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ham, Miss Jamima Carnegie Nupier, youngest 16. At his seat of Nuthill, in the county of daughter of the latu Major General the Hon. Mark Fife, in the 821 year of his native lift, da bo Napier.

Bruce, Esq. of Grangchill and Falkland. 20. At the Manse of Alvie, Charlotte Grant, wife - At his house, in Mintu Stroe, N Wipti of the Rer. Mr John M Donald, iniuister of that Thomas Riddell, Esq. younger of Cammiesi parish.

At Norton Place, Mr John Nick dita - At Braehead House, Miss Margaret Howison 17. At the manse of Muthill, the Rer, Juta Craufurd, eldest daughter of the Rev. James Russell. Howison M. Craufurd, of Braehead.

--- At Newcastle, aged 67 years, the Rer. Dari 31. At Edinburgh, Miss Mary Ogilvie, youngest M'Indoe of the Scotch Church, in the Gras daughter of the late Alex. Ogilvie, Esq. Auchiries. Market.

April 1. At Orwell, near Kinross, James Skel- -- At Glasgow, Peter Buchanan, Esq. of Aged ton.

mar". - At his house in Portsburgh, Mr Jas. Inglis. - At Gallowberry, John Corrie, Esq. of Gal.

- At Edinburgh, George Russell, Esq. of Inch, lowberry writer to the signet.

- At Leith, Mr William Hunter, tide-sarTEFCT 3. At Edinburgh, James Bell, Esq. advocate. of customs there,

- At Windsor Street, Cecil Joseph, youngest 18. At Dalyell Lodge, John Charles, only son of son of Samuel Joseph, Esq.

John Dalyell, Esq. - At his house, in Smith's Place, Leith Walk, - At 17, Abercromby Place, Edinburgh, Hea in the 630 year of his age, and 38th of his ministry, Isabella Wedderburn Scryingevur, daugbier of the Rev. Thomas Aitchison, pastor of the first Henry Wedderburn, of Wedderburn and Birkhil, United Associate Congregation, Leith.

Esq. 4. At Leslie, Mrs Ireland, aged 79.

- At her house, Heriot Row, Mrs S. C. CampAt Knockbay, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of bell, relict of Major John Campbell of the 7Gsb Colonel John Porter of Knockbay.

regiment of foot. - At Dreva, Mr John Tweedie, junior, writer 19. At her house, India Street, Edinburgh, Mrs in Edinburgh.

Stewart of Stenton. 5. At the Mill of Arntully, parish of Kinclaren, 20. At Edinburgh, Mr James Millar, late writer Mr Thomas Stewart, in the 101st year of his age. and surveyor of taxes in the county of Fue.

- At 25, India Street, Robert Douglas, Esq. of - At Stirling, after a long illness, Hugh, elds Better Hope, Demarara.

son of the late Alexander M'Lean, Esq. Auch- At Mayfield, May Ferguson Robertson, third atenny, aged 16 years. daughter of the late James Robertson, Esq. writer - At Edinburgh, James, youngest son of Juha to the signet.

Tawse, Esq. advocate. - At Leith, Charles John, eldest son of Lieut. 21. At his house, Marine Cottage, Pirniefield Charles Smith, Royal Navy,

John Rhind, Esq. cashier to the Edinburgh 6. At Glasgow, Major Alexander Mackay, Lag- Friendly Insurance Society. gan, Islay.

- At Nelson Street, Mr Thomas Ivory, en At Shaftsbury House, Bayswater, William

graver. Davidson, Esq.

22. At West Lauriston, Elizabeth Hamilton 7. At Duke Street, Leith, Mr Anthony Laird, Glen, youngest daughter of the late Captain Glen, cooper and fish-curer there.

Royal Navy. At Melville Mill, Lasswade, Mr Alexander At his seat, Conon House, after a short illBrown.

ness of inflammatory fever, Sir Hector MaeAt Edinburgh, Robert Beatson, youngest kenzie of Garloch, Bart., Lord Lieutenant of the son of Mr W. A. Lawrie, writer to the signet.

county of Ross. 7. At Portobello, Joseph Williamson, Esq. prin- 23. At Edinburgh, Lieutenant the Hon. Frede cipal clerk of teinds, aged 82.

rick Forbes, of the 17th regiment of foot, third 8. At Edinburgh, Catherine Ann Bennett, wi- son of General Lord Forbes, in his 23d year. dow of Captain James Nicholson, of the Royal At 33, Ann Street, St Bernard's, Mrs Jean LusNavy.

die, spouse of Mr Archibald Lundie, writer to the 9. At North St James's Street, Margaret, signet. youngest daughter of the late Mr James Saunders, - At Edinburgh, Miss Janet Leslie, only daughwriter to the signet, and wife of Mr Thomas Be- ter of the late George Leslie, Esq. of Coberty. veridge, writer, Edinburgh.

