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British Reformers:- Bradford.-Lati-Case between English and Roman
mer.- - Ridley.- Philpot.-Hooper.- Churches
Knox.- Bacon.--Tindal--Frith.- Catalogue of Roman Relics
Barnes. — Hamilton. – Cranmer. Catechism of the Council of Tren:
Rogers. — Taylor.- Careless. - Jane Catholic Church
Grey.-- Jewel.--Wiclif. - Thorpe.- Cave Hist. Lit. Script. Eccles.
Bilney. - Edward VI. - Catharine Cave's Lives of the Fathers
Parr.— Coverdale.- Hugh.-Gilby-Cave's Primitive Christianity

Ceremonies of the Holy Week, by EngBrokehard's Comment on the Revela- land tion

Ceremony of the Cross Brook's History of Religious Liberty. Challoner's

Meditations Brook's Lives of the Puritans

Chamierus Panstratiæ Catholicæ Brownlee's Letters on the Romish Chemnitius Examen. Concil. Trident Controversy

Chillingworth's Works Brownlee's Popery an enemy to civil Christian Observer Liberty

Christianopolitanæ Reipublicæ DesBrown's Dictionary of the Bible criptio Brown's History of Missions Chrysostom Opera Buck's Theological Dictionary Clarke's Commentary Buddæus de Atheismo. et Supersti- Clarke's Martyrology tione

Claude Defense de la Reformation Buddæus Hist. Eccles.

Claude Histoire de la Reformation Bullarium Magnum Romanum Claude on the composition of a SerBullinger Comment. in Epist. Pauli

mon, by Robinson Bullinger Conciones in Apocalypsin Clemens Alexand. Opera Bull's Corruptions of the Church of Cobbett's History of the Reformation Rome

Coleman's Account of the Carmelites Burkitt's Exposition

Collet Institutiones Theologiæ Moralia Burmannus Synopsis Theologiæ Commentaire sur l'Apocalypse Burnet's Exposition of the 39 Articles Comprehensive Commentary Burnet's History of his own times Conder's Nonconformity Burnet's History of the Reformation Conference between Laud and Fisher Burnet's Letters

the Jesuit Bush's Life of Mohammed

Controversy between Breckinridge and Bush's Millennium

Hughes Butler's Book of the Roman Church Conversion and Sufferings of Sarah Butler's Catechism

Doherty Butler's Christian Doctrine

Corpus Juris Cononici Butler's Festivals and Fasts,

Corpus Librorum Symbolicorum Butler's Lives of Saints

Council of Trent disproved by tradiByzantine Hist. Script. Corpus

lion Bzovius Annal

Cramp's Text- Book of Popery

Cranmer on Transubstantiation Cajetan Authoritat. Papæ et Concilio-Crevier's History of Roman Emperors

Croly's Apocalypse Calamy's Defence of Nonconformity Croly's Ecclesiastical Finance in IreCalderwood Altare Damascenum land Calderwood's History

Croly's Three Cycles of Divine ReveCalvin Comment. in Epist.

lation Calvin Opera

Crookshank's History of the Church of Calvin Prælectiones in Daniel

Scotland Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Re-Cunningham's Church of Rome, the ligion

Calvisius Opus Chronologicum Cusa Tractatus Varü
Campbell's Lectures on Ecclesiastical Cyprian Opera

Cyril Opera
Campbell's Lectures on Theology
Caranza Concil

Daille's Treatise concerning the Fa.
Carpzovius in Libros Eccles. Luth. thers

Daille Traite des Images Cartwright's Confutation of the Rhem-Danæus in Epist. I. ad Timotheum ish Testament

Daniel's Prophecy, by Cox Casaubon de rebus sac, et Ecclesias. Davenant de fraierna Communione,


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Davenant Opera Theolog.

Extraits des Assertions dangereuses et Davenant Questiones Theolog.

pernicieuses des Jesuites Davenant's Determinationes Davenant's Exposition of the Epistle Faber's Horæ Mosaicæ to the Colossians

Faber's Prophecies Days of Queen Mary

Faber's Recapitulated Apostacy Defensio Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ Faber's Restoration of the Jewe Delahogue's Five Treatises

Fabricius Disput. Theolog. Dens' Theology

Faith of Catholics Derry Discussion

Family Commentary Devotion of the Sacred Heart of Je- Fanaticism

Field on the Church
Deylingus Observat. Sac. et Miscel. Finch's View of the Romish Contro.
Dialogue between a Priest and a Prot- versy

