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Numbers are Analytically explained. By T. H. Babcock. New York. G. & C. & H. Carvill.

Letters to Congress, on National Free Schools. 12mo.

Elements of Astronomy, Descriptive and Physical. By Hervey Wilbur, A. M. New Haven. Durie & Peck.

A Geography of New Hampshire, with a Sketch of its Natural History, for Schools. By Cranmore Wallace. Boston. Carter &


Peter Parley's Method of telling about Geography to Children; with nine Maps and seventy-five Engravings. Principally for the Use of Schools. Hartford. H. & F. Huntington.

Elements of Geometry upon the Inductive Method, to which is added an Introduction to Descriptive Geometry. By James Hayward, A. M. Cambridge. Hilliard & Brown. 12mo. pp. 172.


An Historical and Statistical Account of Nova-Scotia. In two vols. By Thomas C. Haliburton, Esq. Halifax. Joseph Howe. 8vo.

Philosophical and Antiquarian Researches concerning the Aboriginal History of America. By J. H. McCulloh, jr., M. D. Baltimore. F. Lucas, jr. 8vo.

The following heads of chapters will give a general idea of the nature of this volume;

Chap. 1. On the Physical Character of the American Indians.

2. On the Indian Languages.

3. General view of Indian Habits and Institutions.

4. On the Indians of Florida.

5. On the Mexicans.

6. On the Indians of Guatimala.

7. On the Muyscas.

8. On the Peruvians.

9. On the Traces of Ancient Civilization in South America.

10. On the manner by which America was peopled.

Appendix 1. Earliest Intellectual and Moral History of Man, as far as connected with the History of America.

2. On the Ancient Monuments of the Western Country.

3. On the Route of Ferdinand de Soto in Florida.


Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Massachusetts. By Octavius Pickering. Vol. VI. No. 3. Boston. Hilliard, Gray, & Co. 8vo.

Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Court of Appeals of Maryland, in 1827, 1828, and 1829. By Thomas Harris and Richard W. Gill. Vol. 2. Annapolis. Jonas Green. 8vo.

Cases argued and determined in the Superior Court of Judicature in the State of New Hampshire. Vol. I. Part I.; containing the Cases from January to November, 1827. Chester. French & Brown. 8vo.

The Law of Executors and Administrators. By Sir Samuel Toller, Knight; with considerable Additions by Francis Whitmarsh, Esq., with References to the Statutes of Pennsylvania, and the Principal American Decisions. By Edward D. Ingraham. Philadelphia. John Grigg. 8vo. pp. 623.

Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of the State of Maine. By Simon Greenleaf. Vol. 5. Portland. Shirley & Hyde. 8vo. pp. 524. The New Hampshire Town Officer. Concord. J. B. Moore. 12mo. pp. 299.

By William M. Richardson.

The Law of Pleading and Evidence in Civil Actions, arranged alphabetically, with Practical Forms and the Pleadings in Evidence to support them. By John Simcoe Saunders, Esq. 2 vols. Philadelphia. R. H. Small. 8vo.

Militia Laws of the United States and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. By William Sumner. Second edition. Boston. True & Greene.

The Form Book; containing nearly three hundred of the most approved Precedents. By a Member of the Philadelphia Bar. Philadelphia. Tower & Hogan.


A Treatise on Pathological Anatomy. By William E. Horner, M. D. Philadelphia. Carey, Lea, & Carey. 8vo. pp. 452.

Elements of Operative Surgery. Translated from the French of A. Tavernier, with copious Notes and Additions, by S. D. Gross, M. D. Philadelphia. John Grigg. 8vo. pp. 448.

Memoria Medica. A Medical Common-Place-Book; with an Alphabetical Index of the most common Terms occurring in Practice. Carefully selected and arranged by a Fellow of the Massachusetts Medical Society. Boston. Carter & Hendee. 4to.


New Views of Penitentiary Discipline, and Moral Education and Reform. By Charles Caldwell, M. D.

Sabbath-School Teacher's Visits; an Antidote to the Vice of Profaneness. By the Author of Sabbath School Scenes. Boston. James Loring.

A Čatechism of Natural Theology. [By the Rev. Dr. Nichols.] Portland. Shirley & Hyde. 12mo. pp. 184.

The Sabbath School, including the History of Walter Armstrong, originally published in the Juvenile Miscellany. Boston. Putnam & Hunt.

The Morals of Pleasure. Illustrated by Stories designed for Young Persons. By a Lady. Philadelphia. Carey, Lea, & Carey.

Conversations on the Sandwich Island Mission; designed for Sabbath School Libraries. By a Lady. Boston. 18mo. pp. 180.

