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come to pass ; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:

and ascension to glory. To deny Spirit of the Lord God,” says he, “ is his doctrine is the same as to deny his upon me, because he hath anointed me divinity. The apostle assures us that to preach the gospel to the poor," &c. " without the shedding of blood there Isaiah, 61:1. These three offices is no remission of sins," and unless the were never combined in any one indidivinity and humanity were united in vidual but him. Christ and Messiah one person, no atonement could be are of the same import; he answered made for sin. Hence he is the true to the character of Masheach in every God, and eternal life, God over all, and respect, (as we shall prove in the seblessed for ever; the creator and up- quel of this work.) holder of all things, God manifest in Which God gave to him. As our the flesh, justified in the spirit, seen Prophet, Priest, and King, he was to of angels, preached among the gen

teach and instruct the people, to atone tiles, believed on in the world, receiv- for their sins, and to rule over them ed up into glory. 1 Tim. 3:16. 2. He as their Lord and Master. is not only able, but willing to save. To show unto his servants. His min“ Look unto me, and be ye saved, all isters. They were not masters, or lords the ends of the earth; for I am God, over God's heritage, but simply serand besides me there is no Savior." vants, who were willing to wash the Isaiah, 45: 21, 22. “ He has no plea- disciples feet, if requisite. Have you, sure in the death of him that dieth." reader, this disposition ? I fear not. Ezekiel, 18: 32. " It is not his will The Savior was determined to have no that any should perish, but that all aristocracy in his church. “ Whososhould repent and live." John, 3:16. ever is greatest among you," says he, Matt. 18: 14. Finally. * He, by the " let him be the servant of all.” Matt. grace of God, hath tasted death for

23:11. And “he that is the least cvery man." Heb. 2:9.

“ He died, (most humble) is the greatest in the the just for the unjust, to bring us to kingdom of heaven.” Luke, 7 : 28. God." 1 Peter, 3:18. “He that

spar- ** He that humbleth himself shall be ed not his own son, but delivered him

exalted, and he that exalteth himself up for us all, how shall he not with shall be abased." The Savior sent him also freely give us all things.” poor, humble fishermen to be his amRomans, 8: 32.

bassadors to the heathen, and the conChrist. This is also a peculiar title, sequence was, that through the preachand signifies the anointed, consecrated ing of these ignorant and illiterate men, one, from the Greek Chrio, to so called, the majority of the heathen anoint; but his consecration was spi- world was brought under subjection to rilual, because about to commence a christianity. new dispensation. He was anointed Things which must shortly come to Prophct, Priest, and King. "The

• The pass. That is, within a few years ;

2 Who bare record of the word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw.

they are fast approaching, are at the

him in his gospel, the very first verse very door. The battle of Harmaged- of which proves his divinity beyond don is at hand; therefore prepare to

doubt. In the beginning (viz. of the meet thy God, O Israel !

creation) was the Word, (the eternal Signified it by his angel to his ser- logos, Philo,) and the word was with vant John. This angel was one of the

God, (that is, when the world was prophets, probably Isaiah, see chapter created,) (" and the world was made 22 : 9. He was formerly a minister. by him,” verse 3,) and God was the ing spirit on earth, he is now a minis- word, the very identical logos himself. tering spirit in heaven, and sent back

This clause " bare record,is in the again to protect those who were past tense, and proves that John wrote heirs of salvation. What a blessed

his gospel before his banishment to the encouragement to faithful ministers to Isle of Patmos.f know that after they depart this life And of all things which he saw. they shall become angelic beings !* When in the Mount with our Savior, See chap. 16: 2.

and also during the whole of his public 2 Who bare record of the word of God. That is, devar Yehovah, the ministry on earth. He was an eye word of Jehovah, who is equal with

witness himself of all that he has God in wisdom, power, glory, and

published to the world in his gospel. endless duration. He bare record of See Matt. 17 : 2.

