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Of the incestuous person. I. Cor. Offenders to be shunned. 18 Now some are puffed up, the flesh,a that the spirit

may as though I would not come to be saved in the day of our you.

Lord Jesus. 19 But I will come to you 6 Your glorying is not good. shortly, if the Lood will, and Know ye not that a little lea. will know, not the speech of ven leaveneth the whole lump? them which are puffed up, but

7 Purge out, therefore, the the power.

old leaven, that ye may be a 20 For the kingdom of God new lump, as ye are unleavenis not in word, but in power. ed. For even Christ eur pass

21 What will yes shall I over is sacrificed for us : come unto you with a rod, or 8 Therefore let us keep the in love, and in the spirit of feast, not with old leaven, neimeekness ?

ther with the leaven of malice and wickedness; but with the

unleavened bread of sincerity CHAP. V.

and truth. 1 The incestuous person. 7 The 9 I wrote unto you in an e

old leaven must be purged pistle not to company with forqut. 10 Heinous offenders nicators : are to be avoided.

10 Yet not altogether with IT is reported commonly the fornicators of this world, that there is fornication among or with the covetous, or extor. you, and such fornication as is tioners, or with idolaters; for not so much as named among then must ye needs go out of the Gentiles, that one should the world. baye his father's wife.

11 But now I have written 2 And ye are puffed up, and unto you not to keep company, have not rather mourned, that if any man, that is called a he that hath done this deed brother, be a fornicator, or might be taken away from covetous, or an idolater, or a among you.

railer, or a drunkard, or an ex3 For I verily, as atsent in tortioner; with such an one no body, but present in spirit, not to eat. havejudged already, as though 12 For what have I to do to I were present, concerning him judge them also that are withthat hath so done this deed ; out, do not ye judge them that

4. In the name of our Lord are within ? Jesus Christ, when yeare gath a To deliver such an one unto Satan, ered together, and my spirit, &c. Some suppose this means only with the power of our Lord excommunication from the visible Jesus Christ,

church of Christ; others are of opin5 To deliver such an one un.

ion, it may denote some particular to Satan for the destruction of punishment, which the apostles were

empowered to inflicte

Of going to lau.

Chap. vi.

Of avoiding disputes. 13 But them that are with- righteous shall not inherit the out God judgeth. Therefore kingdom of God ? Be not deput away from among your ceived ; neither fornicators, selves that wicked person. nor idolaters, nor adulterers,

nor effeminate, nor abusers of CHAP. VI.

themselves with mankind, 1 Of going to law with the 10 Nor thieves, nor covetous,

brethren. 15 Our bodies are nor drunkards, nor revilers, Christ's members.

nor extortioners, shall inlierit DARE any of you, hav- the kingdom of God. ing a matter against another, 11 And such were some of go to law before the unjust, you; but ye are washed, but ye and not before the saints ? are sanctified, but ye are jus

2 Do ye not know that the tified, in the name of the Lord saints shall judge the world? Jesus, and by the Spirit of our and if the world shall be judg. God. ed by you, are ye unworthy 12 All things are lawful unto judge the smallest matters. to me, but all things are not

3 Know ye not that we shall expedient; all things are lawjudge angels ? how much more ful for me, but I will not be things that pertain to this life? brought under the power of

4 If then ye have judgments any. of things pertaining to this 13 Meats for the helly, and life, set them to judge, who the belly for meats; but God are least esteemed in the shall destroy both it and them. church.

Now the body is not for forni5 I speak to your shame. Is cation, but for the Lord, and it so that there is not a wise the Lord for the body. man among you ? no, not one 44 And God hath both raisthat shall be able to judge be- ed up the Lord, and will also tween his brethren ?

raise up us by his own power. 6 But brother goeth to law 15 Know ye not that your with brother, and that before bodies are the members of the unbelievers.

Christ? shall I then take the ✓ Now, therefore, there is members of Christ and make utterly a fault among you, be- them the members of an barcause ye go to law one with lot? God forbid. another; why do ye not rath 16 What! know ye not that er take wrong? why do ye not he which is joined to an harrather suffer yourselves to be lot is one body for two (saith defrauded ?

he) shall be one flesh. 8 Nay, ye do wrong, and de 17 But he that is joined unfraud, and that your brethren. to the Lord is one spirit.

9 Know ye not that the un 18 Flee fornication. Eve

I. Corinthians.

continency. ry sin that a man doeth is with

4 The wife hath not power out the body; but he that com of her own body, but the husmitteth fornication sinneth a- band; and likewise also the gainst his own body.

husband hath 'not power of his 19 What ! know ye not that own body, but the wife. your body is the temple of the 5 Defrand ye not one the Holy Ghost which is in you, other,c except it be with conwhich

ye have of God ? and ye sent for a time, that ye may are not your own,

give yourselves to fasting and 20 For ye are bought with prayer; and come together a price ; therefore glorify God again, that Satan tempt you in your body, and in your spi- not for your incontinency. rit, which are God's.

