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IV. S U N D A Y in L E N T.

INSTRUCTION. *HE Church seems to forget, in the Mass of this

of ,

with which she hath been taken up from the beginning of Lent. The reason of this is, that formerly such as were to receive baptism at Easter, were enregistered after having been examined this week. Besides, she saw the time now approaching for the reconciliation of the Peni. tents, whom she had subjected to publick pennance on Ash-Wednesday. The future birth therefore of those, who were judged worthy of the grace of baptism; and the resurrection to a new life of several of her children, who, after having gone astray, return to God by a sincere conversion, is the subject of the Church's joy on this day.

MASS. INTROIT. Ifaias lxvi. Ps. cxxi.

lem: and meet to

&' conventum fagether all you who love cite omnes qui diligitis her. Rejoice exceeding- eam: gaudete cum læly, you who have been titiâ, qui in triftitiâ fuin forrow, that you may istis, ut exultetis, & faleap for joy, and fuck tiemini ab uberibus conplentifully from her folationis veftræ. PS.121: ; breasts your comfort. Lætatus sum in his, quæ Pf. I have rejoiced at dicta sunt mihi: in dowhat hath been told me: mum Domini ibimus. we are to go up to the V. Gloria. house of the Lord. V. Glory.

COLLECT. Concede.
Rant, we beseech thee, O Almighty God, that

we, who are justly afflicted according to our demerits, may be relieved by thy comforting grace. Thro'.

EPISTLE. Gal. iv. 22, 31. B Rethren.: It is written, that Abraham had two

sons; the one by a bond-maid, the other by VOL. II.


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a free-woman. But he that was of the bond-woman, was born according to the flesh : but he by the free-woman in virtue of a promife: now thefe things were said by way of allegory ' *. For these are the two covenants. One made on mount Sinai, which bringeth forth to bondage, and this is Agar. For Sinai is a mountain of Arabia, and hath a reference to Jerufalem, that now is, and is in bondage with her children. But that Jerufalem, which is above, is free, and is our mother. For it is written: Rejoice thou, who art barren, and that beareft not : break forth, and cry out, thou that bringesl not forth : for

the that had no husband, hath more children than me that hath a husband. But we, brethren, are the children of the promife, as Isaac was. But, as then, he who was born according to the flesh, persecuted him that was born according to the spirit; so it is also now. But what saith the scripture? Caft out the bond-woman and her fon : for the fon of the bond-woman shall not be heir with the fon of the free-woman. Therefore, brethren, we are not the children of the bondo woman, but of the free-woman; and it was Chrif that purchased us that freedom.

GRADU AL. PS. cxxi. I rejoiced at what had Latatus fum in his been told me: we are

quæ dicta funt mihi: in to go up to the house domum Domini ibimus. of the Lord. V. May. V. Fiat pax in virtute peace be on thy ram: tuâ : & abundantia in parts; and plenty with- turribus tuis. in thy walls.

TRACT. Pf. cxxiv. They, who trust in Qui confidunt in Dothe Lord, are as mount mino, ficut mons Sion :

h Expl. As orber men are, of a woman within tbe ufwal terms of life for bearing ebildren,

Expl. Type and figuren

Sion : he who dwelleth non commovebitur in in Jerusalem, Ihall ne- æternum, qui habitat in ver be moved. V. There Jerusalem. V. Montes are mountains on every in circuitu ejus, & DoLide of it, and the Lord minus in circuitu populi encompafleth his people fui, ex hoc nunc & ufa both now and for ever- que in fæculum, more.

GOSPEL. John vi. !, 15. At that time : Jefus crossed over the fea of Gali

lee, which is that of Tiberias: and a great multitude followed him, because they saw the miracles' he wrought on those that were diseased. Jesus therefore went up a mountain : and fat there with his disciples. And the Passover, a feast of the Jews, was near. When Jesus therefore had lifted up hiseyes, and law that a very great multitude was coming to him, he said to Philip: Where fhall we buy bread for these people to eat? And this he said to try him, for he knew what he was going to do. Philip answered him: Two hundred penny-worth of bread is not enough for them, for every one to have only a little piece. One of his disciples, Ana drew the brother of Simon Peter, faith to him: Here is a boy that hath five barley loaves, and two fishes : but what are these among fo mạny? Then Jesus said : Make the men sit down:

for there was a great deal of grass in that place. Then the men sat down, being in number about five thousand. Then Jesus took the loaves; and having given thanks, he diftributed them to those that were rat down: as likewise of the fishes, as much as they had a mind for. And when they had eat enough, he said to his disciples : Gather up the fragments, which are left, that they may not be loft. They gathered them up therefore, and filled twelve baskets with the fragments of the five barley loaves, which were left by those who had eaten. Then those

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men, having seen the miracle wrought by Jesus, said : This is certainly the prophet, who is to come into the world. And when Jesus perceived that they were about to come and take him by force to make him King, he withdrew again alone into the mountain. CREDO.

OFFERTORY. Pf. cxxxiv. Praise the Lord, for Laudate Dominum, he is good : sing to his quia benignus eft: psallite name, for he is sweet : nomini ejus, quoniam he hath done whatever suavis est : omnia quæhe pleased, both in hea- cumquæ voluit, fecit in ven and on earth. cælo & in terrâ.

E beseech thee, O Lord, mercifully regard

this prefent sacrifice, that it may both increase our devotion, and advance our salvation. Thro'.

COMMUNION. Pf. cxxi. Jerusalem, which is Jerufalem, quæ ædibuilt like a city, all whose ficatur ut civitas, cujus parts a are joined toge- participatio ejus in idipther: for it was thither fum : illuc enim ascenthe tribes went up, the derunt tribus, tribus Dotribes of the Lord, to mini, ad confitendum praise thy name, O Lord. nomini tuo, Domine,

POSTCOMMUNION. Da, nobis. GRant, we beseech thee, O merciful God: that

we may sincerely respect, and receive with faith thy holy mysteries, with which thou daily feedest Thro'.

VESPER S. LITTLE CHAPTER. Beginning of the EPISTLE to *, p. 97. HYMN, V. and R. as p. 26.

a Expl. All whose houses are now rebuilt, and are contiguous to one anotber; wbereas, during the captivity, ibere was only bere and tbere an house. St. Chrys.



At the MAGNIFICAT. Anth. Jesus therefore Ant. Subiit ergo in went up the mountain, montem Jefus, & ibi saand there fat with his debat cum difcipulis disciples.

PRAYER. Collect at Mass, p. 97.


భంభం Μ Ο Ν D A Y.

M A $ $. INTROIT. AVE me, O God, by thy name,

and resque me by thý power: 0 God, hear my prayer: be attentive to the words of my mouth. Pf. For strangers have risen up against me: and mighty ones have fought my life. V. Glory.

COLLECT. Præfia, quæfumus.. GA Rant, we beseech thee, O Almighty God, that

we, who annually celebrate this holy fast, may be well plealing to thee both in body and mind. Thro'.

LESSON. 3 Kings iii. 16, 28. IN those days: Two women that were barlots,

came to king Solomon, and stood before him, and one of them said : I befeech thee, my Lord, hear me: 1 and this woman dwelt in the fame house, and I was delivered of a child in the chamber with her. And the third day after I was delivered, this woman was delivered also; and we were together, and there was nobody in the house besides us two. And in the night this woman's child died, for the overlaid it in her fleep; and the arose at midnight, and taking my child from thy hand-maid's side while I slept, the laid it in her own bofom, and her dead child the my bosom: and when I arose in the morning to give my child fuck, behold it was dead: but having viewed it more attentively by

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