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13 And he sendeth 8 And he sent Peforth two of his disci- ter and John, laying, ples,

Go and prepare us the

pafsover, that we may 18 And he said, Go and faith unto 10 And he said unto into the city to such a them, Go ye into the them, Eehuld, when man,

city, and there shall ye are entred into the
meet you a man bear- city, there shall a man
ing a pitcher of water: meet you, bearing a
follow him.

pitcher of water : fol-
a low him

into the house where

he entreth in.
14 And wheresoever 11 And ye shall say

he shall go in, say ye unto the good man of and say unto him, to the good man of the house, The master The mafer faith, the house, The master faith unto thee,

faith, My time is at hand, I will keep the paflover at thy house with my disciples.

Where is the Where is the guest-chamber, where guest-chamber where I shall eat the paifo- I shall eat the passover ver with my difciples? with my disciples ?

15 And he will 12 And he shall Thew you a large upper shew you a large uproom furnished and per room furnished: prepared : there make there make ready.

ready for us.
19 And the disci 16 And his disci 13 And they went
ples did as Jesus had ples went forth, and and found as he had
appointed them, came into the city, said unto them :

and found as he had
faid unto them :

Pafover. On which he ordered Peter and Join to repair to Jerusalem, and there make ready the Paffover, which he intended to celebrate in the City together with his Apostes ; telling them that at their entrance into it they should meet a Man bearing a Pitcher of Water, whom he charg'd them to follow into the House whither he went, and in his name to borrow of the Master a convenient Room for him and his Apostles; who, faid felis, will immediately show you a large upper Room furnish'd; there make ready the Passover. The Apostles according to these Orders went to Ferrfalem, and at their entrance into it, what Felses had






and they made and they made and they made ready the passover. ready the pafiover. ready the patlover.

20 Now when the 17 And in the even 14 And when the even was come, he ing he cometh with hour was come, he sac fat down with the the twelve.

down, and the twelve twelve.

apostles with him.

18 And as they fat, 21 And as they did and did car, Jelus faid, cat, he said, Verily 1 Verily I say unto you, 21 But behold, the say unto you, that one One of you hand of him thar be. of you shall betray me.

Thall betray me,

trayeth me, with

me on the table. as which cateth with me. 22 And they were 19 And they began 23 And they began exceeding forrowful, to be forrowful, and to enquire among and began every one to say unto him one themselves, which of of chein to say unco by one, Is it I? and them it was that should him, Lord, is it I? another said, Is it I do this thing.

23 And he ansiver 20 And he answered and said, He that ed and said unto them, dippeth his hand with It is one of the twelve, me in the dish, the that dippeth with me same shall betray me.

in the dish. 24 The Son of man 21 The Son of man 22 And truly the goeth, as it is written indeed goeth, as it is Son of man goech, as ic of him : but wo unto written of him : but was determined 1 buc the man by whom the wo to that man by wo unto that man by Son of man is betray- whom the Son of man whom he is betrayed. ed: it had been good is betrayed : good were for that man, if he had it for that man if he not been born. had never been born.

foretold them fell out accordingly. In that place therefore they prepard the Paschal Lamb the day after. Now when the Sun was set, and the Hour approach'd in which the Jews were wont to eat the Passover, Jejis repair'd to the House with his twelve Apostles, and there sat down with them. Whilst they were at Table he said unto them, I tell you of a truth, one of you that now sup with me Mall betray me to the Sanhedrim. Upon hearing this the Apostles were fadly afflicted, not knowing whom Jesus meant ;, and every one ask'd him singly whether it were Him he meant or no? Jesus replied that it should be one of the twelve; and that they might perceive he was not far from him, he told them it was one of those that eat out of the fame Dish with him ; for the time is at hand in which I Thall be put to death according to the Prophecies concerning me: but moít dreadful Punishments thall befal the Man that will betray me; much better would it bave bin Ooo 2


the cup

the cup,




25 Then Judas, which betrayed him,answered, and said, Master, is it I? He said unto him, Thou hast said.

26 And as they 22 And as they did i were eating, cat,

1 Cor. Chap. XI.. Jesus cook bread, Jesus. cook bread, 19. And he took' 24 And when he had and blessed 'it, and and blessed, and brake bread and gave thanks, given thanks, he brake brake it, and gave it it, and gave to them, and brake it, and gave it, and said, to the disciples, and and said,

unto them, saying,
Take, eac ;
Take, eat;

Take, eat;
this is my body.
this is my body.

