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half full of boiling water. The sieve should have a hole cut in the side, so as to admit the wrist, and the hand to rest on the hair bottom; and the whole is to be covered with a large piece of flannel or a small blanket.



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The sea, lakes, rivers, and springs, when
the whole body is immersed, from
A shower bath, salt or fresh, from..............


Cold water, salt or fresh, applied to different parts of the body, from.......

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under fifteen years

A man under twenty



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1 drachm.

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5 grains. 8 grains.

10 grains.
15 grains.


1 scruple.

a drachm.

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above twenty-one the full dose, or 1 drachm. above sixty-five the inverse ratio of the foregoing.

N.B.- Females, in general, require smaller doses of medicines than males.

The disagreeable taste, which almost all medicines leave on the palate, is best destroyed by chewing a small portion of biscuit. If biscuit be not at hand, the mouth may be rinsed with a little pure water.

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ACCOMPLISHMENTS, folly of neglecting, 391.
Accouchement, see Lying-in-room, 336.

Acquaintance, selection of, 32.

Gossiping, 35.

Love of
Male, 37.

scandal not to be encouraged amongst our, ib.

Flatterers to be shunned as, 39.

Afternoon, occupations for, 389.

Age, old, virtues and peculiarities of, 461–465.
Alicia, story of, 34.

Amusements, 406.

Art, collections of works of, 115.

Arrow-Root, 226.

Acidity, in infants, 359.

[blocks in formation]

Blister, 331.

Bowels, inflammation of, 285.

Bricks, box of, as an amusement for children, 188.


Cards, and conversaziones, see Evening Parties, 103, 104.
Carp and tench, 239.

Carving, directions for, 82-92.

Charity and benevolence, 117.

Charity, a religious duty, 487. Subscriptions to a, 487.
Chicken-tea, 329.

Child-birth, see Lying-in-room, 336.

Children, general remarks on the maladies incident to, 272.
The health of, how promoted, 273. Duration of sleep
necessary for, 274. Cleanliness in, 275. Chillness in the
extremities of, 276. Washing the heads of young, 277.
Regularity in meals of, ib. Proper food for, 279. Promo-
tion of cheerfulness and good humour in, 231. General
rules for the avoidance of diseases in, 282. Medical advice
for, 284. Measles, 285. Inflammation of the bowels, ib.
Pleurisy, ib. Putrid sore throat, ib. Hooping-cough, ib.
Danger of employing ignorant practitioners for, 286. Con-
duct during the illness of, 287. Difficulties in nursing, 292.
Spoon for sick, 293. Attention to the state of the bowels
of, 295. Room inhabited by young, 356–360. Instruction
of, 384.

China, old, collection of, 116-229. Cement for, 232.
Clothes, and family linen, see Linen, 192.

Cod, helping to, 92. Choice of, 258.

Confinement, see Lying-in-room, 536. Number of persons in
room at time of, 345.

Convalescence, treatment at time of, 291–300.
Conversation, general observations on, 398, 399.

Convulsions, 362.

Cook, qualifications of, 153–161. Wages of, see Servants, and
Wages, 142.

Cookery, books, 264.

Correspondence, 27. Extensive, discouraged, 28. Conceal-

ment of, from either party, 29.

or how far admissible, 29, 30, 31.

Cradles, 555.

Currants, 248.


Under what circumstances

Day, plan for the business of the, 387.

Daughters, their admission into sick room encouraged, 286.

Death-bed, 491.

Decoction of Iceland Liverwort, 326.

Deportment, propriety of, 448.

Devotion, see Religious Duties, 470.

Dinner parties, 68. Choice of

persons to

compose, and num-

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