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June 27.1840. Rev. Ma.Gathereole read the prayers this morning with very great propriety."

July 26. 1840. Two valuable sermons from Mr. Gothercole, prom Gen.V.24 Res. 11.10 ; particularly the latter. Morning. I The coreak deseuled, unplies (1) Reconcilialun with God; (2) com munön with Him.; (3) Referring all things totus glory. II The results of that conse; his translation. Though 'ur com not expect to cheape death by freading in the stepoo Enoch Yet we may be prepaung for a future sale g bleskednedo. Such a caust however we can

- only take by the sistance of the Hedy Spirit. Everring. 1. The soluoma change given, emples () southplness in frofessing our attachment to Christ; (2) Faithfulnuos in holding Roof Pris Fruch ; (3) Faithfulness i obeying his mecepto I. The gracurus promise

indudes. The gift. a free uniesoud unspeakably valuable gift: (2) The Girth, the Lord Jesud ;( The time


its bestowhunt, after death

From Rio Jotin Nabon. Jouwal. 2.5. The place of worship pot named but supposed to be situated in the Kinnunglon Surrey..

9.8.florer. Olmay-emaz. 20.1859

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Preferment. Rw.ll. . Gathercole Chatteris V. Cambridge

Gent. Mag. Oct.1845. p. 414,

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Slärand, Dec. 18.194. Deathe.

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Chutters, the Rew. Gathercole, lote vier

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