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I. THE FRONTISPIECE depicts the stormy ocean of theological disputation, with tho immoveable rock of Truth in its midst, laved by the foaming billows of the Popish con. troversy. Standing on the rock are four Protestants, representing the principal divisions of the church of Christ in the sixteenth century. The Lutherans, the Reformed, the Episcopalians, and the Presbyterians, are embodied in the portraits of Luther, Zuingle, Cranmer, and Calvin. Luther appears with his manuscript roll, to intinato that he was the first modern translator of the Scriptures. Zuingle is behind with the mass book open, prepared to illustrate its blasphemy and idolatry. Cranmer carries the large English Bible, which was published under his auspices. Calvin stands exhibiting the New Testament, and “preaching peace by Jesus Christ.”

Beneath, floundering and sinking in the waves, are seen the four Romish contrasts to the Evangelical chiefs. The Pope, with his triple crown, crosier, and “ Bull.On his right, the Dominican Inquisitor vociferating with rage, appealing to his cross, and "smiting with the fist of wickedness.”—Next to him appears a Prelate, having lost his idol, and the lives of the Saints; with which are also seen floating, the string of beads, and the rules of the Inquisition. On the Pope's left hand is the General of the order of Jesuits striving to rescue from the deep the Secreta Monita of his craft.

II. MASSACRE OF PROTESTANTS. Page 425.-Two methods by which the Christians of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were martyred are there displayed. The disciples, after having been divested of their clothing, were driven to the brow of a high hill, and forced off by spears, whence they fell either into a river and were drowned, or into deep pits and were dashed to pieces, or upon sharp stakes which were fixed in the ground, and which pierced their bodies, so that if they had not become insensible by the fall, they expired in unutterable anguish and torture. The other part repre. sents the manner in which the Christian women were excruciated. They were sus. pended on trees, so that their whole weight was sustained by the cords around their wrist, waist, and feet; and with only a slight wrapper round them, they were whipped as often and as long as the attending Priest enjoined; and then if the butchers felt one emotion of kindness, she was pierced to the heart with the spear, and left to be de. voured by carnivorous birds, or burned with other victims of their insatiate thirst for Christian blood.

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III. EXTREME UNCTION. Page 526.—This engraving represents the mummery of Extreme Unction. The Court of Rome have enjoined those rites as indispensable to obtain final remission of sin, and to meeten the soul for a certain reception into purgatory. By it, they say, all defects of past repentance are compensated, and all sins are pardoned—and yet the sinner must stay in purgatory to be purified from remaining unholiness, until the Priests deem it right to release him. The ceremony is never performed until all the claims of the Priest are fully satisfied by the dying person, or are secured to be paid by his friends.

IV. CARNAVAL IN A NUNNERY. Page 528.—The scene depicted is an actual representation of conventual life. It delineates a number of Roman Priests and their “ Sisters of Charity,during Carnaval, in their dining-room of the Parisian Nunneries. The Nuns have cast off their vizor, and their usual habiliments, and appear in their natural character and temper. The Priests and their mistresses are at the dessert after dinner, while the chief songster is chanting his ode to Venus; to which the whole company are listening with rapture. One of the Priests exhibits his approbation with a bumper. At the door a hopeful “shaven-crown" youth is entering with the Bag. chanalian bowl, to give spirit and life to the carnaval.


The ensuing "Illustrations of Popery” are the result of accurate and ez. tensive research into the volumes, the titles of which are subjoined. Where there is a specific reference to a writer, his sentiments are generally quoted in his own words, or in a literal translation. A few apparent repetitions were inserted expressly to evince the unchanging identity and the multifarious abominations of the grand "falling away" under " the Man of Sin, and the Son of Perdition."

