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Hic Liber (cui Titulus, Dæmonolo

gia Sacra : Or, A Treatise of Satans Temptations, in Three Parts.)

Guil. Sill.

Martii, 26.



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1289. OR, A 231: TREATISE

OF Satans Temptations :

In Three Parts.

By RICHARD Gilpin, MD.

2.Cor. 2. 11. We are not ignorant of his Devices. .



· LONDON, Printed by 7. D. for Richard Randel, and Peter Mapli den,

Booksellers in New Castle upon Tine. 1677..

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Toppen Prest, aur 4-5-1932

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ser Pud. To the Reader.

He accurate searches into the Secrets of Na

t ure which this Age hath produced, though
T they are in themselves sufficient evidences of
V s a commendable industry; yet seeing they fall
Cou s o exceedingly short of that discovery which

Mex aim at, giving us at best but probable conjectures, and uncertain guesses, they are become as little Satisfaitory to Men that look after the true causes of things, as those Ships of desire, whose great undertaking for Gold had raised high expectations in their attempts ; but in the return, brought nothing home for their Ventures but Apes and Peacocks. While Men reflect upon themselves under Such Disappointments, they cannot but check themselves, for over-promising themselves in their Adventures, with that of Zophar, Vain Man would be wise.

But how happy would it be for Men, if such failures of expeitation might better inform them? If our Attainment's in these pursuits will not bear our Charges, nor recompense our pairs, and loss of time, with an answerable profit,though we may fee cause fonetimes (as a Divertisement or Recre-. ation) to use them; yet how shall we satisfie our felves to make them our chief and sole business.??

If we knew of nothing of higher concern to us than these.our neglect of greater Matters were more excusable ; but seeing we are Jujiciently instructed, that we have more weighty things to look after, such as relate to a certain future estate of happineß or misery: the very discovery of this to a Rational Being must needs intitle such ihings to the first and greatest part of his care, He that knows thai there is one thing


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