Fitz Simon Brittonomach
Dialogue between two Protestants Flagellantium Historia
Dialogues between Peter and the Pope Fleming on the first Resurrection
Dick's Theology

Fletcher's Lectures on the Roman Co-
Difficulties of Romanism by Faber tholic Religion
Digby's Needful Expoştulations Fleury Histoire Ecclesiastique
Directorium Inquisitorium, F. N. Ey- Fleury's Manners of the Christians

Foreign Conspiracy against the United Discourse of English Nuns

States Discourse upon the discerning of Fox's Aets and Monuments of the Spirits

Dissenting Gentleman's Letters Fraser's Key to the Prophecies
Dissertat. Ecclesiast. Triga, by Mede Frauds of Monks and Friars
Dissuasive from Popery

Free Thoughts on the Toleration of
Doctrina et politia Eccles. Anglica Popery
Doctrine of ihe Catholic Church Fulke's Confutation of the Rhemisha
Doctrine of the Papal Supremacy

Testament Doddridge's Family Expositor Fulke's Defence of the English version Doddridge's Lectures

of the Bible Doederlin's Institut. Theolog. Christ- Funeral of the Mass

ian, Douay Bible

Galatinus de Arcanis Cathot. Veritati Doyle's Christian Doctrine

Galitzin's Controversies Du Pin Bibliotheca Patrum

Gallemart Concilium Tridentinum Du Pin's Ecclesiastical Writers Gallia Christiana Du Pin's History of the Church Garbett's Nullity of the Roman Faith Dutch Annotations upon the Bible Garden of the Soul Dwight's Theology

Gauntleti's Lectures on the Revela

Echard's Ecclesiastical History Geddes' Tracts upon Popery
Edgar's Variations of Popery Gee's Foot out of the Snare
Edinburgh Encyclopedia

Genesius de rebus Constant.
Edwards? Doctrines controverted be-Gerdesius Exercitationes Academ cæ

tween Protestants and Papists Gerson Modo audiendi Confessione Edwards' History of Redemption Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Ro. Encyclopedia Americana

man Empire Encyclopedia Britannica

Gillies' Historical Collections
Encyclopedia Metropolitana

Gill's Pody of Divinity
Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge Gill's Exposition
End of Controversy, by Milner Gilly's Waldensian Researches
English Reformation Vindicated Gilpin's Lives of the Reformers
Ephrem Opera

Gisborne's Survey of the Christian ReErnesti Opuscula Theologica

Estius Comment. in Epist. Pauli Glossa Super omnia exempla
Europæ Speculum, by Sandys Godden's Pope's Supremacy
Eusebius History

Godwin's History of the CommorEustace's Tour

wealth Evagrius Scholast. Hist. Eccles. Gomarus Opera Theologica Explanation of the Mass, by England Graham's Review of Ecclesiastical Exposition of the Doctrines of Rome Establishments


Gratian's Decretals

(History of the Revolutions in England, Gregorius Decretales

by D'Orleans Gregorius Dialogorum Liber

Hodge's Exposition of the Romans Gregorius Nazianzen Opera

Holdsworth Prelectiones Theologica Grier's Answer to Ward's Errata Homilies of the Church of England Grier's Epitome of General Councils Hommius Adversus Pontificios Grier's Reply to Milner

Hommius Hist. Eccles. Griesley's Life of Gregory VII: Hone's Everyday Book Grotius De Cænæ administratione Hooker's Ecclesiastical Polity Grotius Opera Theologica

Horne's Introduction
Grounds of Catholic Doctrine Horne's Romanism contrary to ibo
Grounds of the Old Religion

Gualtherus Homiliæ in Prophetas Mi- Hottinger Eccles. Hist.

Hugo Sermones Dominicales
Guide to an Irish Gentleman Huguenots, by Browning

Hume's History of England Hale's Analysis of Chronology Hurd's Study of the Prophecies Hallam's Europe during the middle Hyppolitus Opera

ages Hall's Contemplations

Important Tenets of the Catholic Hall's Dissuasive from Popery

Church Hall's Honour of the Married Clergy Impossibility of Transubstantiation Hall's No Peace with Rome

Inner's History of the English Church Hall's Terms of Communion Inquisition at Goa Hall's Works

Instruction Pastorale, par Luzerne Hammond's Fundamentals and Instructions Chretiennes pour les jeuSchism

nes Gens Hammond's Paraphrase

Irenæus Opera
Harduinus Acta Concil et Epist.Decret. Isaacson's Saturni Ephemerides

ac Constit. Sum. Pontificum
Haweis' History of the Church Jackson's Works
Hay's Works

