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įng is, that the times afforded to Antichrift shall be ended, & shall be no more. It must be remembred, that the Holy Spirit, as well by the mouth of Daniel as by that of St. John assigns to Antichrist a time, times, & half a time. This shall be no more. There İhall not be neither time, nor times , nor half a time for Antichrift. Time shall be no more for his reign, it shall be the time of his total destruction.

Then the mystery of God shall be finisht, as he hath declared to his servants the Prophets: viz. The mystery of this glorious reign of Jesus Christ on the Earth, which hath been foretold by all the Prophets in so magnificent a manner, as we lhall shew in the process of this work , & which Daniel saw so clearly, as to mark the time & circumstances of it.

And the voice, which I heard from heaven, Spake to me again, said, Goes take the little book, which is open in the hand of the Angel, which standesh upon the sea & upon the Earth.

And I went unto the Angel, said unto him, give me the little book. And he said unto me, take it , & eat it up, it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy month sweet as Honey.

The voice which he heard from Heaven, is the same as spoke to him in the beginning of the book; I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, & heard behind me a great voice as of in Trumpet , saying, I am Alpha & Omega, the First & the Last. And this also shews, that

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this here is a new prophecy, & not the continuation of the firit. For the same voice of God the Father, that began the First Revelation , returns & begins the second; as the fame Jesus Christ also appears again a second time. Saint John receives the book from the hand of the Angel, that is to say, of Jefus Christ because 'tis he that fends the Prophets, & that inspires them by his Spirit. This little book is Sweet in Saint John's Mouth, because the Spirit of prophecy & the glory of being the mouth of God from heaven, pleases the inclination of men that love honour. But this little book Mede his belly bittor, because that after having reflected on the events which he was about to fore-tell, after having digcfted & contider'd them in his own breast, he found them so dreadful, that they filled his soul with sorrow.

And he said unto me, thou must prophecy again before many people, @ nations , & tongues, & Kings:

These words do no longer leave any cause of doubting, whether this be a new prophecy, & not a continuation of the First. Thou must make a Second Prophecy to Kings , People & Nations ; & wheras what thou haft prophecied to them

, respected their Temporal state ; for the future that which thou shalt forerellthem , respects their Spiris tuall state & the things of Religion'.

V. II.



found but in thelalt

A Short System of all the Events of the Church

which are noted in the Apocalypse ; &

first of all, an Epitome of the Chronology. WE

must not seek for the History of the The hifto.

Church in the First Ninechapters of the ry of the e Apocalypse. Joseph Mede is the firit that hath not to be

discover'd, that the Apocalypse consists of two
bodies of Revelations , meant by two Books; eleven
the first of which we find in the beginning of of the
the fifth Chapter, v. 1. And I saw in the right Apoca-
hand of him that sate on the throne , a booklyple.
written within , & on the back-fide , sealed
with seven seals. The other we find in the
10. Chap.v.2. And he had in his hand a little
open ,

& he fet his right foot upon the sea,
& bis left foot on the Earth. It is plain that
these two Books are two bodies of Revelations,

perfect in their kind , & different each from Set the other ; that both the one & the other

run through all, & reach to all the times from
the beginning of the Revelation of St. John,
e en to the end of the World. One cannot
imagine any thing more reasonable than this,
that the First Book contains the destinies of
the World, the Empire, & the Church also,
in respect to her Temporal , & as far as the
is a part of the World. The Second Book
contains the destinies of the Church properly,
taken as a Church, & distinguisht from the

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societies of the World. This is a much better notion than that of Mr. de Launay, who tells us, that the first book contains the History of the Church, & the second that of the Gospel. What can be the adventures of the Gospell distinct from those of the Church? How can those Prophecies that respect the Establishment & the ruin of Antichrist be applied to the book of the Gospel, unless it be in a very indirect manner? For these events do directly respect the Church & not the book of the Holy Scriptures.

That which God faith to St. John , after

he had caused him to swallow the little book f. 11. of the 10th Chapter, Thou must prophesy again

before many peoples, Nations, a Tongues, & Kings. These words, I say, do plainly shew, that this is a Prophecy wholly new, which doth begin , and país over again all the periods of time. This being so , that is to lây, the first book included in the 5.6. 7. 8. and 9th. Chapters , containing the destinies of the Roman Empire, and the various changes that were to befall it even to the time of its utter ruin by the revolt of the ten Kings, it is evident that they are greatly miltaken, that endeavour to find the Pope and Anti-christ in the Star of the 8th. Chapter called Wormwood.

It is true, that in the 7th. Ch. we find, the vision of the 144. thousand persons that were Sealed , who do belong to the History of the Church. For these are they that have not defiled their garments with the Idolatries of Antichrift , nor partaken of his fornications. These are the same with the two Witnesses of the įıth. Chapter , that prophesy clothed in fack-cloth for 1260 days, during the reign of Anti-Christ & Babylon. The H. Ghoft hath placed these 144 thousand Sealed persons in the destinies of the Empire, immediatly after the opening the first fix seals , & before the opening of the feventh, because the seventh Seal was to be subdivided into seven Trumpets, which do reach even to the end of Antichrift's Empire : Trumpets that were to contain the horrible corruption of the Church the Birth and Progress of her Idolatries. It was therfore very reasonable to take notice of those whom God intended to exempt from those corruptions, before the opening of the seventh Seal, which was to bring so many evills on the Church

This in my opinion being certain , that the destinies of the Church do not begin before the 11th. Chapter , & are profecuted even to the end, it will be necessary to consider the Chronology & the History of these twelve Chapters, from the roth, to the 22th. & the last.

As for the Chronology., St. Iohn begins his Prophecy concerning the Church, either from the beginning of the Christian Ara,i.e. from The Chri thebirth of the Saviour of the World;orat least Church in. from the time in which he prophecied, which can was in the reign of Trajan. This duration of mufl be dithe Church from Jesus Christ's time is divided three

into Periods.

the Apo

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