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Adam was made a living roul, the last Adam was made a quickening fpirit. Howbeit, that was not fit which

is spiritual; but that which is natural, and afterward that which is fpiritual. The first man is of the ear:h, I earthy : the second man is the Lord from heaven. As is the earthy, such are they that are earthy : and as is the :heavenly, such are they also that are heavenly. And as we have born the image of the carthy, we shall allo : bear'the image of the heavenly. Now this I say, brethren, that Aeth and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of

God neither doth corraption inherit incorruption. Behold, I show you a mystery : We shall not all flecp, but we hall all be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump ; (for the trumpet shall found and the dead thall be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed y For this corruptible mort put on incorruption, and this mortal mult put on immortality. So when this corruptible shall have put on incorrup. lion, and this mortal: hall have put on impiortality, thea Mall be brought to pass the say ng that is written, Deach is (wallowed up in vicory: O death, where is thy fting ? O grave, where is thy victory ? The sting of death is fin; and the-Itrength of fin is the law. But tharks be to God which giveth us the victory, through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved bra:hren, be ye stedfast, onmoveable, al.vays abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the the Lord. When they come to the Grave, while t be forps is made ready to be laid into the earıb the Priest shall say, or obe Priest

and Clerks fhall

fing, M

AN that is born of a woman, hath but a short time to live, and is full of misery. He cometh up, and

is cut down like a fower; he fleeth as it were a shadow, and never continueth" in one stay. in the midft of life we are in death : Of whom may we feck for succour, but of thee, O Lord, who for our fins art justly difpleased?

Yet, O Lord God mott holy, O Lord moft mighty, o holy and most merciful Saviour, deliver us not ine to the bitter pains of eteroal death..

Thou knoweft, I ord, the secrets of our hearts, shut not thy merciful ears to our Prayers ; but fpare us, Lord molt holy, O God moft mighty, O holy and merciful Saviour, thou most worthy Judge eternal, suffer us not at our lait hour for any pains of death to fall from thee,

Then while the earth shall be saft upon the body by some fanding by, the Priet fall fay,

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bother here departed, we therefore commit his body to the ground; earth to earth, afhes to alhes, dult to dust, in fure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life, through our Lord Jesus Christ, who thall change our vile body, that it may be like unto his glorious body, according to the mighty working, whereby he is able to subdue all things to himself.

Then fall be faid or Jung.

I for the dead which die in the

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Lord : even so faith the Spirit ; for they rest from their labours. Rev. 14. 13.

I ben fall tbe Priet fjay,
Lord, have mercy upon us.
Chrift, bave mercy upon us.

Lord, have mercy upon us. U R Father, which art in heavch ;'Hallowed be thy 'Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in', then that trefpafs against us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. Amen.

IMIGHTY God, with whom do live the spirits of them that depart hence in the Lord, and with

whom the souls of the faithful, after they are delivered from the burden of the Acth, are in joyand fea: licity; We give thee hearty thanks, for that it hath pleased thee to deliver this our brother out of the mileries of this finful world; beseeching thee that it may please thee of thy gracious goodniefs, ihortly to accomplish che number of thine elect, and to halten thy kingdom ; that we, with all those shat are departed in the true faith of thy holy Name, may have our perfect consumation and bliss, both in body and soul, in thy eternal and everlaiting glory, through Jelus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Collect.


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whosoever believeth, lhall live, though he die; and whosoever liveth and believeth in him, shall not die eternally; who also hath taught us (by his holy Apostle Saint Paul) not to be foruy as men without hope, for them that leep in him; We meekly beseech ihee, O Father, to raif us from the death of fin unto the life of righteousness; that when wc mall depare this life, we may rest ia him, as our hope is this our brother doch, and that at the general refurre&tion in the lat day we may be found acceptable in thy sighi, and receive that bleling which thy, well-beloved Sun shall then pronounce to all that love and fear thee, saying, Cime, ve, in us an humiliating sense of our Mortality ; it inspires eternal Life through Jesus Christ.. us, with the joyful hópcs of a blessed Refurrcction 10


blefted children of my Father, receive the kingdom prepared for you from the begigning of the world. Grant this, we beseech thce, O merciful Father, through Jesus Christ our Mediator and Redeemer. Amen.

H-E grace of our Lord Jelus. Chrif, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Gholt, be with us all csermore. Amen.

