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BOOKS Printed for and Sold by Richard Smith,

at Bp. Beveridge's Head in Pater-nofter-Row : Where Gentlemen may be furnish'd with all Modern Books; and Money for any Library, or Parcel of Books.


Goran Bu Viper Theologiæ Profefforis & Presbyteri An

glicani, Opera omnia. Septuaginta inte rpretum quem ex antiquiffimo MS. codice Alexandrino accurate defcriptum, c. fumma cura edidit Joannes Erneftus Grabe, s. 1. P. in Fol. and 8vo.

Oitavo and Duodecimo.

One hundred and forty fix Sermons and other Discourses, in 12 Vols. viz. Vol. I. The true Nature of the Christian Church. Vol. II. The Being, Love, and other Attributes of God. Vol. III. The Nature, Person, and Offices of Chrift. Vol. IV. The Duties and Advantages of Chriftians. Vol. V. Sermons concerning the Glory of God, and the Salvation of Man, C. Vol. VI. Sermons concerning the Death, Resurrection and Ascension of Christ, and the Mission of the Holy Ghost. Vol. VII. Sermons on Faith, and Repentance. Vols. VIII. IX. X. XI. XII. Sermons on several Subjects. With a Preface and Compleat Indexes, prefixed to the 12th Vol.

Private Thoughts on Religion ; Digefted into Twelve Articles, with Practical Resolutions form'd thereupon. Written in his Younger Years, for the settling of his Principles and Conduct of his Life. The seventh Edition : Illustrated and adorned with Sculptures.

Private Thoughts on a Christian Life, or neceffary Diréations for its begininng and progress upon Earth, in order to its final Perfection in the Beatifick Vition. Part II. The Third Edition, illustrated and adorn’d with Sculptures.

The great Necessity and Advantage of Publick Prayer and frequent Communion. Designed to revive Primitive Piety. With Meditations, Ejaculations and Prayers, before, at, and after the Sacrament. The sixth Edition. To be had both in a large and small Character; and for Encouragement of those who buy 'em to give away, shall have Ten in the Hundred gratis.

Thesaurus Theologicus: or a complete System of Divinity, summ'd up in brief Notes upon select Places of the Old and New Testament; wherein the Sacred Text is reduced un



der proper Heads; explain'd and illustrated with the Opinions and Authorities of the Ancient Fathers, Councils, &c. in 4 Vols &vo All these by the Right Reverend Father in Gód William Beveridge, D. D. late Lord Bishop of Sr. Alapb.

Some important Points of Primitive Christianity, main. tain'd and defended in several Sermons and other Difcourses : Fit to be bound with the Book intituled, The corruptions of the Church of Rome, in relation to Ecclefiaftical Government, &c. By George Bull, D. D. late Lord Bishop of St, Davids. In 4 Vols. To which is prefix'd the History of his Life, and of those Controversies in which he was en. gaged ; by Robert Nelson, Efq;

The Doctrine of the Two Covenants; the Do&trine of the Two Sacraments; Death disarm'd of its Sting. In Three Vols. by the Right Reverend Father in God Ezekiel Hopkins, D. D. lace Lord Bishop of London Derry. Now first publish'd from his Original Manuscripts.

A Conference becween the Soul and Body, concerning the present and future State; shewing how different the ge• neral practise of Religion now is, from that of the first

Christians. Approved and recommended to the World by the Learned Mr. Dodwell. The Second Edition. To which are added, Morning and Evening Hymns, by the Right Reverend Dr. Kenn, Bishop of Bath and Wels.

A Companion for the Candidates of Holy Orders, or the great importance and principal Duties of the Priestly Office, By the Right Reverend Father in God, George Bull, D. D. late Lord Bilhop of St Davids.

120. ftitcht. The Theory of Sciences illustrated; or thç Grounds and Principles of the Seven Liberal Arts, Grammar, Logick, Rhetorick, Mulick, Arithmetick, Geometry, Astronomy, accurately demonstrated and reduced to Practice. With Variety of Questions, Problems and Propositions both de lightful and profitable. By H. Curfon, Gent.

An Epiftolary Discourse, proving from the Scriptures and the first Fathers, that the Soul is a Principle naturally mortal; but immortalized actually, by the pleasure of God, to Punishment or to Reward, by its Union with the Divine Baptismal Spirit: Wherein is proved, that none have the Power of giving this Divine immortalizing Spirit, since the A poftles, but the tifhops. With an Hypothefis concerning Sacerdotal Absolution. The Second Edition corrected. By Henry Dodwell, A. M.

Occational Communion, fundamentally destructive of the Discipline of the Primitive Catholick Church, and contrary to the Doctrine of the latest Scriptures, concerning Church Communion. By Henry Dodwell A. M.

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Of the Learned

1. For the Christian Religion.
II. For the Truth of the Resurre&tion.

The Scepticks and Infidels of that Age.

With a curious Fragment of Justin Martyr

on the Subject of the Resurrection, not published

in his Works.
And two other Fragments: The one attri-

buted to Josephus : The other to Methodius, con-
cerning the State of the Dead. Both from MSS.
of the late Reverend Dr. GRABE. With
the Original Greek printed in the Appendix.

Done into English, with Notes.

To which are prefix'd two Dissertations : The one

concerning the Jewish Notion of the Resurrection:
The other concerning Athenagoras and his Remains.


of Trinity-College in Cambridge.

LONDON : Printed by Geo. Fames, for Richard Smith at

Bishop Beveridge's Head in Pater-Nofter-Row. 1714.

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