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The Gentiles

Chap. xi.

must not boast. 11 I say then, Have they thou standest by faith. Be not stumbled that they should high-minded, but fear: fall? God forbid; but rather 21 For if God spared not through their fall salvation is the natural branches, take heed come unto the Gentiles, for to lest he also spare not thee. provoke them to jealousy. 22 Behold, therefore, the

12 Now, if the fall of them goodness and severity of God; be the riches of the world, and on them which fell, severity; the diminishing of them the but toward thee, goodness, if riches of the Gentiles; how thou continue in his goodness; much more their fulness? otherwise thou also shalt be

13 For I speak to you, Gen- cut off. tiles, in as much as I am the 23 And they also, if they apostle of the Gentiles, I mag- abide not still in unbelief, shall nify mine office;

be graffed in; for God is able 14 If by any means I may to graff them in again. provoke to emulation thein 24 For if thou wert cut out which are my flesh, and might of the olive-tree, which is wild save some of them.

by nature, and wert graffed 15 For if the casting away contrary to nature into a good of them be the reconciling of olive-tree; how much more the world, what shall the re- shall these, which be the naceiving of them be, but life tural branches, be graffed into from the dead :

their own olive-tree ? 16 For if the first-fruit be 25 For I would not, brethholy, the lump is also holy; ren, that ye should be ignorant and if the root be holy, so are of this mystery, (lest ye should the branches.

be wise in your own conceits,) 17 And if some of the branch- that blindness in part is hapes be broken off, and thou, be- pened to Israel, until the fuling a wild olive-tree, wert ness of the Gentiles be come in. graffed in among them, and 26 And so all Israel shail with them partakest of the be saved as it is written, f root and fatness of the olive. There shall come out of Sion

the Deliverer, and shall turn 18 Boast not against the away ungodliness from Jacob. branches; but if thou boast, 27 For this is my covenant thou bearest not the root, but unto them, when I shall take the root thee.

away their sins. 19 Thou wilt say then, The 28 As concerning the Gospel, branches were broken off, that they are enemies for your sakes; I might be graffed in. but as touching the election,

20 Well, because of unbe. lief they were broken off, and of As it is written, Isa. lix. 29.



God's julgments unsearch- Romans. able. Love recommended. they are beloved for the fa- ceptable unto God, which is thers' sakes.

your reasonable service. 29 For the gifts & calling of 2 And be not conformed to God are without repentance. g this world ; but be transformed

30 For as ye in times past by the renewing of your mind, bave not believed God, yet have that ye may prove what is that now obtained merey through good, and aeceptable, and pertheir unbelief;

fect will' of God. 31 Even so have these also 3 For I say,through the grace now not believed, that through given unto me, to every man your mercy they may obtain that is among you, not to think mercy.

of himself more highly than he 32 For God hath concluded ought to think; but to think them all in unbelief, that he soberly, according as God hath might have mercy upon all. dealt to every man the mea

33 0 the depth of ihe riches sure of faith. both of the wisdom and knowl. 4 For as we have many memedge of God! how unsearcha- bers in one body, and all ble are his judgments, and his bers have not the same office; ways past finding out!

5 So we, being many, are 34 For who hath known the one body in Christ, and every mind of the Lord ? or who hath one members one of another. been his counsellor ?

6 Having then gifts differ35 Or who hath first given ing according to the


that to him, and it shall be recom- is given to us, whether prophepensed unto him again? cy, let us prophesy according

36 For of him, and through to the proportion of faith; him, and to him, are all things; ✓ Or ministry, let us wait on to whom be glory for ever. our ministering; or he that Amen.

teacheth, on teaching;

8 Or he that exhorteth, on CHAP. XII.

exhortation; he that giveth, 1 God's mercies must move us let him do it with simplicity;

to please God. 19 Revenge is he that ruleth, with diligence; specially forbidden.

he that sheweth

mercy, | BESEECH you, there- cheerfulness. fore, brethren, hy the mercies of 9 Let love be without disGod, that ye present your bod- simulation. Abhor that which ies a living sacrifice, holy, ac- is evil; cleave to that which

is good. 8 The gifts and calling, &c. Of the blessings, which God bestowed un

10 Be kindly affectioned one Abraham and his seed, and his calling,

to another with brotherly love; or making them his people, God will in honour preferring one anoņot repent.



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em which perse

that weep.

Love the fulfilling

Chap. zii.

of the law, 8C 11 Not slothful in business; 21 Be not overcome of evil, fervent in spirit; serving the but overcome evil with good. Lord; 12 Rejoicing in hope; pa

CHAP. XIII. tient in tribulation ; continu- 1 Of duties to magistrates. 8 ing instant in prayer;

Love is the fulfilling of the 13 Distributing to the ne law. 11 Against gluttony, cessity of saints; given to hos drunkenness, and the works pitality:

of darkness. 14 less

LET every soul be subject cute you; Bless, and curse not. unto the higher powers; for

15 Rejoice with them that there is no power but. of God; do rejoice, and weep with them the powers that be, are ordain:

ed of God. 16 Be of the same mind one 2 Whosoever, therefore, retoward another. Mind not sisteth the power, resisteth the high things, but condescend to ordinance of God; and they men of low estate. Be not that resist shall receive to wise in your own conceits. themselves damnation;

17 Recompense to no man 3 For rulers are not a terevil for evil. Provide things ror to good works, but to the honest in the sight of all men. evil. Wilt thou then not be

18 If it be possible, as much afraid of the power? Do that as lieth in you, live peaceably which is good, and thou shalt with all men.

