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Sening their Graces: How be doth that. 2. His second Engine,
· Fear, how he forwards his design that way..

i Chap. 9.
Of his fourth way to hinder Peace, by Spiritual Distresses. 1. The
· Nature of these Distresses. The Ingredients and Degrees of them.
· Whether all Distresses of Soul arise from Melancholy. 2. Satan's

Method in working them. The Occasions be makes use of. The
Arguments he urgeth. The strengthning of them by Fears. 3. Ibeir
Weight and Burthen, explained in several Particulars. Concluding


| Chap. I.
He first Circumstance of the Combat.. The Time 'wben- it hap-

pened. The two folemn Seasons of. Temptation. The Reasons
Chap. 2.

The second Circumstance. Christ's being led by the Spirit. What
· band the Spirit of God hath in Temptations; and of running into
Temptation when not led into it,

Chap.. 3.
The third Circumstance. The Place of the Combat. The Advantage
given to Temptations by Solitude..

Chap. 4.
The fourth Circumstance. The end wherefore Christ nous led into the
Wilderness. Holiness, Imployment, Priviledges, exempt not from
Temptation. Of Temptations that leave not impressions of fun behind
them. How Satan's Temptations are distinguished from the Lofts
of our own Heart.

Chap. 5.
Of Christ's Fast; with the Design thereof. Of Satan's tempting in

an invisible way. Of his incesant Importunities, and how he flys
when resisted. Of Inward Temptations with outward Aflictions,
Several Advantages Satan bath by tempting in Affliction.

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That Christ's Temptations were real, and not in vifion. That Temp-

tation is Satan's Imployment ;, with the Evidences and Instances
thereof. Of Satan's tempting visibly; with the Reasons thereof.

. .. ... Chap 7 ,
The general view of these Temptations. Of Satan's gradual pro-

ceeding in Temptations. Of reserving a great Temptation List.
What a great Temptation is. In what cases to be expected. Of
Satan's using a common Road, in comparing these Temptations with
the ordinary Temptations of Men. Of the Advantage Sätan takes
of Natural Appetite, Sense, and Affections.

Chap. 8.
The Rise of Christ's first Temptation. Of Satan's suiting his Temp-

tations to the conditions of Men. Of tempting Men upon the Plea
of Necesity. The Reasons and Cheats of that Plea. His pretences
of friendship in tempting ; with the danger thereof.

Chap 9.
A particular Consideration of the Matter of the first Temptation. What

Satan aimed at in bidding him turn Stones into Bread. Of Satan's
moving us to things good or lawful. The end of such a Motion.
How to know whether such Motions are from Satan, or the Spirit.
What to do in case they be from Satan. Of bis various Aims in
one Temptation. What they are, and of bis Policy therein. Of bis
Artificial Contrivement of Motions, to make one thing infer ano-

- Chap. Io.
Of Satan's chief end in this Temptation. His skill in making the

Means to Sin plausible. The Reasons of that Policy, with bis Art
; therein. Mens Ignorance his Advantage. Of the differences of
things propounded to our use. "

Chap 11.
Of the temptation to distrust, upon the failure of ordinary Means. Of

the Power of that Temptation, and the Reasons of its prevalency.
Of unwarrantable Attempts for relief i with the Causes thereof.

Of waiting on God, and keeping his way. In that cases a parti-. .
- cular Mercy is to be expected. .

- Chap 12. ..
Of Satan's proceeding to infer distrust of Son-ship, from diftruest of

Providences. Inftances of the probability of such a Design. The
Reasons of tbis undertaking. Of Satan's endeavour to weaken the


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afsurance and hopes of God's Children. His general Method to that

Chap 13. . . . . .
The preparation to the second Temptation. Of bis nimblenefr to catch

Advantages from our answers to Temptation. That Satan carried
Cbrist in the Air. Of his Power 80 moleft the Bodies of God's
Children. How little the supposed boliness of places priviledgeth us
from Satan. Of Satan's Policy in seeming to countenance imagi-
nary Defences. Of bis pretended flight in füch cases; with the
Reasons of that Policy. Of bis improving a Temptation to serve few
veral Ends.

