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CHAP. LX. P. 470. Thefe now imagining] Perhaps these things happened before the inftitution of the Eucharift, but I would not invert the Order, fince nothing hinders but that there should be fometimes, in fuch a Narration, a steer weereens much this makes nothing to the perfpicuity of the things to be related. Something like it fecms to be alfo in Luke, in the very Narration of the Inftitution before mentioned. Wherefore I have divided and tranfpos'd it, that it might be made to agree with the other Gofpels, but without any alteration of the Senfe.

CHAP. LXI. p. 483. I and my Disciples.] Here John feems to have omitted Jesus's departing out of the Room, which muft therefore be fupplied from the other Golpels Certainly there is not a more fit place to put that Circumftance in at

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P.511. The whole Sanhedrim being affembled.] viz. To proceed legally, and hear and condemn the Guilty in the ufual place, not in the House of the High Prieft.

CHAP. LXIII. p. 520. Out of envy to the great Esteem.] As it seems Pilate knew before this time what was reported of Jesus.; certainly he very well knew that he had stirred up no Sedition in Judat, or any in Galilee; he was not accused of any thing by Herod Hence he easily believ'd him, fpeaking of a Kingdom that was not at all earthly. There fore he endeavoured (tho not as he might have done) to deliver him from the madness of the Jews.

but fo the matter muft. be understood, as all things that go before and follow do evidence.. See at Can. XIII. in Diff. 2.

P. 524. About three hours after Sun-rifing.] I would not have any thing altered in John;

P. 526. Now Judas who] I have not improperly brought into this place the Hiftory of Judas's Defpair, that the Hiftory of Christ's Condemnation might not be interrupted.; fince it is plain enough out of Mat. 27.3. that Judas fell into defpair after he had feen his Master condemned. I have alfo transferred to this place the Circumftances out of the. Acts of the Apoftles, which Luke had not written in his Gofpel. In the Hiftory fubjoin'd, I have fhewn how I think he is to be made to agree with Matthew. I might: here fhew befides how Judas might be faid rhoadal, to poffefs the Field which the Priefts afterwards bought with the Money they paid him. But this belongs to a Commentary.

P. 533. One of the Thieves, &c.] See what is faid concerning this place at Can. XVII.

Ibid: Who before his. Crucifixion] This I collect from the expreffion of the. Thief, who might not have committed the Robbery till the Day he was taken: For Punishments are inflicted for Robberies formerly committed. I know fome are wont to feign that here was a fudden alteration, and fay the Thief by an Infpiration understood that Jefus was innocent, and the Meffiah. But Luke having not one word of that matter, I have not doubted to oppose another, which feems more a greeable to this Conjecture, that is not very probable.


CHAP. LXV. p. 545. That he would go before them into Galilee, &c.] The Angels did not deceive the Women, but Chrift performed more than they had promifed, becaufe in that very day he fhewed himself to his own five times.

P. 548. But Mary continued at the Monu ment] Whither he had returned, having fol lowed Peter and John.


CHAP. LXVI. p. 551. That they should go into Galilee, c. In this very day, as I faid, he was befides three times feen by his Difciples, performing thereby more than he had promised. Perhaps he was willing to try. the Faith of the Apofiles; the fight of him, as it feems, being deferred for fome days; which being notwithstanding fomewhat w2-vering,

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vering, he thought fit to fupport by being prefent, and talking with them.

Ibid. He fered himself to Peter.] This we have from Paul, neither could this appearing of Chrift be placed at another time, unlefs it be referred to that time in which the two Difciples returned from Emmaus to Jerufalem, of whom hereafter: For returning, they found the Apoftles talking of that appearing.

P. 554. They returned immediatly with great hafte, &c.] Perhaps on Horfes, or in a Charior; for without doubt they were greatly defirous of communicating, as foon as they could, to the Apoftles that happy News. Therefore if we fuppofe that they reached Emmaus about the evening, they might eafily return to Jerufalem about the middle of the firft Watch, if they were carried on Horseback, or in a Chariot; a little later, if they returned on foot. But if that Village was fo near, you will fay, they came thither late, fince they began their Journy before mid-day? Without doubt fomething retarded them, which being nothing to the purpose, Luke justly omitted it; neither can we guess what it was, because many things might delay them after they had fet out.

P.557. After your return out of Galilee, c.] The Narration of the other Evangelifts fhews that this was to be inferted, as alfo what St. Paul fays, 1 Cor. 15. tho Luke, who omitted all the appearings in Galilee, fubjoins

the laft manifeftation. Of which matter fee what I have faid at Can. XV. in Diff. 2.

P. 559. He went into Galilee, &c.] That the Apoftles did not wait longer at Jerufalem, the repeated Commands given them of going into Galilee, incline us to believe, and the returning of the Apoftles from thence into Judea not long after, whereas they were there ten days before the Pentecoft.

CHAP. LXVII. p. 562. So Jefus the third time to many Difciples at once, &c.] What went before fhews us that this is thus to be understood: On the very day of his Refurrection Jefus was seen by ten Apoftles, Thomas being abfent; eight days after by Thomas and others; the third time by the feven men here fpoken of.

P. 564. Went to a certain Mountain, &c.] I have here unavoidably broken the Thred of St. Matthew's Hiftory. See Can. 15. Diff. 2.

P. 566. And at length to all the Apostles,&c.] Perhaps this appearing might be looked upon as the fame with the following one, tho I have diftinguish'd it. I thought fit to add thefe fhort Notes to my Hiftory, to fhow in a few words how the feeming Contradictions in the Gofpels may be reconciled, and to give fome account of the method I have followed in compiling my Harmony. I did not defign to explain the things themselves, which perhaps I may do hereafter.


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