have praise of the same: 19 Dearly beloved, avenge 4 For he is the minister of not yourselves, but rather give God to thee for good. But if place unto wrath ;a for it is thou do that which is evil, be written, Vengeance is mine; afraid; for he beareth not the I will repay, saith the Lord. sword in vain; for he is the

20 Therefore, if thine ene minister of God, a revenger to my lunger, feed him; if he execute wrath upon him, that thirst, give him drink; for in doeth evil. so doing thou shalt heap coals 5 Wherefore ye must needs uf fire on his head.b

be subject, not only for wrath, a Rather give place unto wrath,

but also for conscience'sake. yield to the wrath of your enemies,

6 For, for this cause pay without opposing it, or leave them to ye tribute also; for they are the wrath of God, whose prerogative God's ministers, attending conalone it is, to repay.

tinually upon this very thing. 6 Thou shalt heap coals of fire on bis

y Render, therefore, to all bead; for in

loing, thou wilt sof, ten him by thy kindness, and make

their dues ; tribute, to whom him lay down the ennity, which he

tribute is due; custom, to bears to thee,

whom custom ; fear, to whom frar; honour, to whom honour,


Love the fulfilling Romans.

of the law. 8 Owe no man any thing, Jesus Christ, and make not but to love one another; for provision for the flesh, to fulfil he that loveth another hath the lusts thereof. fulfilled the law.

CHAP. XIV. 9 For this, Thou shalt not 1 Men may not contemn or concommit adultery, Thou shalt demn one another for things not kill, Thou shalt not steal, indifferent, 13 but take heed Thou shalt not bear false wit of giving offence in them. ness, Thou shalt not covet; HIM that is weak in the and if there be any other faith a receive ye, but not to commandment, it is briefly doubtful disputations.b comprehended in this saying, 2 For one believeth that he namely, Thou shalt love thy may eat all things; another, neighbour as thyself.

who is weak, eateth herbs. 10 Love worketh no ill to 3 Let not him that eateth his neighbour; therefore love despise him that eateth not; is the fulfilling of the law. and let not him which eateth

11 And that, knowing the not, judge him that eateth; for time, that now it is high time God hath received him. to awake out of sleep; for now 4. Who art thou that judg. is our salvation nearer than est another nuan's servant ? to when we believed.a

his own master he standeth or 12. The night is far spent, falleth. Yea, he shall be hold. the day is at hand; let us, en up; for God is able to make therefore, cast off the works of him stand. darkness, and let us put on the 5 One man esteemeth one armour of light.

day above another; another 13 Let us walk honestly as esteemeth every day alike. in the day; not in rioting and Let every man be fully perdrunkenness, not in chamber- suaded in his own mind. ing and wantonness, not in 6 He that regardeth the strife and envying:

day, regardeth it unto the 14 But put ye on the Lord

a Weak in the faith, concerning * Than when we first believed. meats and days.

6 But not passionately to dispute his opinions. It may here be observed, that the Jewish converts at Rome supposed, that certain meats forbidden by Moscs, were unclean in themselves, and that the days, which he ordered to be kept holy, were still to be sanctified ; they therefore considered their Gentile brethren as profane; because they paid no religious regard to meats and days. On the other hand the Gentiles despised the Jews as bigots, for making distinctions of meats and days, which to them appeared unnecessary. St. Paul, therefore, wrote this chapter to conciliate the Jews and Gentiles, and to shew them, that neither meats nor days commended them to God; but still, that it was sinful for any man to eat or to do any thing, which he himself really thought was sinfni.

of things Chap. xiv.

indifferent. Lord; and he that regardeth any thing to be unclean, to him not the day, to the Lord he it is unclean. doth not regard it. He that 15 But if thy brother bo eateth, eateth to the Lord, for grieved with thy meat, now he giveth God thanks; and he walkest thou not charitably. that eateth not, to the Lord Destroy not him with thy meat he eateth not, and giveth God for whom Christ died. thanks.

16 Let not then your good 7 For none of us liveth to be evil spoken of; himself, and no man dieth to 17 For the kingdom of God himself.

is not meat and drink, but 8 For whether we live, righteousness, and peace, and we live unto the Lord, and joy in the Holy Ghost. whether we die, we die unto 18 For he that in these the Lord; whether we live, things. serveth Christ is actherefore, or die, we are thé ceptable to God, and approvLord's.

ed of men. 9 For to this end Christ 19 Let us, therefore, follow both died, and rose, and reviv after the things that make for ed, that he might be Lord both peace, and things wherewith of the dead and living.

one may edify another. 10 But why dost thou judge 20 For meat destroy not the thy brother ? or why dost thou work of God. All things inset at nought thy brother ? for deed are pure; but it is evil we shall all stand before the for that man who eateth with judgment-seat of Christ. offence.c

11 For it is written, As I 21 It is good neither to eat live saith the Lord, every flesh, nor to drink wine, nor knee shall bow to me, and ev- any thing whereby thy brother ery tongue shall confess to stumbleth or is oftended, or is God.

made weak. 12 So then, every one of us

22 Hast thou faith? have shall give account of himself it to thyself before God. Hapto God.


is he that condemneth not 13 Let us not, therefore, himself in that thing, which judge one another any more; he alloweth. but judge this rather, that no

23 And he that doubteth d is man put a stumbling-block, or With offence, giving offence to others, an occasion to fall, in his bro or believing himself, that it is sinful.

d He that doubteth, whether it be 14 I know, and am persuad- ed, or is guilty, if he does eat it.

lawful to eat any thing, is condemned by the Lord Jesus, that whatever is done without a convicthere is nothing unclean of it. tion of its lawfulness, is really sin, self; but to him that esteemeth though in reality it be in itself lawfuł.

ther's way.

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