. Chap 4 .
That Presumption was the chief design of this Temptation. Of tempta

ing to Extreams. What Presumption is. The several ways of
presuming. The frequency of this Temptation, in the generality of
Profesors, in Hypocrites, in despairing Perfons, and in the Children
of God. The Reasons of Satan's Industry in this Design. His
deceitful Contrivance in bringing about this Sin. Prefervatives

againg it.

| Chap 15
Self-murther, another of his Designs in this Temptation. Home he

tempts to Self-murther directly, and upon what advantages heurgeth
it. How be tempts to it indirectly, and the ways thereof. Of ne-
* neceffary Prefervatives against this Temptation.

Chap 16. .
Of Pride, Satan's chief Engine to bring on Presumption. What Pride

is, and how it prepares Men for finning prefumptiously. Conside-
rations against Pride. · Ibe Remedies for its Cure. Pride kindled
by a confidence of Priviledges, and popular applause.

Chap. 17.
Of Satan's fubtilty in urging that of Psal. 91. 11, 12. to Chrift.

Of his imitating the Spirit of God in various ways of Teaching. Of
bis pretending Scripture to further Temptation. The Reasons of
Such Pretendings, and the ends to which he doth abuse' it. Of Sam
tan's unfaithfulnefs in managing of Scriptures. Cautious against

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Chap 18.
The manner of Satan's Mewing the Kingdoms of the World. Of Sa-

tan's Preparations before the Motion of Sir. Of his confronting
the Almighty by prefumptuous imitations and in vobar cafes be doth
So. Of his beautifying the Object of a Temptation, and how he
doth it. His way of engaging the Affections by the Senses. Of
his seeming Shiness. . .. ; .
Chap 1g. .

. .
Satan's end ix. tempting Christ to fall down and worship him. Of

Blafphemous Injections. What Blafphemy ir. The Ways of Satan
in that Temptation, with the Advantages he takes therein, and the
Reason of urging Blasphemies upon Men, Consolations to such as:

are concerned in such Temptations. Advice to such as are so af-
· filled. '. :.?.

. . . . . Chap 20. . ."
The Nature of Idolatry. Satan's Defign to corrupt the Worship of

God. The Evidences thereof, with the Reasons of such endeavours.
His general Design of withdrawing the Hearts of Men from God
to bis Service. The Proof that this is his Design, upon nohom be
prevails.' That Profesions and Confidences are no Evidences to the

contrary. His deceit of propounding Sin as a small Matter. The
- Evidences of that Methody and the Reafons thereof.

Chap 21.
Of Worldly Pleasure. Proofs that this is Satan's great Engine. What'

there is in Worldly Delights, that make them so. - Counfels and
Coutions against that Snare.

| Chap 22.
of Christ's Answer in the general. That these Temptations were upon

dehgn for our Instruction. Of the Agreement betwixt Ephes. 6
and Matth. 4. The first Direction. Of couragious Resolves in.
refiting Temptations. Its confistency with some kind of fear. The
necesity of this Courage. Wberein it consists; and that there is
courage in mourning Spirits. '

Chap 23:
The second Directions that Temptations are not to be disputed. The
several ways of disposting Temptatiosta In robat Cases it is con-

venient :

venient and necessary to dispute with Satan. In what Cases incon-
. venient, and the Reasons of it. :

- Chap 24.
The third Direction of repelling a Temptation without delay; the ne-
cessity of so doing. What a speedy denial doth contain.

| Chap 25:
The fourth Direction. Of repelling a Temptation by Scripture Argu-
ments. Of several things implyed in the Direction. The necessity
of answering by Scripture Arguments. The excellency of the Reo
medy. Hope Scripture Arguments are to be managed to


Chap 26.
The fifth Direction of Prayer, and of the seriousnes required of those

that expect the advantage of Prayer. Of God's hearing Prayer
while the Temptation is continued. Of Some that are troubled more,
while they pray more.


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