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teach you

at the formidable example of the heavy. Wrath of God, that should

Fear and Terrour? But 'tis natural to the Flesh to speak (either out of malice or ignorance) perversly of the Work of God.

3. Let none be afraid of this Goliah, let no Man's heart faint because of him. A fear of caution and diligence to avoid his Snares, is a necessary Duty, (Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the Devil, &c.) but a discouraging distrulful Fear, is a dishonourable reflection upon God's Power and Promises to help us, and upon the Captain of our Salvation, who goeth out before us: Let us hold on in the practice of Holiness, and not be afraid. The God of Peace Thall tread down Satan under our feet shortly. Amen.

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Satans Temptations.

The Third Part.

CONTAINING An Account of the Combate betwixt Christ and Satan,

in Matth. 4. Wherein the deep Subtilty of Satan, in managing those Temptations, is laid open, as the grand Instance of the Sum of his Policy in all his Arlaults upon Men; Leading to a consideration of many Temptations in particular, and of special directions for Resistance.

By R. Gilpin.M.D


Heb. 4. 15.

He was Tempted in all points like as we are, yet without Sin.

London, Printed by J. D. for Richard Randel, and Peter Maplifden,

Booksellers in New-Cafile upon line, 1677.

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MATTH. 4. 1. Then was Jefus led up of the Spirit into the Wilderness,

to be tempted of the Devil.


The Firft circumstance of the Combate. The time when it

happened. The two Solemn Seasons of Temptation. The Reasons thereof.

Shall here consider the great Temptation which it pleased our Lord Chrift to submit unto, as a most famous Inftance for confirmation, and illustration of the Doctrine ot Temptations already handled.

The first Verse sets down several remarkable

circumstances of this Combate; all of them mäte ter of weight and worth. As

First, The Time when this fell out ; not as a loose and accidental Emergency, but as particularly made choice of both by God and Satan, being molt fit and proper for the design which each of them were carrying on. This is expresly noted in Mat.4.1. Then was Jesus led up : but more fully in Mark 1. 12. Immediately the Spirit driveth him into the Wilderness ; Manifestly directing us to expect fomething worthy of our Obfervation in that circumstance : Nei

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