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Of election, g'c.

Romans. God's love to mankind. we know not what we should 33 Who shall separate us pray for as we ought; but the from the love of Christ? shall Spirit itself maketh interces- tribulation, or distress, or persion for us with groanings secution, or famine, or nakedwhich cannot be uttered. ness, or peril, or sword ?

27 And he that searcheth 35 (As it is written, For thy the hearts knoweth what is sake we are killed a kthe day the mind of the Spirit, because long; we are accuunted as he maketh intercession for the sheep for the slaughter.) saints according to the will of 37 Nay, in all these things God.

we are more than conquerors 28 And we know that all through him that loved us. things work together for good 38 For I am persuaded, that to them that love God, to them neither death, nor life, nor anwho are the called according gels, nor principalities, nor to his purpose.

powers, nor things present, 29 For whom he did fore- nor things to come, know, he also did predestinate 39 Nor height, nor deptli, to be conformed to the image of nor any other creature, shall hisSon,that he might be the first be able to separate us from the born among many brethren. love of God, which is in Christ

30 Moreover, whom he did Jesus our Lord. predestinate, them he also call. ed; and whom lie called, them

CHAP. IX. he also justified; and whom he 1 Paul's sorrow for the Jews. justified, them he also glorified. ng All Abraham's seed were 31 What shall we then say

not the children of the promto these things ? If God be for ise. 23 The calling of the us, who can be against us? Gentiles, and rejection of the 32 He that spared not his own

Jews. Son,but delivered him up for us

I SAY the truth in Christ, all, how shall he not with him I lie not, my conscience also also freely give us all things : bearing me witness in the Ho

33 Who shall lay any thing ly Ghost, to the charge of God's elect? 2 That I have great heaviIt is God that justifieth;

ness and continual sorrow in 34 Who is he that condemn- my heart. eth Pb It is Christ that died, 3 For I could wish that myyea rather, that is risen again, self were accursed from who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh inter a Accursed ; this word might with cession for us.

propriety be translated separated ; &

the verse be thus rendered : For I 6 Who is be that condemneth ?? since could wish myself separated, or cut it is Christ that died, or rather is off by death, from the visible church risen and maketh intercession for us. of Christ, instead of my brethren the

Of Abraham's seed.

Chap. ix.

The Gentiles called. Christ for my brethren, my not yet born, neither having kinsmen according to the flesh: done any good or evil, that the

4. Who are Israelites; to purpose of God according to whom pertaineth the adoption, election might stand not of and the glory, and the cove- works, but of him that calleth,) nants, and the giving of the 12 It was said unto her, The law, and the service of God, elder shall serve the younger. and the promises ;

13 As it is written, Jacob 5 Whose are the fathers, have I loved, but Esau have I and of whoix, as concerning bated. the flesh, Christ came, who is 14 What shall we say then ? over all, God blessed for ever. Is there unrighteousness with Amen.

God ? God forbid. 6 Not as though the word 15 For he saith to Moses, I of God hath taken none effect. will have mercy on whom I For they are not all Israel, will have mercy, and I will which are of Israel


have compassion on whom I > Neither, because they are will have compassion. the seed of Abraham, are they 16 So then it is not of him all children; but, in Isaac that willeth, nor of him that shall thy seed be called : runneth, but of God that shew

8 That is, They which are the children of the flesh, these 17 For the scripture saith are not the children of God; unto Pharaoh, Even for this but the children of the promise same purpose have I raisare counted for the seed. ed thee up, that I might

9 For this is the word of shew my power in thee, and promise, At this time will I that my name might be declarcome, and Sarah shall have a

ed throughout all the earth.

18 Therefore hath he mer10 And not only this; but cy on whom he will have merwhen Rebecca also had con cy, and whom he will he hardceived by one, even by our fa- eneth.b ther Isaac,

6 Ho hardenetb ; This and the like 11 (For the children being

expressions in the Bible may be un

derstood to mean only, that God, by Jews. This strong expression was exercising patience and long-sufferdrawn from St. Paul, by the con ing towards persons or nations, alsideration, that the Jews, a people 'lows them an opportunity to harden 80 long favoured with distinguished themselves. Thus God by his merprivileges, of which some are men cy and forbearance only can ever be tioned in the 4th and sth verses,

said to harden the hearts of were, for their unbelief and obstina- The 22d verse not only justifies, but cy, about to be visited with heavy proves the correctgess of this exjudgments, and to be rejected of God. planation.'

eth mercy


The Jews rejected. Romans. Christ the end of the law.

19 Thou wilt say then unto not my people; there shall me, Why doth he yet find they be called the children of fault? for who hath resisted the living God. his will :

27 Esaias e also crieth con20 Nay but, Oman, who cerning Israel, Though the art thou that repliest against number of the children of Is. God ? shall the thing formed rael be as the sand of the sea, say to him that formed it, a remnant shall be saved: Why hast thou made me thus é 28 For he will finish the

2i Hath not the potter work, and cut it short in rightpower over the clay, of the eousness; because a short same lump to make one ves work will the Lord make upsel unto honour, and another on the earth. unto dishonour !

29 And, as Esaias said be22 What if God, willing to fore,f Except the Lord of sabshew his wrath, and to make aothg had left us a seed, we his power known, endured had been as Sodoma, and been with much long-suffering the made like unto Gomorrha.h vessels of wrath fitted to des 30 What shall we say then? truction;

That the Gentiles, which fol. 23 And that he might make lowed not after righteousness,i known the riches of his glory have attained to righteous. on the vessels of mercy, which ness, even the righteousness he had afore prepared unto which is of faith : glory,

31 But Israel, which fol24 Even us whom he hath lowed after the law of rightcalled, not of the Jews only, cousness, hath not attained to but also of the Gentiles ? the law of righteousness.