The Thanksgiving of Women after Child birth, commonly called,

# The Churching of. Womeni. *. **** I be Ilonan at ibe ufual time after ber Delivery, thall come into the Church decently apparrelled, ardebere ball bath

duren in jeme conuenient place, as hath been accustomed, or as the Ordinary shall aircil: And there ibe Priet jall jay unto ber,

ORASMUCH as it hach pleafed Almighty God of his goodness to give you safe deliverance, and hard F preserved you in the great danger of Chiid-birth, you all therefore give hearty thanks unco God, and lay,

7'ben fall she Prief Jay the 116.or 127 Plalm.

Then shall be Priest fay, Let us pays
Lord, have mercy upon uso.
Chrif have mercy upon us,

Lord have mercy upon us.
OUR Father, &c,

Minifter. :. O Lord, save this woman thy servant ;s:
h. Answ.. Who putteth her truit in thee.
Minister. Be thou to her a Itrong tower,

Answ. From the face of her enemy.
aw,15 Minister.. Lord, hear our prayer,

of ridindisi Absw. And let our cry come unto thee. .

Minifter. Let us pray ALMIGHTY God, we give thee humble thanks for that thou bak vouchlafed to deliver this Woman that she through thy help, may boch faithfully

, live, and walk according to thy will in this life present, and allo may be partaker of everlasting glory in the life to come, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. The woman that comerb to give her thanks, muft offer accustomed offerings, and if bere be a Communion, it is coevenicht

that fore receives the holy Communion,


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+ A COMMINATION, Or Denouncing of GOD's Anger and Judgements against Sinners, with certain ** Prayers to be used on the firft Day of Lent, and at other times as thc Ordinary s fhall appoint. After Morning Prager, the Litany ended, according to the acerfomed manner, the Prief shall in the Reading.

Pea, or Pulpit, Say, RETHREN, in the primitive Church there was a godly discipline that at the beginning of Lent, such pero

fons as food convicted of notorious fin, were put to open penance, and punished in iñis world, that their fouls might be saved in the day of the Lord; and that others admonished by their example, might be the more afraid to offend.

Instead whereof (until the faid discipline may be restored again, which is much to be withed,) it is thought good, that at this cime, in the presence of you all, thould be read the general sentences of God's curling a. gainst impenitent finners, gathered out of the seven and twentieth Chapter of Deuteronomy, and other places of Scripture ; and that ye şould answer to every Sentence, Amen: To the intent, that being admonished of the great indignation of God against sinners ye may the rather be moved to earnest and true repentance ; and may

T This office seems to bear fome Relation to the Purifica and the Bed undefiled, yet fo lignal a Deliverance from ation of Women after Child-birth, as appointed by the Law Danger seems jufly to call for a thankful acknowledgntent, of Mofes. And tho' che Cereinonial Part of that Law is in Publick, as well as Private. abolished, tho! Marriage is honourable among ail Men, + This Ofice must be allowed to have a very tikfölt



walk more warily in these dangerous days; fleeing from such vices, for which you affirm with your own mouths.
the curse of God to be due.
TURSED is the man that maketh any carved or "molten image, to worripit Deut. 27, 151

And the People fall answer and fav,, Ame...
Minister. Cursed is he that curseth his fa:her or moiher. ver. 16. -Answer. Amen.
Minifer. Cassed is be that removeth his neighbour's land mark. ver. 17. -Answer. Amen
Minifter. Cursed is he that maketh the blind to go out of his way. ver. 18. Answer. Amen.

Minister. Cursed is he that perverteth the judgement of the firangere the fatherless, and widow. v..19

-Answer. Amen.
Minister. Cursed is he that smiteth his neighbour secretly ver. 24. Answer. Amen.

Minifere Cursed is he that lieth with his neighbour's wife, Lev. 20. 10.o Answer. Amen.
Minister. Cursed is he that taketh reward to lay the innocent. Deut. 27,25 Answer. Amen.

Minister. Cursed is he that puttech his trust in man, and taketh man for his defence, and in his heart goeth from the Lord. Jer. 17. 5:

Answer. Amen. Minister. Cursed are the unmerciful formicators, and adultereis, coverous persoas, idolaters, flanderers, drunkards, and extortioners. S. Matth. 25; 41. 1 Cor. 6, 9, 10.Answer, Amen.


aftray from the Commandmenis of God, let us remembering the dreadful judginent hanging over our heads, and always ready to fall upon us) recurn unto our Lord God with all contrition and meekness of heart; bewailing and lamenting our finful life, acknowledging and confeling our offences, and seeking to bring forth worthy fruits of penance. For now is the ax put unto the root of the trees; so that every iree, that bringeth not forth good fruit, is hewn down, and cast into the fire. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God: He shall pour down rain upon the finners, frases, fire and brimstone, Atorm and tem. peft ; this shall be their portion to drink. For lo, the Lord is come out of his place to visit the wickedness of such as dwell upon the earth. But who may abide the day of his coming : Who Mall be able to endure when he appeareth ? His fan is in his hand, and he will purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the barn, but he will burn the chaff with unquenchable fire. The day of the

