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joyfully .Thy Will be done,' or to give thanks for returning health. Not that I wish to escape any of the trials of this world, for they will purify me if God will be with me in them; and the more we suffer here for Him the more shall we rejoice with Him hereafter; for though we cannot merit any thing, much less our own salvation, yet He has graciously promised to reward us for every good work, especially for suffering and bearing His Cross; and nothing else but trial and suffering seems capable of crushing self out of us. But when one thinks of Heaven, when one thinks of Jesus, how does one long to be free to fly into His Arms, to gaze for ever with undazzled eyes upon the King in His Beauty—upon the Face of my Beloved! Of course sickness has its depressing moments, and when in weariness and pain I too often grumble, and like to tell all my grievances; yet if they tell me I am worse, my heart beats quick with joy; and when they tell me I am better, I have to pray for patience ; -and I am a great deal better, beginning to get quite rosy again, though my doctor said he was quite alarmed about me one day, but I can walk two miles, and eat and sleep, so am not very bad-only obliged to take very great care of this horrid self, which thereby finds great excuse for self-indulgence. Oh! that I could do God's Will in every little thing, that self might as it were become annihilated in me! “From your loving sister in CHRIST,

“ MELISE." To her Brother.

"Torquay, February 20th. “My dearest William,

“ Thank you for your kind letter ; you will have plenty to do now; I am very thankful the people are coming to you, and showing real anxiety about their

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souls. I often pray that you may be the means of bringing many to CHRIST.

“Mr. Y— is going to take the Lent lectures again, I hope I shall be able to go sometimes, but I am very weak and can hardly manage it just now.

I had to sit down all the service on Sunday, but I have felt better the last two days. God's Will be done. Much love from Mamma and myself.

“ Ever your most loving sister,


The weakness alluded to in this and other letters gradually increased, and her uncle, Dr. C-, came down from London with another physician to hold a consultation on her state of health. The result

their examination is told in the two following letters, which manifest how completely the Grace of God is able to rob Death of his sting, and to make the Christian more than conqueror through Him that loved us.

To her Brother.

Torquay, March 2nd. My dearest William,

“ Uncle Tmcame down to see me yesterday, and brought Dr. W-, with him, and they had a long examination of me, and consultation afterwards with Mr. T- They reported,-my chest—nothing much the matter, but it was my great weakness [that] made Papa wish them to see me; for that Dr. W

— , said they could prescribe nothing but Cod Liver Oil, if they could put that in any shape that would agree with me, he thought I might get strong ; but Uncle T- told Mamma

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he feared I should not be able to take it any way, and then diet was the only remedy, which without any appetite would be more likely to weaken than strengthen.

“ So you see, dearest William, it is God's Will you should prepare your mind to give me up even as Abraham did Isaac, in that beautiful lesson that came in so appropriately yesterday afternoon.

“ Thanks be to God for His unspeakable mercy to me! I feel quite happy and content whichever way

I am to go; but I do long to see my dear parents resigned. I was so rejoicing yesterday, that Uncle Tand Mr. T-told mamma the truth; but I find she has made herself a loophole, and still thinks I shall get well on the dieting, if I don't on cod-liver Coil]. I have been getting weaker so long now, while taking everything to strengthen me, that the end looks near and bright; but I trust I do not wish for my sufferings to be shortened, but to be entirely conformed to the likeness of my blessed Saviour, whom I long to see -then I shall be like Him.

“ Uncle T— thinks I may go home sooner than I did last year, which will be nice. Don't be anxious about


dearest William. If I go away, we shall soon meet never to part, and it may yet please God to restore me to perfect or partial health ; but He seems asking you now to offer me up to Him. Much love with the ear. nest prayers of 6. Your most affectionate sister,


To Miss L“ My dearest L-, “ I should have written to you before, but I

1 The First Sunday in Lent.


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have been so very weak, it was quite a labour; but I will try and write to you now, for I shall not write you very many more letters I think. I am very sorry to hear they are all ill together in your family, it is very trying indeed. Do write and tell me fuller particulars and how they are getting on. I did as you asked me at

but He knows best. “Uncle Twas here on Sunday, and brought Dr. W

to see me. They said, unless I could take codliver oil nothing would strengthen me; and they have never been able to make it agree with me hitherto. I was glad they spoke so plainly, and I trust God will give me grace to use the remaining portion of my time in preparing to meet Him. I feel joyful at the very thought of it; but I know Satan is often allowed to urge doubts at the last. I shall need your prayers, dear L-, both that I may employ my time well, and that JESUS will be with me in the dark valley.' My poor parents will feel it sadly ; though Uncle T- spoke to mamma so plainly, yet she throws off the idea, and is full of hope, almost [of] certainty.

“ We shall soon meet for ever I trust, dearest LOh! that none of either family fall short! We ought to use more prayer, more diligence for their salvation.

“I like to hear about your district, and am very glad the people are attentive to you—is it far off?

“ Mr. Y—, whom we liked so much last year, is giving Lent Lectures. I have not been yet, (but al. most think I shall to-day,) and only go to the Sacrament on Sunday : the whole service is almost too much for me. “ Ever your loving sister in JESUS,

“ MELISE." May God help and bless you, dearest - This is a selfish letter, when you are so full of trouble at home; but all is sent in love, and it is far better to lose health or sight than Him. May these troubles be blessed to all !"

To the same.

My dearest L

“ You wanted a scrap when I was able. I am very much obliged to you for doing all you can for my restoration to health, but if your doctors ? have to rely on cod [liver] oil they would suit me no better than mine, for it kills me. I took a few teaspoonfuls nearly a fortnight ago, and have not yet stopped the diarrhea they started, though taken with the strongest astringents; else I have plenty of lungs left, no one would give me up on that score.

“ One great blessing I have,-such a holy man to visit me, Mr. Y—; he is so kind and good. He is coming on Monday at 11.15 to administer the Holy Communion, and will give It me once a week, now I cannot get out. I never knew the comfort of a clergyman's visits before, and cannot but thank God for bringing me such a one. He is giving a course of Lent Lectures, which I had hoped to hear; most beautiful they are: the theme - The Cross '—the last text,2 • All the day long have I stretched forth My Hands in vain.'

“How are all your people ? I am always glad to get a letter, though I don't often feel well enough to write one. If I were at home I might write lying down; but here I have no convenience, and my arms seem so weak to hold up, and go to sleep directly.

1 Her friend was very desirous for her to put herself under homoeopathic treatment.

? Or rather subject, the text probably being Romans x. 21.

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