- At India Street, Sophia Marianne, only 10. In the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, of typhus daughter of the late Mr Douglas, Orcbardieli fever, caught in the discharge of his duty, Mr Place. Samuel Gordon, physician's clerk.

24. At Kirkdale, Ramsay Hannay, Esq. - At Ann Street, Stockbridge, Christina Ho- - At No. 3, Mound Place, Mrs Jane Wright, garth, third daughter of Mr Alex. Ballantyne. widow of Mr Robert Norrie.

- At Newtonlees, near Dunbar, aged 76, Mr 29. At Vogrie, James Dewar, Esq. of Vogrie. Grive Wilson.

30. At Bo'ness, William, second son of Mr 11. At Newton Don, near Kelso, after a very Stephens of the Grammar School. short illness, occasioned by a spasmodic affection - At his lodgings, James' Square, D. J. Stewof the stomach, Sir Alexander Don, Bart. M.P. an, Esq. apothecary to the forces. of Newtondon.

Lately. At Carthagena, on his way to Bogota. - At Edinburgh, Ann Elizabeth, eldest daugh- in the service of the Colombian Republic, Colonel ter of Coll. Macdonald, Esq. writer to the signet. William Henry Hamilton.

- At her house, Euston Place, New Road, - Ac Paris, the Right Hon. Lady Susan Doug London, the Hon. Mrs Boyd, widow of the Hon. las, a lady of considerable beauty, and most fasci Charles Boyd, and daughter of the deceased Alex. nating manners. Her Ladyship was daughter to Lockhart, Esq. Lord Covington, one of the Sena- the late, and sister to the present, Earl of Duotors of the College of Justice.

more. - At Edinburgh, the Rev. Duncan Forbes, Lately. At Liverpool, Edward Airy, Esq., compM.D.

troller of his Majesty's Customs, at the port of 12. At Lanark, Captain John Todd.

Whitehaven. 13. At Edinburgh, in her 79th year, Mrs Helen Lately. At Liverpool, Sir William Barton, Kat. Waite, relict of Mr John Tait, farmer in Roxburgh one of the oldest merchants of the town engaged West Mains.

in the West India trade, and for many years pro13. In Regent Street, London, Mrs Fauntleroy, cipal of the firin of Messrs Barton, Irlam, and mother of the late unhappy Henry Fauntleroy. Higginson.

14. Agnes Bailie, daughter of Mr H. G. Dick- Lately, at Petersburgh, in the 88th year of his son, writer to the signet.

age, the Russian Privy Councillor Prince Grego- At Monton Corbet, the only son of Colonel riewitsch Dniebow. Hargreaves of Ornerod Hall, Lancashire.

At Moscow, the celebrated Count Rostop15. At Dundonnell-house, Ro89-shire, Kenneth chin. Mackenzie, Esq. of Dundonnell,


A bjuration, 25

Byron papers, remarks on the, 335
Acted Charades, No. I. 558—No. II. 560 Charades, acted ones, 558
-No. III. 564

Christmas gifts, remarks on various pub-
Adamson, Gabriel, story of, 252

lications intended for, 80
Africa, review of Denham and Clapper Church of England, remarks on the pre-
ton's discoveries in, 687

sent state, and probable future pros-
Agriculture, remarks on, 287–Clamour pects of the, 36-On the use of the

against the corn-laws, 289— Interests word " Trinity,” ib.—On the titles be.
of agriculture, commerce, and manu- stowed upon the King, 37-On the
factures undivided, 290—The new sys- mode of administering the Lord's Sup-
tem of free trade considered, 294— Its per, 38—On Baptism, ib.—The burial
operation on agriculture, 297—On the service, 40—Extracts from the book of
cultivation of light lands, 294-Conse- canons, 41--Remarks on these, 42
quences of allowing free importation Clapperton and Denham's travels in Af-
of corn, 300—The ruin of agriculture rica, review of, 687
must be followed by those of commerce College, a wedding at, 550
and manufactures, 302–Effects of a Cook and Housewife's Manual; by Mrs
free trade in corn on the nation gene- Margaret Dods, of the Cleikum Inn,
rally, 304—The restrictive system the St Ronans, remarks on the, 651
foundation of the wealth, happiness, Corn markets, 37, 232, 617, 757

and grandeur of the country, 311 Cottages, observations on, 241-Contrast
Airlie, Adam, the elder, and his family, between a town house in Heriot-row,
story of, 254

and a cottage in the country, ib.-
Ambrosianæ, Noctes, No. XXIV. 211- Comforts of a cottage to a family from
No. XXV. 490-No. XXVI. 737

town, 242-Smoke, creepers, ib.-
American Ornithology, review of Wil- Moths, beetles, rats, mice, &c. 243-
son's, 661