Lord cometh as a thief in the night: and when men fall say,Peace, and all things are saft, then fall fudden defruction come upon them, as forrow, cometh upon a woman travailing with child, and they th:ll not escape. Then thall appear the wrath of God in the day, of vengeance, which obftinate finners, through the stubbornness of their heart, have heaped unto themselves which defpifed the goodness, patience, and long-sufferance of God, when he called then continually to repen. iance. Then thall they call upon me (faith the Lord) but I will not hear; they shall seek me early, but they Thalf not find nie; and t"at because they hated knowledge, and received not the fear of the Lord, but abhorred my counsel, and despised my correction. Then thall it be too late to knock, when the door laall be Ahuta and too late to cry for mercy, when it is the time of justice. O terrible voice of mof juit judgment, which ftall te pronounced upon them, when it fhalt be faid unto them, Go yo cursed into the fire everlalling, which is prepared for the devil and his angels. Therefore, brethren, take we hed betime, while the day of falvation fallesh; for the night cometh when none can work : But let us, while we have the light, believe in the light, and walk as children of the light, that we be not cáft into utter darkness, where is weeping and gnalhing of teeth, Let us not abuse the goodness of God, who calleth us. mercifully to amendment ; and of his endless pity fromiscth us forgiveçess of that which is paft, it with a perte& and trae heart we return unto him. For Though our fins be as red as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow : -and though they be like purple, yet they

shall be made white as wool. Turn ye (saith the Lord) from all your wickedness, and your fin thall not be your deftruction. Calt away from you all your ungodliness that ye have done ; make you new hearts, and a new spirit : Wherefore will ye die,'Oye house of liael ; seeing that I have no pleasure in the death of him chat dieth, faith the Lord God ? Turn ye then, and ye thall live. Although we have finned, yet we have an Adyocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous, and he is the propitiation for our fins. For he was wounded for our offences, and smitten for our wickedness. Let us therefore return unto him, who is the merciful receiver of all true penitent finners ; assuring ourselves that he is ready to receive us, and most wil. ling to pardon us. if we come unto him with faithful repentance ; if we will submit ourselves unto him, and from henceforth walk in his ways; if we will take his easy yoke, and light burden upon us, to follow him in lowliness, patience, and charity, and be ordered by the governance of his Holy Spirit ; seeking always his glo. ry, and serving him duly in our vocation with thanksgiving. This if we do, Chrift will deliver us from the

curse of the law, and from the extreme malediction which shall light upon ihem that shall be fet on the lefi · hand; and he will fee us on his right hand, and give us the gracious benediâion of his father, commanding us

to take poffession of his glorious kingdom : unto which he vouchfafa 40 bring us all, for his infinite mercy. Amen. dency; as it points out to us the dreadful confequences of rainly mitundeiitarid it who repretent the laying Aunen to Sin, in order to lead us to Repentance: And they inot cere the declarations in the former påt of it. as. Curuug or Wifi

Then frall they all kneel

upon their kies, and the Priest and Clerks kneeling (in the place where they are accustomed

to say the Litany) fhall say the sit. Pfalm.
Lord, have mercy opon us.
Chrift, have mercy upon us.

Lord, have mercy upon us.
OUR Father, &c.

Minister. O Lord, fave thy fervants ;
Answ. That.put their trust in thee.
Minister. Sepd unto them help from above;
Answ. And evermore mightily detend them.
Minister. Help us O God, our Saviour.
Answ. And for the glory of thy name deliver us; be mercifal to us finners; for thy Nages fake.
Minifler. O Lord hear cur prayers
Answ. And let our cry come unto thee.

Minifter. Let us pray.
LORD, we beseech thee mercifully hear our prayers, and spare all those who confess their fins unto thec ::

that they whose consciences by fin are accused by thy merciful pardon may be abfolved, through Chriil our Lord. Amen.

