A New Universal Pocket Gazetteer: Containing Descriptions of the Most Remarkable Empires, Kingdoms ... in the Known World, with Notices of Manners ... & Population

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Carter, Hendee & Company, 1832 - 297 pages

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Page 293 - Eaheinomauwe has a much better appeacance ; it is indeed not only hilly but mountainous, yet even the hills and mountains are covered with wood, and every valley has a rivulet of water : the...
Page 89 - Greek communion, and appear to have received their name from their attachment to St. George, the tutelary saint of these countries. Their dress nearly resembles that of the Cossacs ; but men of rank frequently wear the habit of Persia.
Page 40 - Ely, is low and fenny, from the confluence of many rivers. All the waters of the middle part of England which do not flow into the Thames or the Trent, run...
Page 72 - The building has four rooms, one over the other, and at the top a gallery and lantern.
Page 70 - It had once a monastery, built in 11(13, and part of the priory now forms the parish church. This place is famous for the tenure of its manor ; namely, that whatever married couple will go to the priory, and swear they have not repented of their marriage, within a year and a day after it took place, shall receive a flitch of bacon.
Page 112 - The climate of Ireland is mild and temperate, but more humid than in England. In general, it is a level country, well watered with lakes and rivers; and 'the soil, in most parts, is very good and fertile ; even in those places where the bogs and morasses have been drained, there is good meadow ground. It produces corn...
Page 50 - ... 300 feet: the materials of which the whole is composed are so close and solid, that it is yet almost entire. China is divided into...
Page 71 - They obliged the pope, Pius VI. to remove into Tuscany, and afterwards into France, where he died, in 1799. In the same year a conclave was permitted to be held at Venice ; and, in 1800, cardinal Chiaramonti, who was elected to the papal chair, took the title of Pius VII.
Page 73 - March there is usully a plentiful harvest. But some lands are never fallow, and yield three harvests annually ; particularly in Lower Egypt, where sowing and reaping are going on incessantly, wherever the water of the river can be obtained for irrigation.
Page 149 - On the west there are two bays, called Antifaga and Magiarro. The port of St. Paul is on the coast opposite Sicily, and is so called from a tradition that the vessel in which St. Paul was sent prisoner to Rome was driven in thither by a storm. St. George's Port, towards the north, is not far distant from that of St. Paul ; St. Julian's Bay is on the same shore. Directly facing Cape Passaro are the two most considerable ports ; that to the left termed Marsa Musceit, in the midst of which is a small...

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