6 But I speak this by perCHAP. VII.*

mission, and not of command. 1 He treateth of marriage, 4 ment.

shering it to be a remedy 7 For I would that all men against

fornication. were even as myself; but eveNOW, concerning the ry man hath his proper gift of things whereof ye wrote unto God, one after this manner, me; It is good for a man not and another after that. to touch a

81 say, therefore, to the un2 Nevertheless, to avoid for- married and widows, It is nication, let every manb have good for them that they abide his own wife, and let every

even as 1. woman have her own husband. 9 But if they cannot con

3 Let the husband render tain, let them marry ; for it is unto the wife dae benevolence; better to marry than to burn. and likewise also the wife un 10 And unto the married I to the husband.

c Defraud ge nat one anotber, &c. a It is good for a person in this state Paul here, speaking to the man and of persecution, not to marry.. wife, says, defraud or forsake ye not b Let every man, &c. i. e. let nei

one another, except it be by mutual ther man nor wife put away or for consent for a certain time, when you sake the other, as some falsely ima. may wish more particularly to attend gine it a duty.

to the duties of devotion.

* To understand this chapter, it is necessary to know, that the Jews considered matrimony a sacred duty, and that the Grecian philosophers taught, that if a man would be happy, he should not marry. The brethren at Corinth, therefore, wrote to St. Paul, desiring him to inform them whether, in their present state of persecution, they might not without sin, abstain from marriage altogether; and whether such as were already married, might not dissolve their marriage vows on account of the trials, to which they were exposed. Although their letter to the apostle is now lost, its contents are suggested by this chapter, which he wrote in answer, and which contains his advice and direction,

Of circumcision.

Chap. vii.

Of virginity. command, yet not I but the uted to every man, as the Lord Lord ; Let not the wife de- bath called every one, so let part from her husband ; him walk; and so ordain I in

11 But, and if she depart, let all churches. her remain unmarried, or be 18 Is any man called being reconciled to her husband; circumcised ? let him not beand let not the husband put come uncircumeised; is any away his wife.

called in uncircumcision : let 12 But to the rest speak I, him not become circumcised. not the Lord ; if any brother 19 Circumcision is nothing, hath a wife that believeth not,d and uncircumcision is nothing, and she be pleased to dwell but the keeping of the comwith him, let him not put her mandments of God. away.

20 Let every man abide in 13 And the woman which the same calling wherein he hath an husband that believ

was called. eth not, and if he be pleased 21 Art thou called, being to dwell with her, let her not a servant ? care not for it; but leave him.

if thou mayest be made free, 14 For the unbelieving hus- use it rather. band is sanctified by the wife, 22 For he that is called in and the unbelieving wife is the Lord, being a servant, is sanctified by the husband; the Lord's free man; likewise else were your children un also he that is called, being clean ; but now are they holy. free, is Christ's servant.

15 (But if the unbelieving 23 Ye are bought with a depart, let him depart. Å' price; be not ye the servants brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases ; 24 Brethren, let every man but God hath called us to wherein he is called therein peace.)

abide with God. . 16 For what knowest thou, 25 Now, concerning virO wife, whether thou shalt gips, f I have no commandsave e thy husband ? or how ment of the Lord; yet I give knowest thou, O man, wheth- my judgment, as one that hath er thou shalt save thy wife?

obtained mercy

of the Lord to 17 But as God hath distrib- be faithful.

26 I suppose, therefore, that d If any brotber, &c. It was thought this is good for the present disby some, that if either of the married party were a Christian and the other Dot, it was the duty of the Christian of Concerning virgins. The original to put away the other ; but Paul word, here translated virgins, denotes taught otherwise.

persons of either sex, who have never e Save or convert thy husband. been married.

of men.

Paul's judgment I. Corinthians. of marriages. tress ;g I say, that it is good 3+ There is difference also for a man so to be.h

between a wife and a virgin. 27 Art thou bound unto a The unmarried woman careth wife ? seek not to be loosed. for the things of the Lord, that Art thou loosed from a wife ? she may be holy both in body scek not a wife.

and in spirit; but she that is 28 But, and if thou marry, married careth for the things thou hast not sinned ; and if a of the world, how she may virgin marry, she hath not sin- please her busband. ned; nevertheless, such shall

35 And this I speak for have trouble in the flesh ;i but your own profit; not that I I spare you.j

may cast a snare upon you, 29 But this I say, brethren, but for that which is come!y, the time is short, it remaili- and that ye may attend upon eth, that both they that have the Lord without distraction. wives, be as though they had 36 But if any man think none;

that he behaveth himself un30 And they that weep, as comely toward his virgin,m if though they wept not; and she pass the flower of her age.n they that rejoice, as though and need so require,o let him they rejoiced not; and they do what he will, he sinneth that buy, as though they pos- not; let them marry. sessed not;

37 Nevertheless, he that 31 And they that use this standeth steadfast in his heart, world, as not abusing it ;k for having no necessity, but hath the fashion of this world pas- power over his own will, and

hath so decreed in his heart, 32 But I would have you that he will keep his virgin, without carefulness. He that doeth well. is uninarried careth for the 38 So then, he that giveth things that belong to the Lord, her in marriage doeth well; how he may please the Lord: but he that giveth her not in

33 But he that is married marriage doeth better. careth for the things tbat are 39 The wife is bound by of the world, how he may

m If any man think, he has improplease his wife.

perly withheld his virgin daughter

from marriage. g Distress, persecution.

in If she pass, &c. If she be of b So to be, to live unmarried. suitable age, and unmarried. i In the flesb, in this life.

0 And need so require, and wishes to į But I spare you the pains of far- marry. ther hearing these remarks.

p Let bim do wbat he will, let him, k As not abusing it, as not using it. if he will, grant her request ; in so I Without carefulness, without anx doing he does not sin ; let such virgin

daughters marry.

seth away.


ious care,

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