Jerom Opera
Haywarden's Charity and Truth Jesuitisme Ancien et Moderne
Haywarden's True Church of Christ Jesuits' Memorial of the Reformation
Heidan Corpus Theologiæ

in England
Heinrich Apocalypsis Illustrata Jesuits' Morals
Heinrich Epistolæ Pauli Illustratæ Johannes Historia Turcica
Heinsius Exercitationes Sacræ Johnston on the Revelation
Hell opened to Christians

Jones' History of the Church
Henry and Antonio

Jones' Lectures on Ecclesiastical HisHenry's Exposition

tory Herbert and the Villagers

Jones' Lectures on the Revelation ilerbert's Life of Henry VIII. Jortin's Reflections on Ecclesiastical Hesenus Comment. Psalm.

History Hess' Life of Zuinglius

Josephus' History of the Jews
Heylin's History of the Reformation Judge of controversies
Hickes Letters with a Roman Priest Jurieu Apolog. pour la Reformation
Hill's Theological Institutes

Justin Martyr Opera
Hist. du Dro t Eccles, France
Hist. Eccles. Magdeburg

Keach's Metaphors
Histoire du Concile de T'rente Keary's Ampleforth Discussion
Histoire du Siecle de Louis XIV. Keary's Doctrines of the Church of
History of Dissenters

Rome History of Enthusiasm

Keckermannus Systema Theologiæ History of Martyrs

Keith on the Prophecies, History of Mary Magdalen Pazzi, a Keith's History of Religious Houses Nun

Keith's Signs of the Times
History of Popery. London.

Kestner Comment. de Euseb.
History of Popery. New-York. Kett on Prophecy
History of the Crusades

Key of the Revelation, by Mede
History of the Edict of Nantz Key to Paradise
History of the Eucharist by L'Arroque King's History of the Apostles' Creed
History of the Inquisition

Kiselius Exhortationes et Sermones History of the Puritans

Knox's History of the Reformation


Koppe Epistolæ Pauli Illustratæ Manton's Exposition of II. ThessaloniKortz's Life of Luther


Marcellinus Historia Labbeus Concil.

Marchant's Bloody Tribunal, the InLactantius Opera

quisition Lampe Hist. Eccles.

Marckii Medullæ Lampius Dissertationes Theologicæ Maresius Systema Univers. Theologia Lancelot Instit. Juris Canonici Marloratus Espositio N. Testamenti Lanegan's History of Ireland Marsh's Criterion, by Douglas Laomicus de rebus Turcicis

Massillon's Sermons Latimer's Sermons

Master Key 10 Popery
Lawson's Body of Divinity

Mather's Magnalia
Lectures on the Progress and Perfec- Matthews on Transubstantiation

tion of the Church of Christ Maynooth in 1834 Leigh Critica Sacra

McCrie's Life of Knox Leigh on

the New Testament McCrie's Reformation in Italy Lendall Fur pro tribunali

McCrie's Reformation in Spain L'Enfant Preservatif contre la reunion McCulloch's Popery Condemned avec Rome

McGavin's Protestant Leti's Germany.

Mede Clavis Apostolica Letters concerning Romish Affairs Mede Responsio ad Animadvers. LudoLetters from Rome, by Middleton vici de Dieu Letters from the Pope to Peter Melius Inguirendum Letters on Schism

Memoires de Duplessis Marnay Letters to Ada

Mendham's Council of Trent Life of Bradford

Method of hearing Mass Life of Cardinal Pole

Mexia's History of the Roman Empe Life of Cranmer, by Le Bas Life of Melancthon

Mezeray Histoire Life of Melville

M'Hale's Evidences of the Catholic Life of Pope Pius V., hy Mendham Church Life of Pope Sixtus V., by Leti Michaelis Lectures Life of Scipio de Ricci

Millennium, by Bogue Life of Wiclif, by Le Bas

Milner's History of the Church Life of Wiclif, by Vaughan

Mirror of Martyrs Lingard's History of England Mischiefs of Popery Lingard's History of the Anglo-Saxon Modern Universal History Church

Molinæus Defensor Veritatis
Lingard's Ward's Errata

Molina's Works
Literary Policy of the Church of Rome Montreal Controversy
Llorenie's History of the Inquisition Mores Catholici
Lloyd's Confutation the Doctrines More's Mystery of Iniquity
of Rome

Morin's Power of the Popes

Morning Exercises on Popery Lowman on the Revelation

Morning Exercises on the ReformaLowther's Catholicisme

tion Luitprandus Historia

Morton's Catholic Appeal for ProtesLuther and the Lutheran Reformation tants Luther on the Galatians

