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REVENTING Love; or, God's Love to us, the Cause of our Love to hin,

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I John iv. 19. We love bim, because be first loved us.

After an introduction to an analization and explication of the words,

and their sense given in a doctrinal observation, the following topics

are discoursed, viz. 1. God's love to his people evinced, 2. The saints love to God opened,

18 3. The influence his love hath upon ours, as the cause of it, illustrated, 30 4. The application of the whole in fundry ules,


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The Militant's Song; or, the Believer's Exercise while here below,


Psalm ci. 1. I will fing of mercy and judgment; unto thee, O Lord,

will I sing.

Here, after an introduction unto the subject, and an analization of

the text, four general topics are handled, viz. 1. What mercies the people of God meet with, and what it is in these that afford matter of a song,

61 2. Wiat judgments the people of God meet with, and what it is in them that inay be matter of a song of praise,

74 3. What this singing imports; and how we are to sing of mercy and judgment,

92 4. The reasons why it is so ordered by the Lord, that his people should

have ground to sing both of mercy and judgment, 3. The application of the whole, in a variety of inferences, 104

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The Harmony of the Divine Attributes displayed,

in the Redemption and Salvation of Sinners, by Jesus Christ,


Psalm lxxxv. 10. Mercy and truth are met together, righteousness

and peace bave kissed each other.

After the introduction and explanaticn of the words, four general heads

of method are profecuted, viz. 1. Who are members of the meeting; or, what are these attributes

of God which do harmoniously conspire together, proposing their various claims,

128 2. When and where these parties did meet together, 3. How, and after what manner, they nieet together and kiss each other,

142 4. Why, or for what reasons, they have met together, and embraced cach other,

148 5. The application of the subject, in sundry inferences,





Carnal Consultation unfolded; or, the great Evil of

being actuated, by Carnal Principles, in the Matters of God, evinced,


Gal. i. 16. Immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood.

The connection being traced, the scope of the apostle consulted, his

principal intention viewed, the words themselves considered, several propofitions natively deduced from them, a comprehensive one laid down for prosecution, the following general heads are illustrated,

viz. 1. What is to be understood by flesh and blood, and conferring therewith,

183 2. The truth of the doctrine confirmed by fcriptural examples, 186 3. The reasons assigned why we ought not to consult with flesh and blood,

188 4. The application of the subject, in sundry uses,



Law-Death, Gospel-Life; or, the Death of Legal

Righteousness, the Life of Gospel Holiness,



Gal. ii. 19. I through the law, am dead to the law, tbat I might live

unto God.

The scope of the apostle being observed, the words analized and

explained, and a compendious proposition laid down, the following

topics of discourse are illustrated, viz. 1. The doctrine cleared and confirmed,

250 2. The believer's mortification, or death to the law, opened up, 256 3. The believer's vivification, or living to God, enquired into, 275 4. The necessity of this death, in order to this life; or, the influence

that our being dead to the law, hath upon our living to God, 289 5. The application of the subject, in four diftinct uses,


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The Best Bond; or, the furest Engagement,


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JE R. xxx. 21. For, who is this that engaged bis beart to approach

unto me, faith the Lord.

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The scope of the prophet being noticed, and the words viewed

connexion, analized, and explained, the doctrine laid down and

confirmed, the following general heads are discoursed, viz. 1. Who this wonderful Person is, that engaged his heart to approach unto God,

364 2. The nature of the work he engaged himself in, considered,

368 3. The singularity of the fact pointed out,

380 4. The reasons of the doctrine assigned, viz. wliy Christ came under

this engagement, &c. 5. Some inferences deduced for the application of the doctrine, 394



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388 S E R M ON


The Saving Sight; or, a View of God in Christ, 420

John xiv. 6. - He that barb feen me, bath seen the Father.


The words being viewed in their connexion, analized, explained,

and summed up in a doctrinal propofition, the following general

heads of method are handled, viz. 1. The oneness betwixt the Father and the Son, opened up, 2. Some remarks offered concerning a saving sight of Christ, 431 3. In what respects they who see Christ see the Father,

443 4. In what manner the Father is seen in Christ,

455 5. The reasons why these who see Christ, see the Father, 460 6. The application of the whole, in an use of information, examination, conviction, confolation, and exhortation,


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