MOST mighty God, and merciful Father, who had compassion upon all men, and hateft nothing that be faved ; Mercitully forgive us our trespalles ; receive and comfort us, who are grieved and wearied with the burden of ur fins. Thy property is always to have mercy: to the only it appertaineth to forgive sins, Spare us therefore, good Lord, spare thy people whom thou haft redeemed; enter not iuto judgement with thy servants, who are vile earth, and miserable finners; but so carn shine anger from us, who meekly acknowledge our vileness, and truly repent us of our faults; and fo make hafte to help us in this world, that we may *ever live with thee is the world to come, through Jelus Christ our Lord. Amen,

Then shall the people, ay his bar followeth, afer the Minifter: T URN thou us, O good Lord, and so hall we be tuined. Be favourable O Lord, be favourable to thy

people, who turn to thee in weeping, falling, and praying. For thou art a merciful God, full of com. paffion, long-suffering, and of great pity. l'hou fpared when we delerve punilhment, and in thy wrath thinkett uron mercy. Spare thy people, good Lord, spare them. And let not thine heritage be brought to conjulion. Hear us, O Lord, for thy mercy is great, and after the multitude of thy mercies look upon us, through the merits and mediation of thy blesed Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Then tbe Minifier alone hall lay, THE Lord bless us, and keep us ; the Lord lift up the light of his countenance upon us, and give us peace nok

. ing ill to such as are guilty of the Criines there fpoken of, that doeth, &c. and Ainen here does not fignify as in the Because if we attend to each of those sentences we shall find end of the Prayers, So be it, or I pray God it inay be só : that the expression is not Cursed be, &c. but Curled is he but as it is in the end of the Creed, all this I firmly believe.

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Holy Gholt.

1. Of Faith in the Holy Trinity. HERE is but One living and true God, everlasting without body, parts, or pallion; of infinite power, of this Godhead there be three Persons, of one substance, power, and eternity; the Father, the Son, and the

11. Of the Word, or Son of God which was made very Mar. HE Son, which is the Word of the Father, begotten from everlasting of the Father, the very and eternal

God, of one substance with the Father, took Man's nature in the womb of the blessed Virgin, of her subNance: so that two whole and perfect Natures, that is to say, the Godhead and Manhoud, were joined together in one Perfon, never to be divided, whereof is one Christ, very God, and very Man; who truly suffered, was Crucified, dead, and buried, to reconcile his Father to us, and to be a sacrifice, not only for original guilt, but also for actual fins of men. .

III. Of the going down of Christinro Hell.
S. Christ died for us, and was buried; To allo is it to be believed, that he went down into Hell,

IV. Of the Refurrection of Christ.'
HRIST did truly rise again from death, and took again his body, with Acsh, botes, and all things apper


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he return to judge all men at the last day.

V. Of the Holy Ghost, HE Holy Ghost, proteeding from the Father and the Son, is of one Substance, Majesty, and Glory, with the Father and the Son, very and eternal God.

VI. Of the fufficichcy of ibe holy Scriptures for Salvation. JOLY Scripture containeth all things neceffary to Salvation : so that whatsoever is not read therein, dor may Or be thought requisite or necessary to Salvation. In the name of the holy Scripture we do understand those Canonical Books of the Old and New Testament, of whole Authority was never any doubt in the Churchus

Of he Names and Number of tbe Canonical BOOKS.

The I. Book of Chronicles,

The II. Book of Chronicles

The I. Book of Esdras, Numeri,

I be II. Book of Efdrasy Deuteronomium..!

The Book of Hefter, 7.liгиа,

The Book of Jobs Judges,

The Psalms, Ruth,

The Preverbs The I. Book of Samuil,

Ecclefialtes, or Preacler, The Il. Book of Samuel,

Cania, or Songs of Solonion, The I. Book of Kings,

IV. Prophets the greater, The II. Book of Kings,

XII. Propbets the less, And the other Books (as Hierome faith) the Church doth read for example of life and inftru&tion of manners ;

but yet doth it not apply them to establish any Doctrine : Such are these following The III. Book of Esdras,

Baruch the Prophet, The IV. Book of Efdras,

I be Song of the three Children, The Book of Tobias,

The Story of Sufanna, The Book of. Judith,

Of Bel and the Dragon, The relt of the Book of Heftet,

The Prayer of Manafes, The Book of Wisdom,

The I. Book of Maccabees, Jejus the Son of Syracl),

The Il. Book of Maccabeesy The reasons for compiling these Articles seem to have son to endeavour to secure themselves from it, and from all its been firft these, in imitation of the German Proteflants, to Abettors. These Articles were probably prepared at firft by make known the true opinions of the Church of England; CRANMER and Ridley, and publ Led' by royal Authority, and the real causes of her opposition to the Church of Rome. first in the Reign of King EDWARD the 6th, 1553; and adly, To keep all such out of its Pale, as might be disposed again with some alterations in the Reign of Queen Eliza: secretly to undermine and betray it. For as the Reformers had BETH, 1563. linarted long under the tyranny of Popery, so they had rea

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