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Christ preferred

Chap. i.

above all angels. spake in time past unto the Thy throne, O God is forever fathers by the prophets, and ever; a sceptre of righ

2 Hath in these last days a teousness is the sceptre of thy spoken unto us by his Son, kingdom; whom he hath appointed heir 9 Thou hast loved righof all things, by whom also he teousness, and hated iniquity; made the worlds ;

therefore God, even thy God, 3 Who, being the bright- hath anointed thee with the ness of his glory, and the ex oil of gladness above thy felpress image of his person, and lows. upholding all things by the 10 And, "Thon, Lord, in the word of his power, when he beginning hast laid the founhad by himselt purged our sins, dation of the earth; and the sat down on the right hand of heavens are the works of thine the Majesty on high :

hands : 4 Being made so much bet 11 They shall perish, but ter than the angels, as he hath thou remainest; and they all by inheritance obtained a more shall wax old, as doth a garexcellent name than they. ment;

5 For unto which of the an 13 And as a vesture shalt gels said he at any time, Thou thou fold them up, and they art my Son, this day have I shall be changed; but thou begotten thee? And again, I art the same, and thy years will be to him a Father, and shall not fail. he shall be to me a Son ?

13 But to which of thé an6 And again, when he bring. gels said he at any time, Sit eth in the first begotten into on my right hand, until I make the world, he saith, And let thine enemies thy footstool ? all the angels of God worship’ 14 Are they not all minishim.

tering spirits, sent forth to 7 And of the angels he saith, minister for them, who shall Who maketh his angels spir- be heirs of salvation ? its, and his ministers a flame of fire.b

CHAP. II. 8 But unto the Son he saith, 1 We ought to be obedient unto

Christ Jesus, 5 and that bea Hatb in these last days of the Mo cause he vouchsafed to take saic dispensation. The phrase last our nature upon him. days not here being prophetic, does THEREFORE we ought to not signify the same, that it does 2 give the more earnest heed to Tim. iii. I. b But of the angels he saith nothing

the things, which we have more, than that he made them spiritual heard, lest at any time we beings, and ministers of the utmost

should let them slip. activity in his service.

2 For if the word spoken

Pe must be obedient Hebrews.

to Christ, fc. by angels was steadfast, and of God should taste death for every transgression and diso- every man. bedience received a just recom 10 For it became him, for pense of reward;

whom are all things, and by 3 How shall we escape, if whom are all things, in bring. we neglect so great salvation; ing many sons unto glory, to which at the first began to be make the Captain of their sal. epoken by the Lord, and was vation perfect through sufferconfirmed unto us by them that ings. heari' him ;

11 For both he that sancti. 4 trod also bearing them fieth and they who are sanctiwitness, both with signs and fied are all of one ;b for which wonders, and with divers mir- cause he is not ashamed to call acles, and gifts of the Holy them brethren; Ghost, according to his own 12 Saying,c I will declare will:

thy name unto my brethren; 5 For unto the angels hath in the midst of the church will he not put in subjection the I sing praise unto thee. world to come, whereof we 13 And again,d I will put speak.

my trust in him. And again, 6 But one in a certain place Behold I and the children testified, a saying, What is which God hath given me. man, that thou art mindful of 14 Forasmuch then as the him? or the son of man, that children are partakers of flesh thou visitest him?

and blood, he also himself Thy Thou madest him a little likewise took part of the same; lower than the angels; thou that through death he might crownedst him with glory and destroy him that had the pow. honour, and didst set him over er of death, that is, the devil; the works of thy hands :

15 And deliver them, who, 8 Thou hast put all things through fear of death, were ali in subjection under his feet. their life time subject to bonFor in that he put all in sub- dage. jection under him, he left noth 16 For verily he took not ing that is not put under him. on him the nature of angels ; But now

we see not yet all but he took on him the seed of things put under him: Abraham. 9 But we

see Jesus, who was made a little lower than b For both he that sanctifietb, that is, the angels for the suffering of Jesus Christ, and they, who are sanctideath, crowned with glory and fied, are, according to the fiesh, all of honour; that he by the grace

one father, namely, Abraham. See verse 16.

c Saying, Ps.xxii. 22. a In a certain place, &c. 'Ps. viii. 4. d Again, Isa. viii. 17,

are we,

Christ more worthy

Chap. iii.

than Moses. 17 Wherefore in all things servant, for a testimony of it behoved him to be made like those things which were to be unto his brethren; that he spoken after; might be a merciful and faith 6 But Christ as a Son over ful high priest in things per- his own house ; whose house taining to God, to make re

if we hold fast the con conciliation for the sins of the fidence and the rejoicing of people.

the hope firm unto the end. 18 For in that he himself ry Wherefore, (as the Holy hath suffered, being tempted, Ghost saith,d To-day if ye he is able to succour them, will hear his voice, that are tempted.

8 Harden not your hearts, CHAP. III.

as in the provocation,e in the 1 Christ is more worthy than day of temptation in the wil

Moses : y therefore if we be- derness : lieve not in him, we shall be 9 When your fathers temptmore worthy of punishment ed me, proved me, and saw my than hard hearted Israel.

works forty years, WHEREFORE, holy bre 10 Wherefore I was grieved thren, partakers of the heaven- with that generation, and said, ly calling, consider the Apostle They do always err in their and High Priest of our profes- heart; and they have not sion,a Christ Jesus;

known my ways. 2 Who was faithful to him 11 So I sware in my wrath, that appointed him, as also They shall not enter into my Moses was faithful in all his rest.)f house.

