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A New Year's Address to the Church Death of John M'Kenzie, the


of God and the Readers of the Encouragement from a Little One,

Earthen Vessel - - • •

Word of - -

A Letter from Baltimore to Mr Jas. Exercises of a Living Soul, the


Osbourn, and Mr. Osbourn's Reply 10 Eleanor Wheeler, the late -
Am I a grain of real wheat or only a Effectual Calling -

Lump of Chaff , - - 29 | Extraordinary Life and Glorious Death
An Affectionate Address to the Min-

of John Gardener, the -
isters and Churches of Christ in Edward Joy's Explanation respecting

England - -

| the Winchester Clouds -

A striking instance of the truth of Faith Triumphant -

that glorious text, “ The Blood of Five Years Labour in the Gospel Min-
Jesus Christ cleanseth from all Sin." 101 istry at Cheltenham

Ana-baptism; or a Caution to Pas Farewell Letter, Mr James Osbourn's 193

tors and Deacons of Gospel Churches 104 Forgiveness ; or, the Two Debtors - 270

A Self-righteous Pharisee

106 Fellowship with Christ's Sufferings - 280

Ann Jones, the late Mrs. - .. 124 Grace of God in Life and Death, the - 12

A brief but faithful account of the Glorious Testimonies of a Dying Saint 13

Conversion and Experience of a Glorying in the Cross of Christ - 130

Vessel of Mercy -

125 God's Love to an Unworthy Sinner - 200

Angels waiting to carry Ransomed Grand Corner Stone of the Gospel, the 208

Souls to Glory -

133 Grace of God in manifestation, the - 261

Alexander McKenzie, the conversion Gospel Baptism -

- - 290
and Death of a
136 Hints helpful to the Humble -

A Divine Experience-a Living Faith

Happy Departure of S. Somerfield, the 61
--and a Gospel Practice - - 149 Heavenly Arguments for Seeking Souls 241

An Address to the Ministers and Happy Knowl Hill

- . 265

Churches of Christ in Old England 173 Idol Temple and Idol Worshippers

A Visit to Lebanon -

• 184| the .

A Watchman's Declaration -

230 Isaac Jones, Mr., Illness and Death of 109
A Little Bundle of Mercies - 234 Illness and Death of Caroline Morgan,
Bringing Cedar Trees from Lebanon 64 brief review of the last -

Blessings of To-day, the

82 Infant Salvation -

Baptism of the Hon. B, W. Noel . 205 I want to believe that I am an Elect

Bright light which is in the clouds, the 229 Vessel of Mercy -

- - 286

Baptism of John, the

- 262 | Joining a Church -

Bunhill Memorials

• 286 Jesus Christ and his ensigns for ever! 54

Beulah Chapel .

- 290 | James Chapman, Mr., a brief but faith-

28, 52, 99 ful account of the Happy and Tri-
Comment on Romans ii. 11

168 umphant Death of

- - 118

Confidence in Christ the rest of a liv John Corbitt's late Preaching Tour,

ing soul

some account of


Christian Ministry, some of the Songs Journey into Northamptonshire, some

and Sighs of the -

289 account of a -



Divine Experience of Joh

Keeping the Lord's Day -


Brabourne in Kent . 15, 264, 282 Last Illness, Death and Burial of the

Divine Providence, Rich Grace and

late David Denham - -


Christian Experience - - 17 | Late Mr. Thomas Dawes, the

Death of Mr. Gravener, the . • 76 | Luther on Faith -

- - 108

Death of Mr. Thos. Reed . - 247 Living Witness of Divine Sovereignty 123

Dissertation upon the Nature and Letter from Mr. James Osbourn to a

Work of the Law, a - - 226 Sister in the faith at Trowbridge, a - 141

Droppings from the Sanctuary 76, 121 Lord's People among the Wesleyans,

Divine Assurance, Affliction in the

the -


Way, and the Believer's Entrance

Letter from England to Christian
into Glory

181 Friends in America - -
Daughter of the late Mr. G. Combe, Life and Death -
Happy Death of .

225 Living Family of Jehovah, an Epistle

Departure froin England, Mr. James

to the


, Osbourn's -

Letter from Mr. James Osbourn

Dying Testimony of Mary Ann Caton, Matters for Deep Reflection
the Experience and

Macgowan's Dying Discourse
Diligently Observing the work of the Mary

Lord, the Nature and Advantage of 269 Manifestation of Divine Grace, the - 87





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Minister of Christ looking after his The Origin of the Ohurch over whom
Reward, the -.