Mosheim de rebus Christian. ante ConLuther Opera

stant. Mag. Luther's Annotations

Mosheim Institut. Hist. Cler. Majoros Lydius Syntagma Sacrum

Mosheim's Ecclesiastical History

Mumford's Catholic Scripturist Mackenzie's Life of Calvin

Mumford's Question of Questions Mackray's Character and Prospects of Muratori Ital. Scriptores Rome

Musculus in Epist. Pauli Mackray's Effects of the Reformation

Nangle's Letters to M'Hale Maimbourg Eccles. Romæ

Neander's History of the Church Maimbourg Hist. du Pontific. de Gre- Nectarius Confui. Imperii Papæ goire

Neve's Animadversions upon the Life Manning's Works

of Pole Manse's Concilia

Nevins' Thoughts on Popery

New Shreds of the Old Snare Potter Lettres de Pie V.
Newton on Daniel and John

Pouleus de Antichristo
Newton on the Prophecies

Power's Catholic's Manual Newton's Chronology

Prejugez legitimes contre le Papismo Newton's Review of the Church Preservative against Popery, Nicephorus Hist. Byzant.

Prettyman's Elements of Theology Nicephorus Hist. Eccles.

Protestant Journal Nonconformists' Memorial

Protestant. New-York Numismata Summorum Pontificum Protestant Penny Magazine

Protestant Reformation Vindicated, by O'Donnoghue's Doctrines of Rome McGavin O'Donnoghue's History of the Court of Protestant Reminiscences Rome

Protestant Rule of Faith Offerhaus Compend. Hist. Univers. Protestant Truths and Roman Errors Official Memoirs

Protestant Vindicator O'Leary's Tracts

Provincial Letters, by Pascal
Oresius Historiæ

Puffendorf's Introduction
Origen Opera
Origines Angli

Rainolde de Roman. Eccles. Idol.
Otto Trising. Chronolog.

Rainolde's Conference on the Church Ousley's Old Christianity against Papal Rapin's History of England Novelties

Regenvolscius de Eccles. Slavonicis Owen's Ecclesiastical Polity

Remarks on Daniel and John Owen's Reason of Faith

Renoult's Corruption of the Church of Owen's Vindiciæ Evangelicæ


Revocation of the Edict of Nantz Pagitt's Christianography

Rhemish Testament Panormitan Comment.

Richardson's Popery Unmasked Paolo Sarpi Hisi. du Concile de Trente Ridgeley's Body of Divinity Paolo Sarpi History of Benefices Rights of Christian Church Papal Power

Ritual Formulario, e Institution de Papal Usurpation and Tyranny

Papist Misrepresented and Represented Rivet's Critica Sacra
Pardons by Popes

Robertson's History of Charles V.
Parker de descensu Christi ad Inferos Roman Breviary
Pastorini's History of the Church Roman Catholic Convicted
Patres Apostolici

Roman Catholic Doctrines no Novelty
Pearson's Exposition of the Creed Roman Catholic Prayer Book
People's Right Defended

Roman Forgeries, by Comber Perpetuity of the Faith

Romanist Conversations Perron Opuscula

Roman Missal Philpot's Letters to Butler

Rome in the Nineteenih Century Picart's Religious Ceremonies Romish Treasons, by Foulis Pictet Theolog. Christian.

Rosamond's Narrative
Piscator Comment. in Nov. Test. Rosary and Sodality of the name of
Pithæus Libertat. Eccles. Gallic.

Playfair's System of Chronology Roscoe's Life of Leo X.
Polhill Speculum Theologiæ

Russell's Modern Europe Policy of the Church of Rome, by Phe- Rycaut's History of the Turks lan

Ryan's Inquiry into Popery
Polus Synopsis Criticorum
Poole's Annotations

Sabine's Ecclesiastical History
Pope and Maguire's Dicussion Saladin de Ultimis Seculis
Popery and Paganism Identical Salazar de Concept. Virg. Mariæ
Popery in its own Colours

Sales' Koran Popery in Masquerade

Salters' Hall Lectures on Popery
Pope's Temporal Authority

Sasbold Opera
Popish Doctrine concerning the Sacra- Saurin Discourses Historiques

Saurin's Sermons
Popish Methods for the Pardon of Sin Schenkl Instit. Juris Ecclesiast.
Popish Rule of Faith

Schroeck Christliche Kirchengeschicto Portraits of the Reformers

Sclater's Exposition of Thessaloniano Pott Epistolæ Illustratæ

Scott's Commentary


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