25 As he saith also in Osee,c 32 Wherefore ? Because I will call them my people, they sought it not by faith, but! which were not my people; as it were by the works of the and her Beloved, which was not beloved. 26 And it shall come to

e Esaias, Isaiah x. 22.

of Esaias, Isaiah i.9. pass, that in the place where

& Sabaoth, hosts. The original it was said unto them, Ye are Hebrew word signifies sun, moon,

and stars, and also the angels. « Osee, Hosea i. 10 & 11, 23.

b Sodoma and Gomorrba: see Matt. d Gall them my people, I will call

Being as Sodom and Gothe Gentiles my people, which were morrha means, wholly destroyed. formerly not my people,&c. St. Paul is i Which followed not after rigla, here showing, that according to the teousness : i. e. the Gentiles, who foro' prophecies in ţhe Old Testament, the merly had no knowledge of Christ, Gentiles were to be admitted to the

or expectation of pardon & salvation privileges of the church of Christ. by him.

X. IS.

Righteousness of the Chap. x. law, and that of faith. law; for they stumbled at that. Or, who shall descend instumbling-stone ;j

to the deep? (that is, to bring 33 As it is written, Behold up Christ again from the dead:) I lay in Sion a stumbling-stone 8 But what saith it! The and rock of offence; and wlo- word is nigh thee, even in thy soever believeth on him shall mouth, and in thy heart; that not be ashamed.

is, the word of faith, which CHAP. X.

we preach; 1 The difference of the righ 9 That if thou shalt con

teousness of the law and that fess with thy mouth the Lord of faith. 11 No believer Jesus, and shalt believe in shall be confounded, whether thine heart, that God hath Jew or Gentile.

raised him from the dead, thou BRETHREN, my heart's shalt be saved. desire and prayer to God for Is 10 For with the heart man rael is that they might be saved. believeth unto righteousness, 2 For I bear them record, that and with the mouth confession they have a zeal of God, but is made unto salvation. not according to knowledge. 11 For the scripture saith,

3 For they, being ignorant Whosoever believeth on him of God's righteousness, and go- shall not be ashamed. ing about to establish their 12 For there is no differown righteousness, have not ence between the Jew and the submitted themselves unto the Greek; for the same Lord righteousness of God.

over all is rich unto all that 4 For Christ is the end of call upon him. the law for righteousness to 13 For whosoever shall call every one that believeth. upon the name of the Lord

5 For Moses describeth the shall be saved. righteousness which is of the 14 How then shall they call law, That the man which doeth on him in whom they have not those things shall live by them. believed ? And how shall they

6 But the righteousness believe in him of whom they which is of faith speaketh on have not heard? and how shall this 'wise, Say not in thine they hear without a preacher ? heart, Who shall ascend in 15 And how shall they to heaven? (that is, to bring preach, except they be sent Christ down from above :) as it is written, How beauti

*ful are the feet of them that j They stumbled at that stumbling" preach the Gospel of peace, stone, i. e. the Jews stumbled at Jesus, and bring glad tidings of good ed him to be a great temporal mon- things ! arch, whereas they found him only 16 But they have not all a teacher of religion.

obeyed the Gospel; for Esaias

Who shall be saved. Romans. All Israel not cast off. saith, Lord, who hath beliey. 3 Lord, they have killed ed our report?

thy prophets, and digged down 17 So then, faith cometh by thine altars; and I am left hearing, and hearing by the alone, and they seek my life. word of God.

4 But what saith the answer 18 But I say, Have they not of God unto him? I have reheard ? Yes, verily, their served to myself seven thousound went into all the earth, sand men, who have not bow. and their words unto the ends ed the knee to the image of of the world.

Baal. 19 But I say, Did not Israel 5 Even so then, at this preknow? First, Moses saith, I sent time also there is a remwill provoke you to jealousy nant according to the election by them that are no people, of grace, and by a foolish nation I will 6 And if by grace, then is it anger you.

no more of works; otherwise 20 But Esaias is very bold, grace is no more grace.

But and saith, I was found of them if it be of works, then it is no that sought' me not; I was more grace; otherwise work made manifest unto them that is no more work. asked not after me.

What then? Israel hath 21 But to Israel he saith, not obtained that which he All day long I have stretched seeketh for; but the election forth my hands unto a diso- hath obtained it, and the rest bedient and gainsaying people. were blinded,c

8 (According as it is writCHAP. II.

ten,d God hath given them the 1 God hath not cast off all Is- spirit of 'slumber, eyes that

rael. Some were elected, they should not see, and ears though the rest were harden- that they should not hear) uned. 18 The Gentiles may to this day not boast.

9 And David saith,e Let I SAY then, Hath God cast their table be made a snáre, away his people? God for- and a trap, and a stumbling bid.' For I also am an Israel. block, and a recompense unto ite, of the seed of Abraham, of them : the tribe of Benjamin.

10 Let their eyes be dark2 God hath not cast away ened, that they may not see, his people which he foreknew. and bow down their back alWot ye not a what the scrip- way. ture saith of Elias ?b how he maketh intercession to God

c Were blinded by their own evil

dispositions. against Israel, saying,

d As it is written, Isaiak xxix. 10, a Wot ye net, know ye not? b Elias, Elijah. (1 Kings xix. 14.) e David saith, Ps. lxix. 22, 2-3.

and vi. 9.

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