John Bunyan was Pastor

Madness of Popery, the ..

97 | The True Experience of J. Eskholme, 233
Mighty God of Jacob, the promise and Thanksgiving Day in London


power of the .

139 | Unhappy Divisions at Peterboro


Mr. Osbourn's Letter to Mr. Philpot , 148 Vessel of Wrath and Vessel of Mercy.
Minister's Conflicts, &c.,' .

159 Wholesome Tidings .
Made Nigh by the Blood of Christ . 163 Was this a Vessel of Mercy
Minister's Saturday Night, a . 204 Words from the Editor to his Friends
Ministerial Conflicts and Depressions 277 | Who hath Despised the Day of Small
Notices of New Works, 124, 148, 172, 244 Things
National Visitation, . · 239 | Worshipping God in a barn

One Woe is past ..

. 8 | Wholesome counsel for the churches, 97

Opening of the New Baptist Meeting, What a member of a Christian church

at Studley

100 should be .

Original Letter of late Dr. Hawker's. 165 | Where and what is now my Hope .. 146
On Full Assurance of Faith

197 | Whipping Sermons for the People that
Opening of New Chapel, High Wy-

do Wickedly
213 Where is Zion ? &c.

Ordination Charge
260 Watts Wilkinson, a Memoir of

Peaceful departure of Mary Male 45 What has the cholera done in London. 237
Prayer used by the Earl of Hertford. 62 Where is Zion ? the Echo Answered. 243
Public Meeting on behalf of the Vessel 95 Why are we Spared

Practical Preacher of the Gospel 120 | What saith the Scriptures about com-
Portrait of Christ's Ministers . 178 inunion .

Priestridden city of Winchester . 240 Zion-bound Travellers to Gadsden Row 98
Pharisaic Persecution
281 | Zion's Three-fold Position .

Peaceful Tidings from Suffolk . 291
Question, a

. 94

Recognition of Mr Coles.

37, 64
Reality of the Invisible World

04 | A Battle of the Warrior

, 71 An Enigma Solved
Revelation of Heavenly Glory • 154 | An Earthen Vessel

Recognition of Mr. T. Woodington, 166 | Birth-day Hymn


Real Christian's Pursuit . • 215 Bridegroom's Voice, the
Recognition of Mr. T. Woodington . 166 Brethren Pray for us
Recognition of Mr. Thos, Edwards . 241 Consolation for the Watchman
Root of the Matter, the,

242, 266 Charity ; or the Golden Rule .
Remarks on Keseph's Letter

. 271 Confirmation ,
Removal of Church under Mr. Nunn 285

Death of the Righteous, the .

Streets of the City of God ..

Eternal Union of the Church of God.

Some Account of Stewardship, 51, 72, 92, 132

Erection and Protection of the Church

of God, the ...

Sukey Harley's Divine Experience,


60 Furnace Work.

Signs of Prosperity in Zion

76 Jehovah's Shalls and Wills

Strait Gate and the Broad Way • 81 Lines Composed by John Smith

Shore's last Sermon, Mr. . · 100 Lines on laying Foundation Stone at

Some Things Zechariah saw 166, 169' Manchester .

Six cities of Refuge, the , . 144 Lines on the Death of Mr. T. Dawes .

Salvation all of Grace

. 145 | Lines by the late John Kent.

Some Parts of our British Zion, a Lines on the Death of Mr. T. Banks .

Hasty Glance at 170, 176, 196, 217

Lines addressed to Mrs. E. Foster

Sinner saved by Grace . 183, 211

Lines on the Death of Mrs. Thomas


Sorrows of an Irish Itinerant


Lines on the Death of Richard Par-

Sudden Death of Thomas Guy

213 kinson


Sorrows of James Pennington

. .

27+ On leaving England

Safe Arrival of Mr. James Osbourn . 225 Pilgrim Walking in Darkness, the . 114
Solemn Day at High Wycombe, a . 239 Passing tbro' the Water

Some Good Things from South Wales 259 Past Experience


Solemn Times in which we live, the. 262 On the Incarnation .


