The Simple Treatise of Human Nature by David Hume Book 1: The Understanding

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This book simplifies Book 1 of David Hume's A Treatise of Human Nature to make it more concise and readable. It optimizes Hume's content by organizing each idea into bullet points with sub-ideas as sub-bullets, all under topic headings, without losing the original idea.

Book 1 introduces Hume's philosophy that every perception is either an idea or impression, which we then process through our reason in order to create knowledge. This version replaces archaic words like "extension & duration", "vacuum", and "necessary connection" into modern words as "space & time", "void", and "consequence" in order to make them easier to understand.

This book also serves as the foundation of our proposed wave-based science of Superphysics which is the modern implementation of Hume's Science of Man. This new science can create new technologies in physics, based on the principles of the emptiness of space and time, and in medicine and economics, based on the principles of reason.

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Modes and Substances
The Infinite Divisibility of Our Ideas of Space and Time
More Objections
Knowledge and Probability
The Components of Our Reasonings on Cause and Effect
The Nature of Idea or Belief
The Effects of Other Relations and Other Habits
The Probability of Chances
Unphilosophical Probability
Rules in Judging Causes and Effects
Skepticism Regarding Our Senses
The Philosophy of Aristotle Matter

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Juan is the founder of SORAnomics or the study of Social Resource Allocation, an alternative economic science derived entirely from Adam Smith and David Hume.

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