This is my body this is my body, ·

Be which is given for you: which is broken for

this: do in remem- you: this do in remembrance of me.

brance of me. 27 And he cook the 23 And he cook che 20 Likewise, also

25. After the fame cup, сир,

manner also be took leit after supper,

when he had supped, and gave thanks, and when he had. and gave them, given thanks, he gave

it to chem, saying, 24 And he said saying,

saying, unto them, Drink ye all of it :

28 For this is my This is my blood This cup is the This cup is che blood of the new of the new testament, new testament in my new cestament in my testiment, , which is which is shed for blood, which is shed blood :ihed for many

many, for the remiffion of sins. , for him not to have bin born. Then Judas ask'd him whether it was him he meant; which Jesus own'd to him in a low Voice, without giving him any Reprimand, or so much as ordering him to depart the Room.

Whilst they were at Supper, Jesus touk up the Bread., and having given thanks to God for his bounteous liberality to Men, he brake it, and divided it among his Apostles, adding these words : Take, eat, this is my Bady which is broken for you; Do this hereafter which you see me now do, not as a memorial of the Deliverance of the Feros from the Tyranny of the Egyptians, but in remembrance of me. Like wife after Supper he took the Cup filld with Wine ; and having given thanks to God, be deliver'd it to his Apostles, bidding them all drink of it, and telling them that this was his Blcod, by the shedding of which God. would enter into a new League.with. Men, and the Sins pot only

of them but of many others also should be


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for you.





. CHA P. XIV. GHA P. XXII. 1 Cor. Chap. XI.

this do ye, as oft as ye drink it, in

remembrance of me.
* and they all drank :
of it...

15 And he said un.
unto them, with de-
fire I have desired
to eat this paflover
with you before I suf-

16 For I say unto you,

I will not any more eat thereof, until: it be fulfilled in the kingdom of God.

17 And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and said, Take chis,

and divide it among 29 But I say unto 25 Verily I say un 18 For I say unto you, I will not drink to you, I will drink you, I will not drink henceforth of this no more of the fruit of the fruit of the fruit of the vine, of the vine,

vine, uncil that day until that day until the kingwhen I drink ir new that I drink it new in dom of God shall come. : in my Fathers king: the kingdom of God. dom...

your felves.

expiated. As often as you commemorate me, observe this Rite which you have feen me afe. And they all drank of the Cup.

Afterwards he said unto them: I have greatly desired to celebrate this last Paffo ver with you before I die; for I shall no more participate of any other with you as a Memorial of a Deliverance, till you are with me in the Kingdom of Heaven, and we there celebrate together your Deliverance from the miseries of this transitory Life. Having thus said, he took up a second Cup'of Wine ; and giving thanks again to God, he deliver'd it to hin that sat next; and commanded his Apostles to Mare it amongst them, adding that he Mould no more drink of that Cup with them, nor celebrate any other Deliverance, than that which they should enjoy together with him in the Kingdom of Heaven, after their freedom from all the Evils of this. mortal Lifs.

C H A P,




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'N the spaffover, when

Jesus knew that his hour was come, that he should depart out of this world unto the Father, having loved his own which were in the world, he loved them unto the end.

2 And supper being ended, (the devil having now put into the heart of Judas Iscariot, Simons son, to betray him)

3 Jesus knowing that the Father had given all things into his hands, and that he was come from God, and went

to God,
24 And there was also a
furite among them, which of


Jesus recommends humility to his Apostles, bimself condescending to wash their

Feet. He acquaints them that bis Death draws nigh, and that be should be in a very little mbile betray'd by Judas. After bis departure he discourses again to them of his Death, commands the Apostles to love one another, forewarns Peter of his denial of bim, and comforts bis Apostles.

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'ESUS having all along intirely loved his Apostles, and having told them before

the Passover that his Death drew nigh, he should shortly take his leave of Men, and return to his heavenly Father, did not cease all the while he continued among his Apostles to give them evident Marks of his constant good will towards them, by such Words and Actions as we shall now relate.

Tho Jefus knew the Design of Judas against his Life (who, as we have related, gave himself up to the Delusions of the Evil Spirit, and determind to betray his Master to the Jews, but continued still in his Company, so daring was his Impudence) and was able to execute whatever he pleas’d by the Authority receiv'd from his heavenly Father, from whom he came, and to whom he knew he was quickly to return; yet he did not obstruct him in his Design, nor express himself with less tenderness to the relt of his Apoftles.

These now imagining (so great was their blindness then) that the time was come when their Naiter Mhould reign as King over them, began to contend who should

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