Sacrifice of Thanksgiving, the . 287

Our Father's Will


The Lord's Dealings with Mrs, Mary

Osbourn, Mr. James, Departure from

Ann Dennant, of Ipswich




The Snare Broken : the Soul Delivered


Resurrection, the


Spiritual Railway, the .


Toplady's I)ying Words .


Salvation is Free

Things that must shortly come to pass 180

Time of Love, the


Temptation and Deliverance

188 | Thoughts on the Cholera

Tidings from a Good Soldier • 214 Vessel of Mercy, the .


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A New Year's Address to the Church of God


HAIL! All hail, heaven-born sons of we may not stand on another man's faith, light, brothers and sisters in the Lord, nor walk in another man's light; but partakers of the heavenly calling. We rather let us pray that we may have the salute you all in the name of our lovely, light of life in our own souls, and the witand loving Lord Jesus, on this morning of ness of the Holy Spirit in our spirits, that another new year, 1849. 'Hallelujah! For we may know that we 'stand on holy the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.' Amen. ground, and in the holy place of the

Brethren! 'Time is short.' Time is but tabernacle of the Most High ;' even in the Lord's transforming moment of chang- Jesus, where God himself dwells; and then ing his church from her dying mortal we shall say.' Blessed be the glory of the state into immortality, eternal life, and Lord from this place. No place of safety glory everlasting. 'A thousand ages in but in holiness, and that is 'the holy and his sight are but as yesterday when it is secret place of the Most High ;' even in past, and as a watch in the night. From love, and the life of God, and the life of our cradle to our grave this life is but one God in our own souls, and thus we shall night of sickness-a sickness most loath- abide in his love, and his love abide in us; some, that no physician on earth can cure. and 'abide under the shadow of the AlOh, poor sickly daughter of Zion! God, mighty;' even Jesus, whose blood and thine own Father, shall make thy bed in righteousness is 'a hiding place from the all thy affliction : he is thy great Watcher, wind, a covert from the tempest, and the that watcheth over thee every moment; shadow of a great rock in a weary land! and Jesus, thine own Husband, in thine And now, friends, with regard to self, own flesh, is thine only physician: his we have but little to say, because we do presence, his word, his love, and his blood, not like much egotism. We have passed the only cure for thy sickly soul. Up, through some sore conflicts, fiery trials, saint! and look out at your windows:'the afflictions, and temptations, and some permorning cometh-the breath and the dews secution, but they are not worthy to be of the morning shall cheer thee. God help compared with the glory that shall be thee. Ah. Go

God, thine own Father, help revealed in us; and, God be praised, we thee to look off the dying things of a mo- have had, in the midst of all, some happy ment, and to look by faith through the moments, some holy dews and sunshine. glass of his word, (if but dimly,) and to see which have been exceeding sweet; but the through the momentary vista of things days of darkness have been many. The temporal the things eternal, which God, days of youth, both in nature and grace, that cannot lie, hath promised to all those are generally the most blythesome, lightthat love him. 'For our light affliction, some, joyful days; but, nevertheless, at which is but for a moment, worketh for us evening-tide it shall be light. a far more exceeding and eternal weight of Respecting our Earthen Vessel, we would glory.' 2 Cor. iv. 17.

say to the readers and correspondents, that Awake! awake! Come, 'Let us not some things have been very encouraging, sleep as do others : let us watch and be and some discouraging. Many have been sober.' What! sleep while the thunders of professedly strengthened, encouraged, and God's judgments are roaring around us? | built up, through its contents; and some What! slumber while the sound of the few have complained that too many prolix trumpet and the alarm of war is echoing and insipped pieces have been inserted. To in at our windows; and while the sword is this we say,-Well, the most richly laden made fat, in ten thousand of our falling vessels generally have some rubbish on fellow mortals? Shall we sleep and be board. Like all other human compositions snoaring while the pestilence is devastating on divinity, some pieces from our coraround us, and while the plague is in our respondents we trust have been excellent, own earthly houses? May the alarm of some indifferent, and others, perhaps, war, and the stench of our own sins, awake would have been best left out. And you us to watchfulness, prayer, self-examina- | know, that in king Solomon's navy at sea, tion, and righteousness, that we may know even the vessels that brought home gold, where we stand in these evil times; that silver, and ivory, had some apes and pea.

VOL. V.-PART XLVIII.--Jan. 1849.

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