.10. And he carried me away in the Spirit to a great and bigbo Mountain, and showed me that great City, the Holy Jerusalem', descending out of Heaven from God. This is somewhat like what the Devil did unto Jesus Chrift, when he carried him

up into an high Mountain, and shows him all the Kingdoms of the world:what the Devil makes appear by illufion, St. John sees by vision. That he was carried, or seemed to be carried, up into an high Mountain, makes it plain, that the Ierufalem he was to be made fee from thence, was here upon Earth, and not the Triumphant Church in Heaven, though it be called the Holy Jerusalem defcending ont of Heaven from God. She shall be descended from Heaven, because the shallabound in Graees which come from thence: she is called the great City, and’tis the first time she is so called. ?Tis a detettable name, which in all the preceding Prophecy is given only to Spiritual Babylon. But Stis on this account, that then the Church fhall pofless the multitude of the Nations, as Antichri. Jianism doth at present. XV.11. Having the Glory of God, and her Ligha

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wus like unto a flone most preciousgeven like a lasper Part 2 storie, clear as Cristal.

V.12. And had a Wall great and high, 'and had twelve Gates, and at the Gates twelve Angels, and names written thereon, which are tbe names of the twelve Tribes of the children of Israel.

V: 13. On the East three Gates, on the North three Gates, on the South three Gates, and on the West three Gates. In the description of this City, we have every thing that is rich and precious, all signifies its great Holiness, excellent Vertues, and perfect Peace; for they are the substantial Goods and real Treasures of the Church. It had a great & bigh Wall; by that is meant Divine Protection; which shows also that 'tis the Church upon Earth, which is spoken of; for the Church in Heaven hath no need of walls being out of the reach of Enemies.

And had twelve Gates. We have observed be. fore, that the number Twelve is frequently to be met with in this description, and that it is a sacred number because of the twelve Patriarchs, the twelve Tribes, and the twelve Apostles; the Gates are the entries into this City, and so denote the recalling of the lews according to their twelve Tribes, from that great dispersion they are now under. That these twelve Gates have a particular The recale relation to the People of the lews, is plain by what

ling of the

Jews force follows, That on the twelve Gates were written the folde names of the twelve Tribes of Israel. For by those Tribes of Israel, we may not understand the burch of the converted Gentiles, they have a distinct place in what remains of the description of the new Iernfalem. So the twelve Gates at the four Cardinal points of the World, East, North, South, Weft ,are to the same effect as what God had said in another place, I will call my Sons from far, and my Daugha


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Partz. ters from the ends of the Earth; I will say unto

the Áorth give up, and to the South keep noi back.

At every one of those twelve Gates are twelve Angels; These are the twelve Apostles, called Angels or Pastors, who whether they shall be raifed from the dead or no, shall by their preaching And Doctrine guide the Jews toenteragain into the Church, and open the gate unto them. For they àre here described as Keepers of the Gates, who both open and shut them.

V.14. And the Wall of the City bad twelve Foun. dations, and in them the names of the twelve ApoAles of the Lamb. The protection, safety, and the Wall of the Church, depends on the foundations whereon the shall be built. Those foundations are Articles of Faith and Christian Verities, according to the Idea of St. Paul, who faith, there is but one Foundation, which is Jesus Chrift; but on

this foundation some build Hay and Stubble, but 1 Cor. 3. others Gold and precious Stones. These precious

Stones and this Gold, signify Pure Doctrine, ' as the Apostle doth sufficiently explain it. These are the foundations of the Church, which is built upon Truth. The Prophet gives twelve for the number of these foundations, because of the twelve Articles of Faith contained in the Creed; on these foundations were written the names of the twelve Apostles; because they were the persons who publifht the Gospel, and maintained those Articles of faith by their preaching, and by their blood.

The Holy Ghost in what follows describes there foundations, and assigns a precious Stone to each of’em.

V.19. And the foundations of the Wall of the City were garnished with all manner of precious Stones;


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the first foundation was lasper, the second Saphire, Part ?. the third a Chalcedony, the fourth an Emerald.

V.20. The fifth a Sardonyx, the fixth Sardins, the seventh Chrysalite, the eighth Beryl, she nintha Topaz, the tenth a Chrysoprasus, the eleventb a lacinth, the twelfth an Amethift.

If we had icature and time to spare', we might compare the twelve Articles of the Christian Creed to those twelve Stones, and see wherein every Article of Faith might symbolize with every Stone. Supposing that the Holy Spirit had regard to the order, in which the Church hath plac’t the twelve Articles. But I fear left we should herein go beyond the intențion of the Holy Ghost, and deliyer things rather curious than solid; for the true design and scope of Figures and Mysteries is loftty stretching them too far. I suppose the design of the Holy Spirit, is only to show us in general, how valuable and precious are the Christian Verities. They who let go those Truths unto Herericks, and reckon the Secinian Heresies to be tolerable, are far from esteeming them thus precious ; and do not sufficiently understand the worth and excellence of Truth. I now return to the

description of the Heavenly kerusalem, 1. e, of the Church in its last Period here on Earth.

V. 15. And he that talked with me had a golden Reed to measure the city, and the Gates thereof, and the Wall thereof.

V.16. And the City lyeth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth : and he measured the Çity with a Reed, twelve thousand furlongs : the length and the breadtb, and the height of it are equal.

V.17. And bemeasured the Wallthereof 144c4bits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of the





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