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Doctrinal Standards of Methodism


Thomas B. Neely, D.D., LL. D.

Doctrinal Standards of Methodism

8vo, cloth.

net $2.00

Bishop Neely's great book on Methodism will be found an addition to Church History well worth having. Clear and lucid, it cannot fail to be appreciated by not only Methodists, but by other denominations as well. It will take its place at once as an authoritative work of reference on the great subject about which it treats.

American Methodism.
Unification. 12mo, cloth. . . .

Its Division and net $1.50

"Dr. Neely knows the history of his Church as few men know it, and the fruit of this knowledge is here presented. He has ransacked the annals of Methodism and brought together many historical facts never before issued in book form."


The Minister in the Itinerant System. net $1.00


"Bishop Neely discusses frankly the fact that large numbers of strong men eagerly accept official service, leaving the itinerant pastorate. He states the system itself briefly, but the burden of the book is a full discussion of the bearing of it all on the minister himself. We do not know any other book which states the whole case with such eminent fairness."-The Continent.



Including the
Methodist Episcopal Churches


Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church

Author of "American Methodism-Its Divisions and Unification,"
"The Minister in the Itinerant System," "The Evolution of Epis
copacy and Organic Methodism," "The Governing Conference in
Methodism," "The Bishops and the Supervisional System in the
Methodist Episcopal Church," "Journal of 1792 General Confer-
ence," "Young Workers in the Church," "The Church Lyceum,"
"Parliamentary Practice," "The Parliamentarian,” « Juan Wes-
ley," "La Predicación," "South America a Mission Field," "South
America a Missionary Problem," etc.


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HIS is an age of extremes in religious thought and of restless fluctuations in opinion. On

the one hand some decry dogma and denounce creeds, while on the other extreme many are in full cry after what they suppose are new issues, some for one professedly new theory, and others for a host of conflicting notions, the important thing seeming to be not what is true but what is new. For many, indeed, it is sufficient and most attractive, if the notion has only the word "new" prefixed, though the thing may be as old as error itself.

Some of these "new" things, which really may be very old, grow out of legitimate, but misdirected, longings of the soul; some out of ignorance; and some out of a morbid susceptibility; while some of the most popular of the "new religions," or new teachings, have demonstrated that they were, and are, unmitigated frauds by which the designing few have deluded many sincere souls.

Nevertheless, and notwithstanding these misleading novelties, the great mass of the people clings to the old Biblical teachings and leaves these restless extremists in the minority and with diminishing influence, though still doing much harm.

Another condition to be deplored is that, within the Churches, there is a lack of clear, precise, and positive

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