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St. SIMEON, Bishop and Martyr.

The COMMEMORATION. Anth. This faint. V.
Thou haft crowned. COMMON, p. lxxix. PRAY-
ER, Infirmitatem, ib. p. Ixxx.

COLLECT. Infirmitatem. With the SECRET and


A greater Double

All as in the COMMON, p. ciii. except:

H Y M N.

ON carth whatever


nexibus revinxeris, Blest Peter, heav'n fhall Erit revinctum, Petre, ratify:

in arce siderumi And what thy pow'r Et quod resolvit hîc poshall here unbind,

teftas tradita, Above in heaven will be Erit folutum cæli in alto sign'd:

vertice : At the last day thou'lt In fine mundi judicabis judge mankind.

fæculum. To God the Father Patri perenne fit per æglory be,

vum gloria, Eternal Son, let's fing Tibique laudes concinato thee

mus inclytas, Transcendent praise;and Æterne nate, fit superto thy name

ne spiritus, O Holy Ghost, be end- Honor tibi decufque : less fame :

Sancta jugiter, To three in one give all Laudetur omne Trinitas

the fame. Amen. per sæculum. Amen,

V. Thou art Peter. V. Tu es Petrus. R. Et R. And upon this rock super hanc petram ædifiI will build


Church. cabo Ecclesiam meam. At the MAGNIFICAT. Anth. Thou art the Ant. Tu es pastor pastor of the sheep, O ovium, Princeps Apofto. Prince of the Apostles: lorum : tibi traditæ funt to thee were given the claves regni cælorum. keys of the kingdom of heaven.

PRAYER. Collect at Mass. Then is made a COMMEMORATION of St. Paul. Anth. O holy Paul the

Ant. Sancte Paule AApostle, the preacher of poftole, prædicator veritruth, and doctor of the tatis, & doctor Gentium, Gentiles, intercede for us intercede pro nobis ad to God, who chose thee. Deum, qui te elegit.

V. Thou art a chosen V. Tu es vas electiovessel, O holy Paul the nis, sancte Paule apostole. Apostle. R. Preacher of R.Prædicator veritatis in the truth all over the universo mundo. world.

PRAYER. Collect at Mass.

MASS. Introit. The Lord settled. COMMON, p. cvi:

COLLECT. Deus, qui beato.

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Peter, the keys of the kingdom of heaven, didst give him the power of binding and loosing: grant that, by his interceffion, we may be freed from the bonds of our sins. Who livest.

Of St. PAUL. Deus, qui multitudinem, O

the Apostle, didft instruct the multitude of the Gentiles : grant, we beseech thee, that, while we celebrate his memory, we may find the effects of his

prayers. Thro'.

i Pet. i. 1, 7

and peace

PETER, an Apoftle of Jesus Chrift,

to the strangers dispersed throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia, elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father unto the sanctification of the spirit, unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Chrift: may grace

be increased unto you. Blessed be God, who is also the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who, according to his great mercy, hath regenerated us to a lively hope, by the resurrection of Jesus Chrift from the dead, to an inheritance that is incorruptible, undefiled, and which cannot fade away, referved in heaven for you, who, by the power of Goj, are preserved thro' faith, for the salvation got ready to be revealed in the last time. For which you will rejoice, though now, for a little while, you muft be afflicted with many trials; that the trial of your faith, more valuable than gold, which is tried by the fire, may turn out to your praise, glory, and honour, at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

GRADUAL. Pf. cvi. Let them extol him Exaltent eum in ecclein the assembly of the fia plebis, & in cathedra people, and let them seniorum laudent eum. praise him where the V. Confiteantur Domino elders fit. V. Let them mifericordiæ ejus : &migive thanks to the Lord rabilia ejus filiis homifor his mercy, and pub- num. Jish his wonders to the fons of men.

TRACT. Thou art Peter, and Tues Petrus, & fuper upon this rock I will hanc petram ædificabo build


Church. V. Ecclefiam meam. V. Et And the gates of hell portæ inferi non prævashall not prevail against lebunt adverfus eam : & it: and I will give thee tibi dabo claves regnico

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the keys of the kingdom lorum. V. Quodcunque of heaven. V. Whatso- ligaveris fuper terram ever thou shalt bind on erit ligatum & in cælisa earth, shall be bound in V. Et quodcunque solveheaven. V. And whatso- ris fuper terram, erit folu. ever thou shalt loose on tum & in cælis. earth, shall be loosed in heaven.

GOSPEL. Matt. xvi. 13, 19. AT that time : Jefus came into the territories of

Cæfarea Philippi, and asked his disciples, say, ing: Whom do the people say the Son of Man is? And they answered: Some say he is John the Baptif, others that he is Elias, others Jeremias, or fome one of the Prophets. Jesus faith to them: But whom do you say that I am ? Simon Peter anfwering, said: Thou art the Chrift, the Son of the living God. And Jesus answering, said to him : Blessed art thou Simon Barjona ; 'for Aesh and blood hath not revealed this to thee, but my Father, who is in heaven. And I say to thee: Thou art Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatfoever thou fhalt loofe on earth, shall be loosed in heaven. CREDO.

OFFERTORY. Thou art Peter, and Tu es Petrus, & fuupon this rock I will per hanc petram ædifi. build my Church : and cabo Ecclefiam meam ; the gates of hell shall not & portæ inferi non præ'. prevail against it: and I valebunt adversus eam: wilt give thee the keys of & cibi dabo claves regni the kingdom of heaven. coelorum.

ÇAY the intercefsion, O Lord, we beseech

thee, of blessed Peter the Apostle, render the prayers and offerings of thy Church acceptable Vol. II.




to thee: that the mysteries we celebrate in his ho. nour, may obtain for us pardon of our fins. Thro'.

Of St. PAUL.
Anctify, O Lord, the offerings of thy people by

the prayers of thy Apostle Paul: that what is acceptable to thee, because instituted by thee, may become more acceptable by his intercession. Thro'. PREFACE of APOSTLES. ORDINARY, p. xxiv.

COMMUNION. Matt. xvi. Thou art Peter, and Tu es Petrus, & fuupon this rock I will per hanc petram ædifibuild my Church. cabo Ecclesiam meam.

AY the facrifice we have offered, O Lord,

fill us with a holy joy : that as we publish the miracles thou hast done in the person of thy Apostle Peter, so we may abundantly, through his prayers, receive the effects of thy mercy,

Of St. PAUL.


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teries, we pray

that we never may be deprived of his intercession, whom thou hast appointed our patron and guide. Thro'. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

VIGIL of St. MATTHIAS, the Apostle.

COLLECT. Da, quæfumus.
Rant, we beseech thee, O Almighty God,

that the venerable solemnity of thy bleffed Apostle Matthias, which now we are preparing to celebrate, may increase our devotion and advance our salvation. Thro'.

Hile full of respect for the Apostolick dig-

nity up to thee, O Lord, these facred mysteries ; grant, we beseech thee, by the in


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