Cattle, ib.—Bees, damp, 244–Com-
Anspach, Margravine of, remarks on an forts of sleeping in a cottage, 245-

article concerning her in the New Beauties of a bona fide cottage, 246—
Monthly Magazine, 470

Cottage of Hill-foot; the schoolmaster
Appointments and promotions, military, and his wife, 248–Cottage of Windy-
99, 234, 620, 760

knowe, the gudewife and her three
Aristodemo, review of Monti's tragedy daughters, 250—The Rowan-tree hut,
of, 173

Aggy Robinson the carrier, 251-Cot-
Atlantes, the island of, 87

tage of the Seven Oaks and its wretch.
Auto-biography of Mansie Wauch, tailor ed inmates, ib.--Cottage of the Broom,

-The bloody business, 76-My first Gabriel Adamson and Alice Gray, 252
and last play, 347—The barley-fever - Leaside cottage ; Adam Airlie, the
and rebuke, 574

elder and his family, 251-Highland
Axel, a popular Swedish poem, free cottages, 256–Blind Donald Roy, 257
translation of, 184

- Address to a wild-deer, 258– West.
Balmaquhapple, the great muckle village morland cottages, 264
of, a song, 739

Country Curate, the, Chap. I. The
Bankruptcies, list of British, 236, 623, poacher, 5– Chap. II. 9-Chap. III.

13—Chap. IV. The shipwreck, 137—
Birds, observations on, 105—Introduc- Chap. V. The fatalist, 143—Chap. VI.

tory remarks, ib.—The black bird, 106 The smugglers, 529
-The thrush, 107—The starling, 108 Dead girl, to the picture of, 88

- The grey lintie, 109--A confession Deaths, 103, 239, 627, 765
of first love, ib.-British song birds, Denham and Clapperton's Discoveries
110— Reinarks on confining birds in in Africa, review of, 687
cages, 111

Devil's walk, the, 136
Births, 102, 239, 625, 764

Diary of an old citizen, excerpts from
Bismark, Count, and his works, remarks the, 272
on, 590

Distress, public, observations on the, 429
Blackwood's Magazine, observations on, Dods Meg, remarks on her System of

remarks upon it in the French Globe, Cookery, 651

Dramatic powers of the author of Waver.
Brookman, Will, a smuggler, history of, ley, on the, 152

Dramatic criticism, on cant in, 197
Bucclench, Duke of, songs on his birth. Dream, remarkable one, 736

day, by the Ettrick Shepherd, 217 Duke Phranza, the regicide, 344

Edwards, Charles, Esq. posthumous let. Halifax hospital, 161.-Chap. XIX,
ters of, 18

Story of Jack Adams, 165- Account
Emblems, 87

of the mutiny at the Nore, 166—Chap.
Ettrick Shepherd, the, his notions on ga- XIX. Story of the mutiny continued,

ming, 496—on cruelty to animals, 503 317.- Chap. XIX. Mutiny continued,
-His description of a storm on Yar- 415.-- Chap. XX. Story of Jack Adams
row, 743–Opinions on preaching, 745 continued, 671

--Quackery, 749--and concerts, 750 Marriages, 102, 239, 625, 735
Excerpts from the diary of an old citizen, Matilda, a tale of the day, review of, 27

Maxims to marry by, twenty-one, 568
Excursions among the villages of La Ven- May, the first of, 735
cée, 275

Melée, a, 358
Fatalist, the, 143

Meteorological tables, 233, 619, 759
First love, a confession of, 109

Metempsychosis, the, by a modern Py.
Free trade, remarks on Mr Huskisson's thagorean.--Chap. I. 511-Chap. II.
speech on, 474

518.--Chap. III. 521.-Chap. IV. 524.
French Globe and Blackwood's Maga- -Chap. V. 526
zine, remarks on the, 205

Military appointments and promotions,
Friendly epistle to John Bull, Esq. from 99, 234, 620, 760
One of the Old School, 631

