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With respect to the nature and object of the follow

ing work, the Author begs to refer to the Prefaces · to the First and Second Series. Her aim has been

still the same,—to lead the young to an intelligent and practical study of the first and best of all histories, and in the present instance, more particularly, of the history of the Christian Church in its first origin, as given in the unerring pages of God's Holy Word.

The general assistance already adverted to, as received from Commentators and other Biblical writers, as well as from private criticism, is again gratefully acknowledged; of a more specific obligation to any previous publication on the subject the Author is not aware.

The work thus brought to a close is sent forth with no little anxiety; yet not without a hope, and a prayer to God, that, imperfect as it is, it may, under

the divine blessing, prove, in many instances, a help to Christian pupils in obtaining, at an early period, sound and interesting views of the history of their Holy Faith.

Barbados, 26th August, 1839.

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