The high priest entered into the holiest of holies once in the year, to make atonement for the people and himself. Levit. 14, &c. And the apostle Paul observes, “ He entered not in without blood, which he offered for himself and the errors of the people." See Heb. 9 : 7. Here the high priest was to consult with God in secret, to know his will, and to intercede in behalf of the people. And so it is with Jesus, our great high priest; he has entered into the holiest of all, namely, heaven itself; but not by the blood of bulls or of goats, or the ashes of an heifer, but by his own most precious blood, not once in the year, but once for all, in the end of the world. And as he is our mediator, between God and man, he is here represented as communicating the will of God to his beloved John.

# St. John, in his gospel, bore testimony to the birth, life, miracles, and sufferings of Christ; also his death, resurrection, and ascension to glory. See John, 21:24. This is a title or a name applicable to Christ alone, viz. the Word of God.

3 Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.

4 John to the seven churches which are in Asia : Grace be unto you, and peace, from him which is, and which was, and which is to come; and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne;

3 Blessed (happy) is he that read- Ephesus lays now in ruins, and caneth. That is, so as to understand it, and not be identified. live according to its divine precepts. Laodicea is the abode of foxes and Many have read it, and cursed the au- jack alls, &c. thor as a fool or a madman, simply Smyrna is still a large, flourishing because they could not understand or and commercial city. comprehend his meaning, nor make Philadelphia, called by the Turks merchandise of his book. How true Alla Shehr, is still å populous and is the apostle's assertion, “the natural flourishing city; and so it is with Thy(unconverted) man receiveth not the atira ; but Pergamos and Sardis both things that are spiritual,” because spi- lay in ruins. ritually discerned, and they are fool. Peace be unto you. This is purely ishness to him ;” but “the spiritual Hebrew, and the usual mode of saluman judgeth all things, yea, the deep tation among the Jews to this day, things of God."

Da bib Sha-lom la-chem. The The time is at hand. When all the first time it occurs in the Bible is old testament prophecies shall be lite- when Joseph revealed himself to his rally fulfilled. *

brethren at the second meeting. Gen. 4 John, to the seven churches which 43 : 23. And when our spiritual Joare in Asia, Ephesus, Pergamos, seph (Jesus) revealed himself to his Smyrna, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadel- disciples the second time after his rephia, Laodicea, see verse 11. These surrection, he said Peace be unto you. churches were not stately edifices, as Luke, 24 : 36. When the apostles some imagine, but simply congrega- were sent out to preach, they were tions of christian believers. See chap. commanded to salute the house into 2:1. Epiphanius asserts that there which they went with Shalom lachem, was no public edifice in Thyatira un- and if the son of Peace, or a person til long after the revelations were who loved God, was in the house, he written.

would return their peace with Shalom

This is the sense in which we must understand at hand, in different parts of the scriptures. Matt. 26 : 46. Mark, 1:15.

5 And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful Witness, and the First-begotten of the dead, and the Prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood,

sholem. This was a welcome to the The seven spirits. The ministering pilgrim or stranger to make that house spirits of the seven churches of Asia. his home as long as he thought proper 5 The faithful witness. A title of to stay; but if the owner did not re- the Messiah; hence 00-me-he-min turn the salutation, then the traveller for a true and faithful witness. Tardeparted, and went off to some other gum on Jer. 42: 5. He is a faithhouse of peace or piety. The Ma- ful witness “ against sorcerers, adulhomedan mode of salutation is like terers, false swearers, and those that that of the Jews, Salem alikem ; the oppress the hireling in his wages, the Hindoos bo bo salem, and the Per

widow and the fatherless, and them sians the same as the Turks ; but John that turn the stranger aside from his has added a new item, that is grace,

right. Mal. 2:5. because under a new and gracious dis- The first-begotten of the dead. The pensation. See Matt. 10 : 12, 13.

first fruits of them that slept : for From him is, which was, since by man came death, by man and which is to come. This embraces came also the resurrection of the dead; the past, present, and future ex- for as in Adam all die, even so in istence, and proves beyond doubt that