Modern comic drama, remarks on the,
Galley stories, 358, 361, 364, 368

46-Love's Victory, or the School for
Geography of Central Africa, review of Pride, 49

Denham and Clapperton's Travels, 687 Moldavia and Wallachia, sketch of these
Grillparzer, Franz, review of his tragedy provinces, 721
of Sappho, 404

Monthly Magazine, the new, remarks on
Hannibal, Greek translation of Livy's an article in, 471
character of, 734

Monti, Vincenzo, review of his tragedy
Hebrew mother, the, 85

of Aristodemo, 173
Hodges, Dr, the means by which he pre- Moore's Life of Sheridan, review of, 113

served himself from the infection of My dog's epitaph ; by the Subaltern, 685
the plague, 134

Narrative of Travels and Discoveries in
Holy Alliance, copy of the treaty of the, Northern and Central Africa, review

of, 687
Holyrood, lines on, 733

Naval Sketch-Book, review of the, 353
Horæ Italicæ. No. II. Monti's Aristo- Noctes Ambrosianæ, No. XXIV. 211-
demo, 173

The Academy and High School, 213
Horae Germanicæ. No. XXI. Grill- -The Shepherd and the yeditor o'
parzer's tragedy of Sappho, 404

Blackwood's Magazine, 214.-No.
Hospital, a wedding in, 710

XXV. 490- Gaming, 496--Cruelty to
Huskisson, Mr, remarks on his speech animals, 503– Political economy, 506
on free trade, 474

No. XXVI. 737-Opening the Balaam
Kelly, Miss, on her acting of Lady Tea- Box, 738-Song, the great Muckle
zle, 179

Village of Balmaqubapple, 739— Who
Last man, the, 284

are the wittiest men of the day, 742
Laws and policy of the country, epistle Storm in Yarrow,743–Preaching, 745

on the innovations made on them by -Quackery, 749_Concerts, 750_A
ministers, 631

shepherd's life, 765-Song, Meg o'
Letter from Major Spencer Moggridge, 1 Marley, 756
from London, 462

Nugæ Literariæ, No. I.- Grattan, 133—
from the Rev. John Russell, A.M. Wellington, ib.- Most offensive of

monuments, ib.- Ambergris, 134—
Letters of E. B. Waverley to Malachi The plague, ib.- The devil's walk,

Molagrowther, remarks on the, 596 135
Lingard, Dr, reniarks on his History of Observations on birds, 105–On cottages,
England, 313

241-On streams, 375–On the causes
Literariæ Nuga, No. I. 133

of public distress, 429
Livy's celebrated character of Hannibal, Old school, friendly epistle from one of
Greek Translation of, 734

the, to John Bull, Esquire, 631
Love, disappointed, story of, 392

Ornithology, review of Wilson's Ameri-
Love's Victory, or the School for Pride, can, 661
a comedy, review of, 49

Parody on the Exile of Erin, 224
M'Culloch, Mr, remarks on his evidence Plagiarism, two kinds of, 135

before a committee of the House of Plague, on the contagion of the, 130-

Commons on the state of Ireland, 55 Dr Hodge's account of the means by
Malagrowther, Malachi, remarks on E. which he preserved himself from it, 134
B. Waverley's letters to, 596

Play, my first and last, 347
Jan, the Last, 284

Poachers, history of a family of, 5
Man-of-War's Man, the, Chap. XVIII. Poetry- A bjuration, 25-The poet's den,

82-Ode to a steam-boat, 83---The of Dr Macmichael's opinion on the
Hebrew mother, 85—The trumpet, subject of contagion, 130-On the dra.
86-Emblems, 87 --The island of At- matic powers of the author of Waver-
lantes, ib.– To the picture of a dead ley, 152-On cant in dramatie criti-
girl, on first seeing it, 88-Questions cism, 197—On the French Globe, and
and answers, 89-Stanzas for Music, Blackwood's Magazine, 205–On cot-
90—The dead trumpeter, ib.—To my tages, 241-On agriculture, 287-On
birdie, 131-The devil's walk, 136 Dr. Lingard's History of England, 313
-Axel, a popular Swedish poem, 184 -On the Byron papers, 335–On the
-Verses by Master Ambrose, 212- causes of the public distress, 429-On
Song to the Rhine, 215-A shepherd's the rise and progress of the empire of
life, 216–On the Duke of Buccleuch's Russia,447 – On Mr Huskisson's speech
birth-day, 217—Wat o'Buccleuch, 218 in defence of free trade, 474-On the
The life of an editor, 222— Verses to prodigality of words, 578—On Count
the eagle, 223--Parody on the Exile Bismark and his works, 590—On the
of Erin, 224-Address to a wild deer, letters of E. B. Waverley to Malachi Ma-
258-The saint and the Demon, 266 lagowther, 596-On Denham and Clap-
-Duke Phranza, the regicide, 344– perton's discoveries in Africa, 687
Song, “ St Patrick was a gentleman," Meg Dods's system of Cookery, 651
386 –To wood-pigeon, 460-My Reminiscences-Irish travelling. Messrs
dog's epitaph, 685—Holyrood, 733– Flood, Fitz-Gibbon, Grattan, Curran,
On the first of May, 735—The great &c. 267
Muckle Village of Balmaquhapple, Review-of Matilda, a tale of the Day,
739-Meg o’ Marley, 756