Acta Sanctorum

(Basilius Opera Adams' View of Religions

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Æneas Sylvius Epist. et Tract. Baxter's Jesuit Juggling
Ainsworth's Arrow against Idolatry, Baxter's Naked Popery
Alabastrus in Revelation. Jesu Christi Baxter's Narrative of his ow
Alexandria Controversy

Allington's Grand Conspiracy Baxter's Safe Religion
Allix's History of the Waldenses Baxter's Saints' Everlasting Rest
Aloysius de Sanctorum Historiis Bayle Dictionaire
Alton Park

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sians Ames Bellarminus Enervatus Beausobre Histoire Critique Ames Explicatio Epistolarum Petri Bede Hist. Eccles. Anastasius Hist. Eccles. et Vitæ Pon- Bellarmin de Felicitate Sanctorum tificum

Bellarmin Opera Ancient Universal History

Bellus Roma restituta Anglicanæ Ecclesiæ Politia

Berauli's Church of Rome Heretic Annesley's Morning Exercises Bernard Opera Annotations on the Bible. 1645. Bernard Florum Antidotharius Animæ

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tionary Arnauld's Modern Jesuits

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Blair's History of the Waldenses Athanasius Opera

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Bonaventura Opusculæ Minora
Bale's Image of bo:h Churches Book of the Church, by Southey
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Baronius Anna). Eccles.

Barrow's Supremacy of the Pope Bower's History of the Popes
Barrow's Works

Brevint's New Ways to Tempt Men to, Bartholomei Summa Casas Penitenti- Rome ales

(British Biography


British Reformers:- Bradford.—Lati-Case between English and Roman

mer.- Ridley.- Philpot: --Hooper.- Churches
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Grey.-- Jewel.-- Wiclif. - Thorpe.- Cave Hist. Lit. Script. Eccles.
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the Jesuit Bush's Life of Mohammed

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Council of Trent disproved by tradiByzantine Hist. Script. Corpiis

tion Bzovius Annal

Cramp's Text-Book of Popery

Cranmer on Transubstantiation Cajetan Authoritat. Papæ et Concilio-Crevier's History of Roman Emperors

Croly's Apocalypse Calamy's Defence of Nonconformity Croly's Ecclesiastical Finance in IreCalderwood Altare Damascenum land Calderwood's History

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lation Calvin Opera

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Fabricius Disput. Theolog. Dens' Theology

Faith of Catholics Derry Discussion

Family Commentary Devotion of the Sacred Heart of Je- Fanaticism

Field on the Church Deylingus Observat. Sac. et Miscel. Finch's View of the Romish ControDialogue between a Priest and a Prot- versy estant

Fitz Simon Brittonomach Dialogue between two Protestants Flagellantium Historia Dialogues between Peter and the Pope Fleming on the first Resurrection Dick's Theology

Fletcher's Lectures on the Roman CaDifficulties of Romanism by Faber tholic Religion Digby's Needful Expoştulations Fleury Histoire Ecclesiastique Directorium Inquisitorium, F. N. Ey- Fleury's Manners of the Christians merici

Foreign Conspiracy against the United Discourse of English Nuns

States Discourse upon the discerning of Fox's Aets and Monuments of the Spirits

Dissenting Gentleman's Letters Fraser's Key to the Prophecies
Dissertat. Ecclesiast. Triga, by Mede Frauds of Monks and Friars
Dissuasive from Popery

Free Thoughts on the Toleration of
Doctrina et politia Eccles. Anglic. Popery
Doctrine of ihe Catholic Church Fulke's Confutation of the Rhemisha
Doctrine of the Papal Supremacy Testament
Doddridge's Family Expositor Fulke's Defence of the English version
Doddridge's Lectures

of the Bible Doederlin's Instityt, Theolog. Christ-Funeral of the Mass

ian, Douay Bible

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man Empire Encyclopedia Britannica

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Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge Gill's Exposition
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English Reformation Vindicated Gilpin's Lives of the Reformers
Ephrem Opera

Gisborne's Survey of the Christian ReErnesti Opuscula Theologica

Estius Comment. in Epist. Pauli Glossa Super omnia exempla
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Eusebius History

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wealth Evagrius Scholast. Hist. Eccles. Gomarus Opera Theolozica Explanation of the Mass, by England Graham's Review of Ecclesiastical Exposition of the Doctrines of Rome Establishments

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