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Part 2. V. 18. And the building of the Wall of it was of

Iafper; and the City was pure Gold, fike manto clear

Glass. What it is Tomeasure, is to make account of, to esteem, to in merdure reckon among things that are considerable. Wherephetical fore in the eleventh Clapt. St.lohn was ordered, to fease.

measure only the Temple and the Altar, and those who worshipped there. Not to value or make account of any but true Believers. But for the outer Court, it was said unto him, Measure it not, I have left it unto the Gentiles. As to the outward part of the Church, make no account of it, for the Paganism of Antichrist and Popery shall be there eftablisht, and shall reign for the space of 42. Prophetic moneths, i.e. 1260 years. Here the H. Spirit measures the Holy lerusalem throughout, not only the Temple and the Altar, but the Court that was before abandon'd to the New Pagans; and not only the Court , but the whole City : to measure the Çiry, the Gates thereof, 4ad the wall thereof; 'Tis to signifie that in this last Christian Church of the laft Period, every thing therin shall be Great and Good, worthy to be esteemed, and measured, and reckon'das things of value and confideration. Men do not measure waste and barren Heaths, sands, and rubbish; 'tis not worth the while: but Palaces, and fruitfull grounds, vineyards, and prchards, and the buildings of a City. This is the mystery of the measure.

But observe the difference between the Circumstances of the first measure in the uth. Chap. and those of this second here, besides those we have already taken notice of.

1. That the first measure reachet” only to the Court and the Altar, that was the Christian Church for the 3 ages, as hath been laid ; but here


first ages

the measure extends to All, and even to the City, Part 2 which denotes the Primitive Christian Church'to be very inconsiderable, compared with the Church of this last Period.

2. 'Tis S. lohn that received the Reed in the Ilth.Cþ measure the Temple and the Altar; there was given me a Reed like unto a rod, and the Angel food, and said, rise and measure the Temple. But here 'tisan Angel that measureth ; an Agent of an higher order than the Apostle.

3.Lastly; S. Iohn hath only a rod given him, a reed to measure with ; a weak Juftrument and of little value: but here the Angel measures with a Golden reed. All which sets forth thegreat excellence of the Church in this last period, that it should surpasseven the Primitive Church, as much as a city exceeds a Temple, an Angel a nian, or a Golden Rodan ordinary cane or reed.

The city was built foursquare; the square is an emblem of Rest, because that figure of all others is most proper to keep firm ; which signifies the tranquility and immutable Peace of this Cburch. The square also relates to the number Twelve, which occurs so often in this description : for 12 is a square number, that shows three on all sides. Three, a number of perfection as well as seven, to signifie that on what side soever you look upon this Church, whether in regard of its Holiness, cr Knowledg, or Peace, or Glory, she shall be every way perfect. These are the four sides of the square, Holiness, Knowledg, Peace, and Glory, and this Perfection The hath from the number Twelve, viz. from the twelve Apostles,

He measured the City with the Reed 12 thoufand Furlongs. This is not to be understood of the circumference of her Walls, or of their diame




Partz. ter, or their Heighth, but of the whole Body

of the City taken together, as a Cube that contains 12 thousand furlongs , counting every thing. There are 12 fanndations which are the 12 Apolles or rather the 12 Articles of faith. Every foundation answers to a thousand Cubits, i.e. that every of the Apostles by his doctrine and preaching, did increase the Church, and contribute to its building, and to the gathering of the laints , in the same proportion, which a foundation of one cubical foot, or therabouts , hath to a thousand furlongs. This Ggnifies the great Increase and multiplication of the Church.

The length, the breadth, the Heigth of the City were Equal, that is, it was in all accounts a perfect Cube : throw a Die where you please, it willalway find a place to rest. So shall be the Church of the fast period, whatever Commotions may happen, she Thall not lose her reft, nothing shall be able to destroy or hinder it. Interpreters have no reason to make an objection here , that a City that is as high as large would be a monstrous'pile ; for every thing here is beyond 'the ordinary rules among men', to signifie that this Holy Society shall not be governed as Humane societies now are. Besides this, the great Equality of this City in all its dimensions, seems to me to denote that admirable Equality between all the Saints, which Shall take place in the seventh period of the Church ; not that all difference of Conditions shall be absolutely laid aside ; there shall still be fuperiors and Inferiors , Rich and Poor Govern, and others to obey; but those great distances between mens conditions shall then be filled up by Charity and Love; wheras now they dre inlarged and widened by Pride and vanity.


some to



Then he measured the Wall, 144 Cubits. Here Part 2. is the number 144, which is sacred because ofthe number 12 which is its Rgot; 'tis easie to apprehend why the Wall is 144 Cubits, 'tis because it is raised upon 12 Foundations ; and the wall of the City had twelve Foundations. " Build upon twelve', raise another number' by multiplying this by it felf, and you make 144. for' 12 is the {quare root of 144. Every building of the Church is raised upon the 12 Apostles, and in its raising she is multiplied, às in building upon 12, you make 144. and these 144 Cubits are not to be taken for the same thing with the 144 thousand who were marked, which are the whole body of the Saints. These 144 (ubits are in the walls of the City, and not in the whole City. This wall is that which gives protection to the City and the Church ; it is Truth, and the Holy Ministry, by whom that Truth is preached; so that the 12 Foundations are the Principal Pastors with the Truths they teach, viz. the 12 Apostles : and the 144. Cubits are the whole Evangelical Ministry, built upon the 12 Apostles as their first Teachers. He measured the wall, according to the measure of a man, s. e. of the Angel: that denotes, that the Angel in giving to a wall one hundred forty four Cubits, founded upon twelve , hath therin followed the ordinary way of Computation among

Arithmeticians, who by multiplying twelve by it self, make ane hundred forty four.

And the building af the wall was of laspar, and the City was of pure Gold like unto clear glass. The distinction of men according to their different qualities is conveniently and commonly enough made by the Emblem of Metals; men of low and, base Spirits , sunk into degeneracy and vice;


Part 2. are well represented by Lead. Iron is the Emblem

of Cruel and hard-hearted persons, who are void of Pity. Brass doth well enough represent such as glitter and make a show of more than they are or have: for Brass imitates the colour of gold, but is short in value, Silver is an Emblem of those who are in some fort vertuous, but not in the first rank. Lastly, Gold is the Emblem of such spirits as we pure, folid, firm,

and truly vertuous. This is that which the H. Ghost would teach us, that the Church, in this last Period, shall be made up of such persons, as are of sincere and approved piety,of a vertue that is bright and solid; therfore the City is said not only to be of Gold, but of gold clear' as Crystal. Nevertheless, as in every Church, the Ministry ought to possess a more eminent degree of Christian vertues than others; the wall, which signifies the Ministry of the Church in the seventh Period, is said to be of Iaspar, and precious stones,

and precicus stones, more valuable V. 21. And the 12 Gates were of 12 Pearls , every several gate was of one Pearl. We have seen how the 12 Ğates signifie the 12 Apostles ; the Guards, Guides and Porters as it wereof the Church: we might easily discover a resemblance between the Apostles and Pearls ; but 'tis sufficient to underitand, that the design of the H. Ghost is to show that these 12 Men are of an inestimable value. All the riches of the world cannot be a sufficient price for 12 Pearls, big enough to make 12 Gates of Cities : and herewith we must

that when the spirit of God puts so high a price upon weak men like ourselves, when he calls them laspars and precious fones, the Gates and Foundations of a City, he doth not look


than gold.



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