27-Of the comedy of Love's Victory,
Poetry, private, 587

49–Of Moore's Life of Sheridan, 113
Poet's Den, the, 82

-Of the tragedy of Aristodemo, 173
Political economy, vituperation of the -Of Remains and Memoirs of the

new system of, adopted by ministers, Rev. Charles Wolfe, 323-Of the Na.

val Sketch-book, 353-Of Wilson's
Posthumous letters of Charles Edwards, American Ornithology, 661
Esq. No. VI. 18

Review, Quarterly, of Dr Macmichael on
Prandiology, lectures on, 195

the plague, remarks on the, 130
Preface to Vol. XIX. of Blackwood's Russell, Rev. John, letter from, 489
Magazine, i

Russia, remarks on the rise and growth
Prices current, 98, 618, 758

of, 447—Sketch of the war against Na-
Private poetry, 587

poleon, 449—Russia the last hope of
Prodigality of words, remarks on, 578 the continent, 451 - Battle of Borodi.
Promotions and appointments, military, no, and ruin of the French army in its
98, 234, 620, 760

retreat from Moscow, 455— Treaty of
Public distress, on the causes of, 429- the Holy Alliance, 459— Death of

Paper currency not the only cause of Alexander, 460
fluctuation in the price of wheat, 431 Russian claims on the provinces of Wal-
-The additional amount of currency lachia and Moldavia, 721
put into circulation was not the cause Saint, the, and the Demon, 266
but the effect of, the rise in prices, and Saints at sea, 368
the increase of trade, 435--Foreign Sappho, a German tragedy, review of, 404
loans not the cause of the distress, 439 Schoolmaster, the, 248
--which is imputed to overtrading, in. Sheridan, review of his Life by Thomas
duced by the new system of free trade Moore, 113
introduced by ministers, 439--Effects

more last words of, 351
of the money panic, 442-Interfe. Shipwreck, account of one on the coast
rence with the Scotch banks depre- of Kent, 137
cated, 413

Smugglers, the, 529
Publications, monthly lists of new ones, Song, St Patrick was a gentleman, 350
93, 230, 610

Stanzas for music, 90
Quarterly review of Dr Macmichael, on

to my birdie, 131
the contagiou of the plague, remarks Steam-boat, ode to a, 83
on the, 130

Streams, observations on, 375–The great
Questions and answers, 89

want about Edinburgh is a river, 377–
Regicide, Duke Phranza, the, 344

St Mary's Lake,378— Ettrick and Yar-
Remains and Memoirs of the Rev. Charles row, 379-The Orchy, ib---The Falls
Wolfe, review of, 223

of the Beauley, 380--Song, ib.- The
Remarkable dream, 736

Fall of Foyers, 382-A Highland shep-
Remarks on the present state, and pro- herdess, 383– Journey from Edinburgh

bable future prospects of the church of on the top of the Dumfries mail-coach,
England, 36 --On Mr M'Culloch's evi- 384—The Bagmen, ib.– The Tweed,
dence on the state of Ireland, 55-On 387- The Crook Inn, ib.- Tweedside,
birds, 105 --On the Quarterly Review 389-Linn of the Rookan, 391-Dis-

appointed love, 392-Angling in the Wallachia and Moldavia, on the claims

Tweed, 397-A ruined castle, 398- of Russia to the supremacy of these
Tale of a shepherd and his family, ib. principalities, 721
- Breakfast on Tweedside, 399—An old Wat o' Buccleuch, 218

beggar and his wife, 400—Exaggera Wauch, Mansie, tailor, from the auto.
tion, 401–Lasses bathing in the Silver biography of, 76, 347, 574
Pool at Talla-Linns, 402

