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Ana Pauker was one of the worst criminals of the Romanian communist era, who directly and willingly contributed to killing hundreds of thousand of innocent Romanians (together with László Luka, Gh. Dej and Teohari Georgescu). In the post-WWII era, she was far from the “cosmetically” image of a “hero” .
She was just another Stalinist apparatchik and communist fanatic criminal, who even betrayed her husband, just to climb up the communist hierarchy and earn Stalin’s favor. A communist fanatic & criminal is a communist fanatic criminal, no matter of sex, ethnic origin, etc.
And no, she was not a Zionist, at least not at the time she was involved in killing of hundreds of thousand of innocent Romanians.
She is shame and a disgrace, now and forever, both for the Romanian and for the Jewish people. Her true and only place is in Oblivion, or in the very trash can of History.

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