A Dictionary of Important Names, Objects, and Terms, found in the Holy Scriptures, intended principally for Youth. By Howard Malcolm, A. M. Boston. Lincoln & Edmands. 18mo. pp. 176. Principles of Currency and Banking. By E. Lord. New York. G. & C. & H. Carvill. 12mo. pp. 131.

Classical Journal and Scholars' Album; conducted by John P. Lathrop. No. 1. Boston. Putnam & Hunt.

Youths' Magazine; or Spirit of the Juvenile Miscellany. No. 1. Boston. Putnam & Hunt.

Practical Instructions for the Culture of Silk and the Mulberry Tree. Vol. 1. New York. W. B. Gilley. 8vo.

American Turf Register, and Sporting Magazine. No. 1. Edited by J. S. Skinner. Baltimore. 8vo.

General Index to the North American Review, from its Commencement in 1815, to the end of the Twenty-Fifth Volume, published in October, 1827. Boston. Gray & Bowen. 8vo. pp. 442.

Encyclopædia Americana; a Popular Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature, History, and Politics, brought down to the present time, on the basis of the German Conversations-Lexicon; including a copious Collection of Original Articles in American Biography. Edited by Dr Francis Lieber, assisted by Edward Wigglesworth, Esq. Vol. 1. Philadelphia. Carey, Lea, & Carey. 8vo.

Russel Jarvis vs. Duff Greene, addressed to the Public. Boston. Putnam & Hunt. 8vo. pp. 32.

The Letters of Columbus; originally published in the Boston Bulletin; to which are added two Letters of Colonel Orne to General Duff Greene. Boston. Putnam & Hunt. Svo. pp. 82.

Journal of Health. No. 1. Conducted by an Association of Physicians. Philadelphia. 8vo.

The Boy's Own Book, a complete Encyclopædia of all the Diversions of Boyhood and Youth. Boston. Munroe & Francis. 16mo. pp. 307.

Antediluvian Antiquities; Fragments of the Age of Methuselah. Translated by an American Traveller in the East. Vol. 1. Boston. Munroe & Francis. 8vo.

A Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New-England. To which are added various Genealogical and Biographical Notes. By John Farmer. Lancaster. Carter, Andrews, & Co. 8vo. pp. 351. A Letter on Speculative Free Masonry; by Charles P. Sumner. Being an Answer to a Letter addressed to him on that subject by the Suffolk Committee. Boston. John Marsh.

Sabbath Miscellany. By Amicus Sabbati. Boston. S. K. Bayley. 18mo.

Instructions and Observations concerning the Use of the Chlorides of Soda and Lime. By A. G. Labarroque. Translated by Jacob Porter. New Haven. H. Howe. Svo.

Tales from American History; containing the principal Facts in the Life of Christopher Columbus. For the Use of Young Persons. New York. W. Burgess. 18mo. pp. 252.

Autobiography of an almost Septuagenarian with Remarks on the Opinions and Manners of the Age. Boston. Putnam & Hunt. 12mo. pp. 178.

An Introductory Lecture, delivered before the Lexington Mechanics' Institution, June 20, 1829. By Rev. Benjamin O. Peers. 8vo.

Selections from the Writings of Fenelon, with a Memoir of his Life. By a Lady. Second edition, revised and enlarged. Boston. Hilliard, Gray, & Co. 12mo. pp. 294.


The Wept of Wish-Ton-Wish; a Tale. By the Author of "The Pioneers," &c. In two volumes. Philadelphia. Carey, Lea, & Carey. 12mo.

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Sketches of American Character. By Mrs Sarah J. Hale. Author of "Northwood," &c. Boston. Carter & Hendee. 18mo. pp. 287, Ramon, the Rover of Cuba. The Personal Narrative of that celebrated Pirate. Translated from the original Spanish. Boston. Richardson, Lord, & Holbrook. 12mo.


A Poem delivered before the Porter Rhetorical Society in the Theological Seminary, Andover. By Richard H. Dana. Boston. Perkins & Marvin. 8vo.

The Drowsiad. By a Dozer. Charleston. W. Riley. 12mo. Quebec, The Harp, and other Poems. By W. F. Hawley. Montreal. 18mo. pp. 172.


Lectures on the Restrictive System, delivered to the Senior Political Class of William and Mary College. By Thomas R. Dew. Richmond. S. Shepherd & Co.


Speeches on the Jew Bill, in the House of Delegates of Maryland, by H. M. Brackenridge, Col. W. G. D. Worthington, and John S. Tysen, Esq., together with an Argument on the Chancery Powers, and an Eulogy on Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, &c. By H. M. Brackenridge. Philadelphia. J. Dobson. 8vo. pp. 236.

