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2dly, The Bow is not the Arms which the Holy Spirit usually gives to Jesus Chrift; but a Sword, and a Sword coming out of his Mouth. A Bow doth but little execution in comparison of a Sword: and this signifies the few Wars which this first Horsman should make.

3. Lastly; Seeing what comes after by the consent of Interpreters, whom I follow, we endeavour to find out Roman Emperors, why, should we put Jesus Christ in the head of them? Why should we make him the first of the four Emperors meant by these four Horsien? 'Tis therefore much more reafonable in this place, to find a Roman Emperor': One might here eafily find Augustus the moft happy of all men, that brought Peace; and shut the Temple of Tanus: But not torise so high, I think that we must seek Vespasian and his Son Titus in the first Horsman: He fits on a White Horfe. The one and the other, Vespasian and Titus, were good Princes, under whom the Empire was pretty peaceable and quiet: They had not great Wars; therefore the Holy Spirit giveth them but a Bow. They come from the EaStern quarter, because Vespasian was made and proclaimed Emperor when he was in the East. They come forth to conquer : 'tis with respect to the Nation of the fews, and ferufalem, that was taken and burnt; and the Temple, that was razed ; and the People, that were led into Captivity by Titas under Vefpafian. The Temple and the MofaicalWor. Ship, while they sublifted, were a great Ob

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stacle to the Establishment of the new Cove-
nant. Therfore this destruction of the fewishi
Temple & Worship is a Vi&ory in thebehalf
of J. Christ, which deservd tobe marked.

And when he had open'd the third seal, &c.

And there went out another horse that was Red; Es power was given to him that fate theron to take peace from the Earth , 85 that they should kill one another; there was given to him a great (word.

'Tis clear that this signifies a great Slaugh- The 2d. ter , & a great effusion of Blood. 'Tis the nifies the Empire of Trajan & his successor Adrian. Empire of Never was there a greater effusion of blood; Marianos the fews revolted almost in all places whither they were dispersed, in Libya , in Cyrene , in Egypt, in Cyprus, in Mesopotamia, in Palestine it felf, & in all the East, under the conduct of their false Messiah Barchocheva.

In the beginning they made sucha horrible Naughter of the Greeks & Romans, that they are made to amount to above six hundred thousaud persons. Dion reports, that their oforius. fury proceeded so far as to eat the flesh of Dion: men." They did tear in pieces their entrails suchalin with their teeth. They flead them , & made Garments of their skins. They anointed themfelves with their blood. But they were fully requited. History reports that Adrian put to death 12 hundred thousand in the whole extent of the Empire. The fews themselves confess that this civil war coit che fews above twice the number of persons that wentout of Egypt. So that under the reign of these two,


Trajan & Adrian, there were more than two miliions of souls that died a violent death. Never was the like slaughter seen before , nor since,tillthe Crusado's. This could not be better represented than by a Red Horse; 'tis the .colour of Blood : or than by a Great Sword; the greater it is the better it signifies that the slaughter shall be great ; or than by Mens killing one another, that signifies civil wars. Now 'tis in civil wars that there is the greatest effusion of blood. This second horse comes out of the Western quarter. Trajan was a Native of Spain, which was the Western part of the Roman Empire.

At the opening the third seal, there comes forth out of the South at the voice of the third living creature.

A Black Horse, & be that fate on him v. 6. had a pair of Balances in his band. And I

beard a voice in the mid of the four beasts Say, A measure of wheat for a penny , three measures of barly for a penny ; & see them

hurt not the Oyl nor the Wine. The 3d.:

Thiscertainly signifies an Empire that hath horfeis fomething of severity & sadness, by reason of

the Black Horse. But this doth not signify Septimius

. Naughter, as the Red horse of the second living Alexander Creature. This signifies alsoareign of justice, the son of where every thing is done in weight&measure,

&according to the Balance. Lastly, this fignifies a reign of plenty, wherin by the care of the Prince, Wheat,

Barley, Oyl & Wine do abound. This the Character of the reign of Septimius Severus & of Alexander the lon of


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nus, Lam

Mammaa. Septimius Severus was an African
of the Province of Tripoli. Wherfore the living
Creature of the southern quarter calls him.
Both of them were severe protectors of justice.
Both of them, & especially Alexander, were
sworn enemies to all Thieves ; publick ,
private, known, or secret , & to all people that
behaved themselves ill, & were unfaithfull
in their offices. They made exact & strict
fearches after them, & severely punisht them. Aurelius.

. Alexander made even his fouldiers live in so Spartia great discipline, that they dared not take away

pridius. a Hen or an Apple from a Peasant ; or ifthat Seprimius. did happen , he oftentimes punish'd them to apud Lamthe greatest extremity. Lastly, both of them, both Septimius Severus & Alexander the fon of Mammaa , gave admirable Orders for the distributing Corn, & Wine, & Oyl, to the end all the World might have them & there might be no want. This is what Hiftorians do exprefly observe.

And when he had open'd the fourth seal, &c.

And I looked & behold a Pale Horse , & his name that fate on him was Death , & bell followed him, & power wasgiven to them over the fourth part of the Earth to kill with Sword, 6S with Hunger , & with Death, or with the Beasts of the Earth.

Behold visibly a reign fad z black, loaden Thefourth with all sorts of Calamities, Massacrees , Horfemaa Effusions of Blood, Plague, War & Famin, pire of Tyranny & Violence. "I'is the Character of Maximin the reign of Maximin & his successors to Au- fucceflors, relian. The fourth living Creature calls this



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Julius Ca

Jius Pollio

de 30

Tyrant from the North. Thence 'twas that Maximin came, who was a native of Thrace in the North of the Roman Empire. This Maximin deserved to bear the name of Death for he was the most cruell of all Tyrants ; they gave him the names of Cyclops , Bufiris, Scyron, Phalaris , Typhon & Gyges. He made men be flead & crucified alive, buried living men in the bodies of beasts, massacred beat persons to death, without distinction of sex, age or condition. He destroyed many thousands of men by all sorts of punishments.

Gallienus, that is included in the Period here pitolinus. Trebel. meant, made himself remarkable also by his

cruelty. Oftentimes he made the throats of Tyrannis

: 3 or 40co. be cut in a day. In this time reign'd Gallieni. a plague of fifteen years, that began in Zofimas. Ethiopia, & ran throughout the Empire. Lipsius Lipfius de acknowledgeth history speaks not of any

that comes near it. There was also a very Hitt. 1.7.

great & a very univerfall famin. The Barbarians in the East made havok of the Empire, & horrible defolations therin. At last there rose up near thirty tyrants in the whole extent of the Empire. One may judg what desolation that caused. Here end the four living Creatures & the four horsemen , about the end of

the third Age. 7. 9. And when he had open'd the fifth seal , I

Saw under the Altar the souls of them thar were slain for the word of God, for the testimony which they held.

And they cried with a loud voice , Saying, How long, O Lord, Holy & true, dost thou


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cia. 2. 23.

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