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As the following pages are in point of value of equal interest to all (the subject being the Holy SCRIPTURES), they are affectionately dedicated to every class of society, assisting parents in the domestic circle, and those of the family who retire to their closet.

It is gratifying to find in our intercourse with the world, whether in the abode of the rich and powerful or the cottage of the poor and humble, many, very many minds disposed for religious exercise, and possessing that sense of not belonging to this world alone ; but, while living in it, looking forward to that

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in a future state that awaits us all after the great change we must undergo at the hour of death.

It is remarked that “In youth and age, in single and in matrimonial life, in all circumstances and under all relations, to live stedfastly and habitually under the guidance of those principles which they who are now lying on the bed of death are rejoicing that they have obeyed or mourning that they have disregarded, is the sam of human wisdom and human happiness.”

Some may disbelieve Christianity, but its truth is not on that account impaired. Others may slight the impending day of retribution, but its approach, remember, is also not on that account kept back.

Religion may truly be said to unfold to us ik

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the secrets of another world, and certainly in- % structs us how to attain its never-ending glories. If our comforts are undermined by sickness or misfortune, and our prospects darkened by grief, -religion can blunt the arrows of pain and brighten the gloom of calamity and sorrow. Are our parents unnatural, or are they no more? Is a husband unkind? Are we deprived by death of a beloved partner in marriage? We are taught by the same religion that such trials work together for our good, in teaching us the moral and sanctifying purposes for which afflictions are sent. When children are removed in early life or snatched away in riper years, parents are reminded that it may be to escape those trials which they might not be able to withstand; and were their talents more than usually promising (of this

in particular how many sad instances) let us believe and be comforted that those talents might have proved the sources of ruinous temptations.

The various trials and difficulties of a family consequently require more than ordinary regard to conduct it with propriety; to bear with patience domestic uneasiness, and to watch with constancy against every evil to which children are exposed. The greatest affection that can be discovered for youth is the endeavour to form the mind in a virtuous and religious mould; by tendering every suitable instruction, above all by earnestly praying for them, that they may be preserved from the snare and danger of the evil of the present world and be taught to prepare for a better. When a son leaves home for the first time,

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let him be admonished as to the importance of his conduct thus early, let him be told that in the world he will find many in appearance only his friends, and often real uneasiness under the disguise of pleasure, that many will be the allurements to the vices, instead of the virtues in life; and may succeed unless he has been told to add to other acquirements that wisdom of which the beginning is the fear of God, and, in the end, its purpose and effect eternal felicity. This is telling him that whatever impulse he now gives to his desires and pleasures that direction is likely to continue, and this it is hoped will carry the conviction to his mind, that he who remembers his Crea

tor in the days of his youth, may depend upon B it that his Creator will not forget him all the $ o days of his life. The late Dr. Blair observes SK

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