An Address pronounced on the Anniversary of the Concord Lyceum, November 4, 1829. By Cornelius C. Felton. Cambridge. Hilliard & Brown.

The Speech of Henry Clay, delivered at the Public Dinner at Fowler's Garden, near Lexington, Kentucky, on the 16th of May, 1829; accompanied with Introductory Remarks. By a Citizen of Virginia. Richmond. T. W. White, 8vo. pp. 34.

A Discourse delivered before the Trustees, Faculty, and Students of Rutgers College, at New Brunswick, New Jersey, on the 14th of July. By John Sergeant, LL. D. 8vo. pp. 32.


American Christian Observer; a Religious and Literary Review and Magazine; conducted on the Principles of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America. No. 1. Boston. Putnam & Hunt.

A Sermon preached in Boston before the Pastoral Association of Massachusetts. By John H. Church. Boston. Perkins & Marvin. A Sermon delivered at the Dedication of the Second Congregational Church, in Worcester, August 20, 1829. By Aaron Bancroft, D. D. Worcester. Griffin & Morrill. 8vo.

A Discourse delivered at Plymouth, Dec. 20, 1828, on the Two Hundred and Eighth Anniversary of the Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers. By Samuel Green. Boston. Pierce & Williams. 8vo. pp. 36.

A Sermon on Paul at Athens. By the Rev. Andrew Bigelow. 8vo.

Pp. 16.

A Selection of the most Celebrated Sermons of M. Luther and J. Calvin. To which is prefixed a Biographical History of their Lives. New York. R. Bentley. 12mo. pp. 200.

A Sermon preached in St. Paul's Church, Boston, June 17, 1829. By Joseph Muenscher. Boston. R. P. & C. Williams. 12mo.

Sermons, by the late Rev. Cornelius R. Duffie, A. M. To which is prefixed a Memoir of the Author. In two vols. New York. T. & J. Swords.


Eight Sermons addressed to Children, on the Duty of Obedience to Parents, and on the Lord's Prayer. By the late Rev. Cornelius R. Duffie, A. M. New York. T. & J. Swords. 18mo. pp. 150.

The Essential Doctrines of the Gospel; a Sermon. By. J. H. Fairchild. Boston. Pierce & Williams. 8vo. pp. 40.

An Essay on the Invalidity of Presbyterian Ordination. By John Ester Cooke, M. D. Lexington. 8vo. pp. 216.

A Treatise upon Theological Subjects, containing an Exposition and Defence of the Great Doctrines of Natural and Revealed Religion; together with several Prayers written in conformity with the spirit of this Work. By William S. Andrews. Cambridge. Hilliard & Brown. 12mo. pp. 292.

Consolation in Death, à Sermon, preached on Monday, September 7th, at the Funeral of the Rev. M. Bruen, A. M. By Samuel Cox, D. D. New York. D. Fanshaw.

A Sermon occasioned by the Death of the Rev. M. Bruen, preached in the Bleecker St. Church, New York. By Thomas H. Skinner. New York. J. Seymour.

A Discourse on the Sins of the Tongue. By Alexander Young. Second Edition. Boston. L. C. Bowles.

The Monotessaron; or The Gospel History according the Four Evangelists. By the Rev. John S. Thompson. Baltimore. 8vo. pp. 408.

Advice to a Young Christian on the Importance of Aiming at an elevated Standard of Piety. By a Village Pastor. New York. G. & C. & H. Carvill. 18mo. pp. 209.

Essays and Dissertations in Biblical Literature. By a Society of Clergymen. Vol. 1. New York. G. & C. & H. Carvill. 8vo.

Review of Mr Beckwith's Dissuasive; from the American Baptist Magazine for October, 1829. Boston. Lincoln & Edmands.

Charges, and Extracts of Charges, on Moral and Religious Subjects. By the Hon. Jacob Rush. Lenox. John G. Stanley. 18mo. Pp. 166.

A Sermon delivered before the Society for Propagating the Gospel among the Indians and Others in North America. November 5th, 1829. By B. B. Wisner. Boston. Putnam & Hunt.

Principles of Congregationalism. The Second Century Lecture of the First Church. By Charles Wentworth Upham, jun. Salem. Foote & Brown. 8vo. pp. 22.

An Inquiry into the Nature of Sin as exhibited in Dr Dwight's Theology, a Letter to a Friend. By Clericus. New Haven. H. Howe. Remarks on Prayer Meetings. Republished from the Episcopal Register. Philadelphia. William Stavely. 12mo. pp. 88.


Lafayette in America, in 1824 and 1825; or Journal of a Voyage to the United States. By A. Levasseur, Secretary to General Lafayette during his Journey. In two vols. Philadelphia. Carey, Lea, & Carey. 12mo.

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