Christ shall all be made alive, that Christ is Jehovah himself ; for this is is, be raised again from the grave the identical meaning of the Hebrew in the general resurrection at the last word composed of my Ye he, he shall day, when “some shall rise to the rebe, and 17 ha yah, he is, he was,

surrection of life and others to the rethe great I Am, self existent, unorigi- surrection of damnation.” nated, and eternal Jehovah. Exodus, The Prince of the kings of the 3:14. In Psalm 23 : 1, he is styled earth, or more properly, bo non min? Ye-ho-uah ro-e, Jeh orah, the King of the princes of the earth. my Shepherd. Christ applies this ti- Hos. 8-10. Thrones and dominions, tle to himself-I am the good Shepo principalities and powers, are all subherd, pastor, minister, the door of the ject to him : he is the King of kings, sheep, the life, the truth, and the way.

and Lord of lords, the creator and upHence “the voice of one crying in holder of all things : for “ he has all the wilderness, prepare ye the way of power in heaven and in earth.” “He Jehovah.(Jesus.) Here then is a full can create and he destroy.” He healdemonstration of his divinity. Hence

ed the sick, cleansed the lepers, raisthe holy and blessed God said to Mo- ed the dead, cast out devils, burst the ses, I am he that is, he that was, and bands of death, ascended on high, led he that is to come in the flesh.) Sher- captivity captive, and received gifts moth Rab. sec. 3, fol. 73-2.

for the rebellious, even the sons of men.

6 And hath made us kings and priests unto God and

Unto hi
that loved us.

This he sus Christ, the Son of God, cleanseth demonstrated by dying for us rebels, from all sin.” 1 John, 1:7. And withthe just for the unjust, to bring us to out the shedding of blood, and the apGod.

plication of it, there can be no remis"O for this love, let rocks and hills

sion of sins. Baptism is the outward “ Their lasting silence break,

and visible sign of the inward and spi" And all harmonious human tongues ritual

grace, that is, regeneration. A “ The Savior's praises speak. "Angels, assist our mighty joys,

sign cannot be the thing signified, nor "Strike all your harps of gold,

can the shadow be the substance. If " But when you raise your highest notes,

baptism, therefore, is regeneration, we “ His love can ne'er be told."

are justified by the deeds of the law, To love is to yield up the heart or which is impossible if the Bible be life to the object of our affections, but true. The rabbins assert that no priest Christ gave his life for his enemies, can officiate in the sanctuary until he his very murderers. Is there then ano

washes himself in water ten times from ther instance of such disinterested be- head to foot. He then wipes himself, nevolence on record ? We presume not.

and puts on the white garments. And washed us from our sins. That Mishna Yoma, chapter 3, sec. 3, 4. is from the guilt and pollution of sin,

This evidently shows that no man is all the filthiness of flesh and spirit. fit to minister in holy things but he This was typified under the law by whose sins are all washed


in the washing and cleansing of sacrifices the blood of the Redeemer. on the altar before they were offered

6 And hath made us kings. They by the priest.*

were spiritual kings, to rule with In his own blood. Not in water, nor

meekness and mildness the church of by the washing of water: this cannot the living God. Christ has never take away sin, but “the blood of Je- as yet placed a proud, haughty min

* Moses washed Aaron with water, and dipped his finger in the blood of atonement, and then put the blood on his right ear, and on the tip of the thumb of his right hand, and on the great toe of his right foot, and this was done before he officiated in public. Lev. 8 : &c. This was to show Aaron and all his posterity that no person is fit for the ministry but he whose sins are washed away in the blood of the atonement; and it also indicated that it was necessary to be washed from head to foot. Our Lord himself fulfilled this a short time before his death. See John, 13: 9. He told his disciples if he washed them not, they had no part in him; he first washed them with water outwardly, and after this washed them inwardly in his own precious blood. This was the substance of what was shadowed under the law; and from this we may learn that no man who is not washed in the blood of the Lamb of God, and called to the office of the ministry by the Spirit of God, is fit for it.

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