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INTRODUCTION –Advantage of cotemporary history-

Necessity of developing the Society of Orangemen — Protestane

Ascendancy-First germ of Union in Mr. Pitt's mind — Bishop

of Cloyne's controversy - System of terrifying by false alarms

Religious dissension fomented in Armagh Lord Clare made

Chancellor — Strength of the Ascendancy party - Mr. Pitt's

conduct towards the Catholics-Mr. Pitt's conduct to the Protesta

ant parties, and his view to Union - Turbulence of the country

encreased Mr. Pitt divides the Whig party in England, False

charges against Mr. Fay and others – Mr. Piti's conspiracy do

gainst Catholic Emancipation-Persecutions in Armagh—Peace-

able resolutions of the Catholics of Lirgan Commencement of

the Orange Society ---Spirit and progress of Orangeism - Mr.

Giffärd tlié founder of the Orangemen - Orangemerr grow more

ferocious, and are encouraged - Lurgan Magiftrates encourage

Orangemen ---Conviction of Mr. Greer for denying juftice-Con:

spiracy agaiiift Mr. Coile — Conspirators retract and own their,

crime-How Mr. Coile was prevented from prosecuting other

Magistrates and what justice done to Orange delinquents — Mis-

chief of Orangism kep: from the public-Alarming progress of

Orangeism - Evidence of the Armagh magiftrates agaiuft the

Orangemen - Specchi of Lord Gosford-How Ld. Gosford ap-

pointed governor of Armagh. His upright sprit-Legisiative acts

not always authentic ground for history—The debates in parlia.'

ment the only historical source of information-Nature of propɔ.

sed amendment to the Attorney General's bill-Outiayeous con-

duct of the Orange magistrates in Armagh–Insurgency and In-

demnity Bills passed-Partiality for Orangemen & their triumph,

Address of the Grand Jury of Armagh self-adulatory -Govern-

ment finds the Orangemen useful - Bad effects of Government's

encouraging the Orangemen-Original obligation of Orangemen

-Inefficient remedy in Armagh -Firmness of Mr. Coile in de.

manding redress, and bringing to light the form of the oath of

Orangemen - Further proofs of the oath of extermination


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Adminiftration of the EARL OF HARDWICE.

Principles of the new administration Parliamentary debates
on Irish matters- -Important debates in the Lords on the mar-
tial law bill-Lord Hardwicke's arrival in Dublin- State of
Parties on the change of Ministers -Mr. Pitt's friends against
Mr. Addington's administration Opening symtoms of Lord
Hardwicke's administration-Lord Hardwicke's consistence
Messrs Sirr and Sandys--Peace with France, and meeting of
Parliament-State of parties-Effect of Peace-Internal spirit in
Ireland - Death of Lord Clare


arrangements after
Lord Clare's death-Case of Mr. Napper Tandy, Mr. Tandy &
others arrested at Hamburgh-Mr. Tandy involved in the capi-
tulation of the Helder-Mr. Tandy sent from Hamburgh to Ire-
land=-Mr. Tandy cleared-Base attempt at Mr. Tandy's life —
Contrivance of Government against Mr. Tandy-Irish finances
and Mr. Foster-Dissolution of Parliament- Causes of internal
discontent-Viceregal tour- _ Parliament meets Mr. Abbot re-
elected Speaker- Col. Despard's conspiracy-The obligation -
Trial of the conspirators-Disturbances in the south put down-
Successful exertions of Lord Donoughmore to keep the peace-
State of parties in the new parliament-Preparations for war
Parliamentary proceedings respecting Ireland - Frifh poor
Measures of Lord Hardwicke's Government-Symtoms of insur-
gency--Commencement of Mr. R , Emmett's insurrection
Continuance of Emmett's insurrection-General ambiguous con-
duct of Government--Conduct of Lord Lieutenant and others-
Final cataftrophe of the rebellion-Government measures after
the danger-Russell's insurrection in the North-Russell's pro-
clamation-Further caution of Government-fudges under mi-
litary escort-King's message and cautionary bills – Catholic's
address to the Ld. Lieutenant and his answer-New system of
severity-Further cautionary measures-Mr. Hutchinson's moris
07 on the state of Ireland-Prorogation of Parliament & furthor

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caution. -Apprehension, trial and execution of Emmett
Trials in the North, Mr. Russell Peculiar imbecility of
Government -System of secret rigor -General conduct
of official men- -Parliament convened, King's speech and
address -Renewal of coercion and debates thereon-Further
acts of the legislature- -Dwyer surrenders to Mr. Hume
Mr. Wickham retires from ill health- -Fürther cautionary
measures -King's illness and conduct of Ministers-
Ministers called upon by Mr. Grey-Linen duty imposed
Sir John Wrottesley's motion on the rebellion-Lord Redesdale's
correspondence with Lord Fingal - Mr. Perceval's justifica-
tion of Lord Redesdale- -Mischief of unfair representation
of the people. Mr. Pitt- Debates in Parliament affecting
Ireland- -Mr. Pitt's influence and duplicity - Mischievous
inconsistency of military service.


Mr, Arthur's case.

p. 271


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