Waverley, on the dramatic powers of the
Subaltern, the, hisepitaph on his dog, 685 author of, 152
Tales of the wedding, No. I. 548—a wed- Waverley, E. B. remarks on his letters to

ding at college, 550—No. II. A wed- Malachi Malagrowther, 596
ding in hospital, 710

Wild deer, address to a, 258
Tegner, Esaias, translation of his poem Wilson's American Ornithology, review
of Axel, 184

of, 661
Titus, letter of, from London, 462 Wolfe, Rev. Charles, review of Remains
Trumpeter, the dead, 90

and Memoirs of, 228_Evidence of his
Twenty-one maxims to marry by. Ad- being the author of lines on the funeral
dressed to single gentleman, 568

of Sir John Moore, 489
Vendée, La, excursions among the vil. Wood-pigeon, verses to a, 460
lags of, 278

Words, remarks on prodigality of, 578
Verses to a wood-pigeon, 460

Works preparing for publication, 91,
on the First of May, 735

228, 618
Voice from the deep, 361


BIRTHS. Derry, 102

Leslie, 625

Rymer, 625
Adams, 239, 625 Dewar, 625

Lockhart, 764 Sands, 239
Agnew, 102 Dickson, 102, 625 Lumsden, 625 Scott, 625, ib.
Aitchison, 102 Dimma, 764 Lyell, 239

Shepherd, 764
Aiton, 625

Dodds, 625 Macauley, 625 Sinclair, 625
Alison, 625 Don, 625

Macdonald, 625, ib. Small, 239
Allan, 239
Duff, 239

Macdowall, 625, 764 Smart, 625
Anderson, 102, 239, Dunbar, 239, ib. Mackay, 625, ib. Smith, 625, ib.

Duncan, 625 Mackie, 764 Sommervill, 764
Baillie, 764
Elcho, 625

M‘Leod, 239, ib. Stark, 764
Balfour, 102 Elliott, 764

M'Neill, 625 Stephens, 625
Ballingall, 239 Ewing, 625 MʻQueen, 102, 239 Stevenson, 102, 625,
Barclay, 102, 764 Farie, 764

Mactier, 239

Bennett, 625 Fergus, 625, ib. Magee, 764 Stewart, 625, ib.
Black, 625
Filder, 765

Maginn, 239 Stirling, 764
Block, 764

Forbes, 239 Mathie, 764 Strangford, 239
Borthwick, 625 Forrest, 625 Maxwell, 239 Surrey, 625
Bremner, 625 Foskett, 625 Menzies, 102 Tait, 625
Brown, 625, 764 Fraser, 239, ib. 625 Mercer, 625 Tawse, 102
Bruce, 764

Fulton, 625 Millar, 102, 764 Telford, 625
Buchanan, 102 Gibson, 625, ib. Minto, 625

Tulloh, 625
Burn, 625
Gillon, 625

Montgomery, 239 Turnbull, 625
Burnet, 764 Gordon, 625 Morison, 102, 764 Tweeddale, 625
Cameron, 625 Gower, 625

Morson, 102 Tweedie, 764
Campbell, 239 Grahame, 625, 764 Murray, 102, 764 Tytler, 625
Cannan, 764 Greig, 102

Nairne, 102 Usher, 625, 764
Carnegie, 239, 625 Haldane, 764 Napier, 625 Wallace, 239
Cheyne, 102 Hall, 625, ib. Nisbett, 625 Watson, 625
Chisholm, 765 Hamilton, 239 Ogilvy, 764 Webster, 764
Christie, 764 Hill, 625

Paterson, 625 Wight, 625
Christison, 764 Hozier, 625 Paton, 764

Wishart, 239
Clanricarde, 625 Inglis, 625, 764 Pearson, 625 Wood, 239, 764
Clarke, 625, 764 Jerdan, 764 Philp, 625

Wyld, 625, 764
Clive, 239
Jordon, 625 Ponsonby, 625

Cookson, 102 Kennedy, 625 Radcliffe, 625 Abercromby, 239
Craigie, 764 Kerr, 764


625 Anderson, 102, 103,
Cross, 764
Kinnear, 625 Rattray, 102

Davidson, 625, 764 Kirkwood, 102 Renny, 625

Arbuthnot, 626
Dalyell, 764 Lang, 102

Renton, 239 Arnott, 627
Deans, 764
Lee, 625

Ritchie, 102 Barclay, 103

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