12 Take heed, brethren, 3 For this man b was count- lest there be in


of ed worthy of more glory than evil heart of unbelief, in deMoses, inasmuch as he who parting from the living God. hath builded the house hath 13 But exhort one another : more honour than the house.

daily, while it is called, To4 For every house is build- day, lest any of you be harded by some man ; but he that ened through the deceitfulness built all things is God. of sin.

5 And Moses verily was faithful in all his house c as a

d As the Holy Ghost saith, Ps. xcv. 7.

e Provocation. See Exod. xvi. 4, a Of our profession, our religion.

xvii. 2—9. xxxii. 10. Num. X. 33, & 6 This man, Jesus Christ.

numerous other places, where we c House here means the Jewish read, that the Israelites provoked church under Moses, which was de

God by their disobedience. signed as a testimony of those things, f Should not enter into my rest in which were afterwards to be spoken by Canaan, see Num. xiv. 28-35 and Jesus Christ and his apostles.


you an

Concerning the Hebrews. Christian's rest, &c.

14 For we are made par. them; but the word preached takers of Christ, if we hold did not profit them, not being the beginning of our confi- mixed with faith in them that denceg steadfast unto the end; heard it.

15 While it is said, 'To-day, 3 For we which have be: if ye will hear his voice, hard- lieved do enter into rest, as he en not your hearts, as in the said, As I have sworn in my provocation.

wrath, If they shall enter into 16 For some, when they had my rest; although the works heard, did provoke ; howbeit, were finished from the founnot all that came out of Egypt dation of the world. by Moses.

4 For he spake in a certain 17 But with whom was he place of the seventh day on grieved forty years ? was it this wise, And God did rest , not with them that had sin- the seventh day from all his

ned, whose carcases fell in the works. wilderness ?

5 And in this place again, If 18 And to whom sware he they shall enter into my rest. that they should not enter into 6 Seeing, therefore, it re. his rest, but to them that be- maineth that some must enter lieved not?

therein, and they to whom it 19 So we see that they could was first preached entered not not enter in, because of unbe in because of unbelief: lief.

7 (Again, he limiteth a cerCHAP. IV.

tain day, saying in David, ToThe rest of Christians is at- day, after so long a time ; as tained by faith. 12 The pow. it is said, To-day, if ye will er of God's word. 14 By hear his voice, harden not our High Priest Jesus the your hearts. Son of God, subject to infir 8 For if Jesus bad given mnities, but not sin, 10 we them rest, then would he not must and may go boldly to afterward have spoken of anthe throne of grace.

other day. LET us, therefore, fear, 9 There remaineth, therelest, a promise being left us of fore, a rest to the people of entering into his rest,a any of God. vou should seem to come short 10 For he that is entered of it.

into his rest, he also hath ceas 2 For unto us was the Gos- ed from his own works, as God pel preached, as well as unto did from his.)b

& The beginning of our confidence, our 6 Verse 3-10. These verses are faith, which we have begun to exer- elliptical and obscure, but the meancise.

ing is, that since the rest promised to .. His rest in heaven:

Abraham and his seed, accordiago

Rest is attained by faith. Chap.v. Of Christ's priesthood. 11 Let us labour, therefore,

CHAP. V. to enter into that rest, lest any1 The authority and honour man fall after the same exam. of our Saviour's priesthood: ple of unbelief.

11 negligence in the know12. For the word of God ledge thereof reproved. is quick, and powerful, and FOR every high priest, tasharper than any two-edged ken from among men, is orsword, piercing even to the dained for men in things perdividing asunder of soul and taining to God, that he may spirit, and of the joints and offer both gifts and sacrifices marrow, and is a discerner of for sins : the thoughts and intents of the 2 Who can have compassion heart.

on the ignorant, and on them 13 Neither is there any crea- that are out of the way; for ture that is not manifest in that he himself also is comhis sight; but all things are passed with infirmity : naked and opened unto the 3 And by reason hereof he eyes of him with whom we ought, as for the people, so have to do.

also for himself, to offer for sins. 14 Seeing then that we have 4 And no man taketh this a great High Priest, that is honour unto himself, but he passed into the heavens, Jesus that is called of God, as was the Son of God, let us hold Aaron : fast our profession.

5 So also Christ glorified 15 For we have not an High not himself to be made an high Priest which cannot be touch- priest; but he,a that'said unto ed with the feeling of our in- him, Thou art my Son, to-day firmities;c but was in all points have I begotten thee. tempted like as we are, yet

6 As he saith also in anowithout sin.

ther place, b Thou art a priest 16 Let us, therefore, come forever, after the order of Melboldly unto the throne of grace,

chisedec : obtain

by Who,c in the days of his find grace to help in time of flesh, when he had offered up need.

prayers and supplications,with its principal meaning, was not the strong crying and tears, unto rest of the seventh day, nor that in Canaan; there certainly remaineth a But it was be, that glorified him to believers of all nations, a better with that office, who said unto him, rest, a rest in heaven, of which that &c. of the seventh day, and of Canaan, 6 In another place, Ps. cx. 4, which were only emblem3.

David, by inspiration, wrote concernWie cannat be touched, &c. Who ing Christ. carinot sympathize with us in our c Wbo, that is, Christ, in the days, weakness.


that we may

mercy, and

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