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Yes; but it is difficult to conceive fully of an object which is so vast.

But is not the moon, Father, about two hundred and forty thousand miles distant from the earth? You said so one evening, I recollect.

Yes; what then?

Well, then, Father, the ring of Saturn would fill up nearly all that space.

It would ; that is a striking thought, Frank, and a fine illustration : and so we can form a very just idea of the size of the ring of Saturn. But you

said that the stars were suns, Father.

There is every reason to believe that they are, and that they have all worlds, very many worlds, rolling around them: with the naked eye, on a fine evening, we can see at least a thousand stars.

Then there must be a thousand systems of worlds, Father!


How wonderful! What must he be,, who formed them! His power must be without any bounds.

Yes, he is "The Father Almighty ! ” You can now repeat this sentiment with new feelings, Frank. Yet you have still but a very low idea of the greatness of his power. Where the eye cannot see a star, there are often thousands to be seen by a good telescope.

The milky way is bright with their glory.

Are there none beyond the milky way, and beyond what we can see with the telescope, Father?

You have asked me a hard question, Frank. Perhaps, what we know of creation is as nothing compared with that which we do not know. I am rather of opinion that there is no space in which there are not worlds which God has made, and beings to declare his praise.

It is not to be supposed that a little creature, like man, “who dwells in a tenement of clay,” can even see any thing like the limits of his boundless empire, whom the heaven of heavens cannot contain !

In the Psalm you read this morning, it is said that God spake, and the world came into being: what ! Father, did God make our globe with a word ?

Yes ; he spake, and it was done ; he commanded, and it stood fast! And not only did he thus make our world, but all worlds : “ by the word of the Lord, were the heavens made; and all the hosts of them, by the breath of his mouth.” But there is no end of the divine glory!

I cannot think, Father, how the world is held up in the air, and hangs upon nothing; or how it rolls along of itself round the sun. One should think so large a body would never move at all.

The subject cannot be fully explained. It

is a perpetual display of the almighty power of God. It is He who has made worlds without number; it is He who guides them through the heavens; and it is this blessed Being, who every instant sustairis the countless multitude of creatures which inhabit them. Surely, none by searching can find out God!

Mercury, I believe, Father, travels faster than any other planet in his course.

He does; he revolves at the rate of 105,000 miles in an hour. How far does he travel in a minute ?

Let me see; I must divide 105,000, by 60 ; because there are sixty minutes in an hour.Then he must fly along at the rate of 1750 miles in a minute !

He must; and you may well say, fly along; for this rapidity has been reckoned two hundred times swifter than the motion of a cannon ball. A cannon ball too, is of no size, compared with the planetary worlds.

What inconceivable power, Father, it must be that moves them! Would it not be delightful to be so near to Saturn, as to have a full view of his beautiful rings.

The sight must be very sublime; it is indeed impossible fully to conceive of its grandeur. And who can estimate the power which is every moment in active operation through the wide universe ?

I do think you are right, Father, in your

judgment, that there are but few people who have any thing like a proper idea of the almighty power of God.

Yet, we should muse on his power and goodness. We should supplicate his favor ; it is the one thing needful. If he blesses us, we must be blessed. We should never despair of his aid; he can help and deliver us in the utmost extremity. He is indeed “able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond all that we can ask or think. We should gaze on his glorious works, till the hallowed fire of devotion kindles in our bosom, and we are impelled, with holy admiration, to give utterance to the language of the happy spirits who live in his immediate presence, and who see him as he is : “ Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty! Just and true are thy ways, thou King of Saints !

What a blessed day, Father, will that be, when we shall really join their happy society, and really unite in these immortal strains !



The Tide is just coming in; we will walk down, Frank, along the beach.

That will be very pleasant, Father, as the evening is so warm.

How useful is water; without it, the earth would soon become a vast desert: and how abundantly has the adorable Author of all good bestowed this great blessing upon the world.

And what a multitude of creatures, Father, live in the water, and none can live without it.

True; every being and object which has life, would die without water : it refreshes and cleanses the whole world.

And how useful it is, Father, in promoting intercourse with the most distant countries of the globe.

It is; they are easily visited in our ships. A great part of the wealth of nations arises from commerce, by means of the ocean. Water, indeed, is in the highest degree useful, in all its forms.

In all its forms, Father! Is not water, then, water ?

Yes; and it is eight hundred times heavier than air ; but it very commonly becomes light

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